10 Best Jewelry From Tiffany & Co.

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by Vie on June 25, 2010

I still believe that every girl should have at least one Tiffany. And lucky for me, I have two. One is the classic Return to Tiffany charm bracelet and the other one is the choker necklace. Both are lovely and make me feel good every time I wear them. The bracelet stays with me all the time but I only wear the necklace once in a while. Now, to those who can’t get enough of the blue box, we have something in common, which is why, I decided to make a good selection of 10 best jewelry from Tiffany & Co. Here you’ll find bracelets, necklaces and rings that will take you to the world of elegance. Enjoy!

One of my best friends is expecting and when I see this delicate baby charm bracelet, I immediately think of her. I think this will look great around her wrist! US$550.

What an adorable way to show how much you’re into bags. This handbag charm pendant necklace is simply perfect for every bag lover! US$220.

For the ladies, treat yourself something new once in a while. Tiffany has a fabulous collection of Pink that will bring instant glam to your finger. US$2,175.

This is no doubt the perfect charm bracelet for the Summer. With a touch of fabulous ocean, this seashore bracelet complements your wrist with the easy breezy sunny feeling. US$550.

Unique jewelry is always a plus in my book and this interlocking necklace from Tiffany is simply amazing. US$200.

Whether you love going to parties or being the host, this festive bracelet is all about you! US$550.

We go for something different this time, we go for a delicate rose gold with beautiful flower pendant. Who can ever resist this pendant necklace? US$850.

One of Tiffany’s latest masterpiece is this charming filigree charm bracelet. Simple but with timeless elegance written all over. US$275.

I just have to include this classic pendant. No further comment is needed, if you’re a hardcore Tiffany fan, you should know better! US$200.

A daily silver ring that you can wear anytime, anywhere you want. With beautiful engraving all over, this takes you to the memories of New York. US$200.

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