10 Hottest Nail Art Designs

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by Vie on July 23, 2014

Being an Asian, I’m very familiar with all kinds of nail arts. Whether they are painted or sticked on, gel or acrylic, I used to do my nails once every 2 weeks at the, but now I decided to go plain Jane. It is time to give these nails of mine a nice long vacation. Although I must admit that the urge to polish and decor is still there but I must commit to take a break for at least a little while.

Sexy Nails

Since nails have become one of the most essential parts of fashion, it is only fair if we talk about them now and then. Whether you’re a goth, a girly girl, a classic diva or a conservative lady, I have compiled 10 hottest designs for your nail-pleasure! So, if you think it is time to visit that favorite nail salon of yours, you can bring them as reference. My kudos for these brilliant ideas! You ladies surely nailed it! ; )

1. Bringing Sexy Black
Sexy Black

I love this look for the fancy glitter and the stripes. It’s simply brilliant and would make your nails not only dazzling in glamor but playful in style. This look deserves to be copied, don’t you think?

2. Skinny Jeans
Skinny Jeans

Admit it, we can never separate ourselves from denim, they have become part of our lives. Whether they are in shorts, jackets, bags or shoes! And now, this has become a very trendy nail-style as well. I’m loving these!

3. Boom Boom Pow!

There’s a superhero in every one of us and it is time to show them off with these super cute yet powerful designs. Unleash your inner wonder woman and conquer the world with your sexy nails!

4. Fly Away

How about having a little bit of flying fun? I love this design for the message of freedom and of course, not to mention for the itsy-bitsy of glitz and glamor!

5. Kiss Me Pink
Pink Glitter

For the little miss girly but in total control of herself, I choose this adorable yet feminine touch of pink. I absolutely love the touch of glitter and a little splash of stylish black.

6.  Converse Me

While this one might take a little bit of effort but the result is absolutely worth it! Check out those cute mini converse, aren’t they just adorable? My favorite is the pink one, how about you?

7. Stripe Me Silly

We can never get bored with soft and natural color, especially when there are silver stripes involved. Simple and sweet, they will definitely make the cut for your every day look.

8. Christmas Comes Early

We are still months away from Christmas, but I simply can’t ignore this super cute Christmas look. Consider this as your early celebration. Besides, who can resist a little bit of red in their lives, right?

9. Cherry Blossom Fever
Cherry Blossom

It just doesn’t feel right to not include floral designs when it comes to nail art. I feel like it’s a necessity, and I think cherry blossom represents it beautifully, especially in these subtle and lovely color combination.

1o. Zeeeeebra!

Party all night or drinks with the girls, animal prints would make a fancy sidekick. For this theme, I’ll choose the glitzy zebra style. Not only are they eye-catchy but would make you the sassiest fashion icon!

Diane Von: Let’s Go Purple

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by Vie on July 19, 2014

According to Wikipidia, the color purple means royalty and I couldn’t agree more. It also happens to be one of my favorites. While others associated purple with the color of mourning, I find this particular hue is simply refreshing. Whether it is light or dark, purple will always have special interest in my fashion. However, not everyone can pull it off wearing this color, but when they do, the result is simply beautiful, or shall I say, royal and grand.

This summer, designer Diane Von has decided to focus more on this color and we can see through her lovely dresses. Here are some of the designs that I love. Notice the different styles of necklines, they are created for different kinds of personalities, from gallant and conservative, to playful and fashionably classy. What do you think ladies? Think you can pull it off? : )

Diane Von Furstenberg Purple Dresses

Haxby: The Ultimate Fashion for Your Men

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by Vie on July 18, 2014

Haxby Menswear

There is nothing sexier and bolder than men who can dress themselves right. Unfortunately, we don’t find many men like that,  and that’s when we need to come to the rescue, ladies. Lucky for you,  I found this shop that can save us from the headache. Everything you need to create the man of your dreams are available in this sassy and classy shop. Mind you, I’ve always thought that men in denim are hot.  Haxby, a fashion collective based in Los Angeles brings you high-end menswear. Drawing on inspiration from Savile Row tailoring, Haxby pairs the current “understated” look with custom made artisanal tradition. The result is a return to the true idea of luxury: high quality materials, stylish designs, and the perfect fit with each item of this limited-edition first collection.

