10 Most Elegant Shoes From Christian Louboutin

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by Vie on May 18, 2010

If there’s one thing in common between me and Carrie Bradshaw, it will be our obsession for walking closets. One of my dreams is to build my own closet where I can keep all my bags and shoes, dresses and other fashion items. But for now, I’m pretty happy with my wooden one. Maybe when we finally settle down in a permanent home, I will make this dream come true. Another dream of mine is to have a rack full of Christian Louboutins! Now, this is definitely a bigger obsession than the closet itself but hey, if I have a nice walking closet I might as well fill it up with the best. Louboutin has become my demigod when it comes to shoes and so this post is dedicated to all of you who share the same passion as I do. Here they are ladies, the 10 most elegant, most glamorous red soles you have ever seen!

There’s no hesitation when it comes to this dazzling Anemone pumps. Finely made and elegantly crafted, this evening shoes is a definite charmer.

Step into slipper heaven with this charming suede and boudoir slippers.

Red is hot, red is fierce and so is this red armadillo d’orsay.

Make your celebration merrier with this carnival shoes. Fun and very feminine.

An oriental look for your precious feet. This lace embroidered shoes is a total knock-out.

Glamorous and elegant Swarovski is decorating the soles of this evening pump.

Only Louboutin can make zipper look so fine on your feet, check out this fabulous criss-cross peep toe.

Back to parties, back to celebration, please include this crepe satin sandal with you.

Another fine lace serenading this amazing white satin peep toe.

If you’re a bootie kinda girl, make sure to take some time and try on this lace bootie and sexy sequin pump.

So, what do you think? which one is your favorite? Leave me comments! : )

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