The First Line

Haxby’s initial product line includes high-class casual denim, footwear, and accessories that complement one another in endless combinations. Truly impressive menswear requires not only distinctive design, but meticulously chosen materials as well. The impeccable quality of each product line, which the company proudly details on its company website, makes any pick a smart purchase. Here are some of the highlights.

Haxby Denim
Denim: The denim mills in Italy and Japan, home to the best denim in the world, provide the materials for these jeans. The rivets, buttons, and zippers are finished with 24-karat gold plating. The L.A.-based design team personally oversees the sewing and cutting of each pair of jeans, which is a real testament to the attention they put into their product.

Haxby Eyewear
Eyewear: Another great example of Haxby’s high level of attention is in their eyewear, which takes 200 steps to manually create. Crafted at the Masunaga Optical factory in Fukui, Japan, these glasses feature either 24-karat yellow or white gold inlay. The combination of precision craftsmanship and iconic British style put these sunglasses in the forefront of this summer’s hot picks.

Haxby Footwear
Sneakers: These cordovan leather sneakers rise above the standards of common casualwear and make a real statement. Each piece in this summer line has been handcrafted and buffed in Montegranaro, Italy, home of the world’s most luxurious and stylish shoes for men. The timeless design of Haxby paired with Italian leather craftsmanship also makes for an extremely lasting shoe in style, durability, and comfort.

Haxby Belt
Belts: Each belt in this debut collection is unquestionably unique. Artisanal production in Switzerland and Italy combines polished sapphire crystal, hand-cast precious metals, and stainless steel for these belts. The highest quality leathers and fabrics are standard as well, rounding out a collection of extremely impressive menswear.

The Creators
Michael Dow and Timothy White are the creators of Haxby, and their passion for craftsmanship, design, and quality is evident not only in their 10-year friendship, but in their brand as well. They traveled across the planet for over two years to find the exact materials, styles, and craftsmen for their products. Their goal was to create a product that would be not only successful, but enviable in its look.

The success of this excursion is evident in the initial product line, and it is of little surprise, considering how both Dow and White are trained in leather crafting. When one understands how to find the details that speak to a material’s quality, it takes time to find the absolute best. There is no question that Dow and White have done just that for this first release.

Different Faces of Charlotte Olympia

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by Vie on July 12, 2014

Who doesn’t like “chameleon” designers? I know I do. What I mean with chameleon is the fact that they don’t only stick to one particular style. When it comes to shoes, I must give my thumbs up to the one and only Charlotte Olympia. I have been following her collection for quite some time now and every time she comes up with something new, they never cease to amaze me. Some of the designs might come up a little bit too “weird” for my taste but I always find them interesting in their own ways.

Enough said, here are some of the looks that I love!

1. Young by heart and playful by nature ; )
Charlotte Olympia

2. Looks that make you go “whaaaaat?”
Charlotte Olympia

3. Ohh la la…
Charlotte Olympia

When it comes to cocktail dresses or ball gowns, our mind automatically goes to designers such as Valentino, Oscar de la Renta, Dior, Vera Wang, Elie Saab and so on and so forth. But what about Zuhair Murad? This Lebanese designer surely needs to be considered as well. Recently showcasing his Fall 2014 Couture collection, all I can say is wow.. what a stunning catwalk! Inspired by beautiful art deco, you can feel the essence of gallant and sensuality in this particular collection. One thing I notice is the high-cut in each dress presented. Not only do they look so alluring but elegant at the same time.

First let’s take a look at these beautiful and classic black & white blend. You can never go wrong with these two tones and what a beautiful presentation they are! I simply adore dress number 3. What about you, ladies?

Zuhair Murad Fall 2014 Couture

Next, if you’re a bit more playful and love colors, here are another example of how to show your legs right!

Zuhair Murad Fall 2014 Couture

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