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Pretty Petticoats for Pretty Ladies

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by Vie on March 17, 2007


I took one semester at La Salle College to learn about Fashion Merchandising and that’s when I realized how much I love petticoats. My professor was kind enough to provide me with the complete information on the history of petticoats. I think I still have the paper somewhere in my room.

As much as I love petticoats (especially like the one above), I don’t think I’ll have the guts to wear it, not in this country anyway. The last thing I want is for people to look at me like I’m some sort of weirdo with big skirt lol..

Here are some of the pretty ones I manage to compile from 3Wishes.

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Joining the new designs from Sydney Evan Jewelry is the Pave Snake Collection.

Each jewelry is made out of high quality diamond with yellow gold setting. Now, I don’t know about you but I love snakes so these collection deserve to be on my list.

Designer Rosanne Karmes was the one behind these gorgeous masterpiece. Inspired by her spiritual life, the jewelry represents the soulful and personal theme of her sought-after collection.

The necklace costs US$860, cuff for US$2,135 and finally, the ring for US$1,410.

You can get all of these at Berdorf Goodman.

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Lucky Brand Jeans Flap

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by Vie on March 17, 2007


One of my girlfriends has a “stitching” handbag and she got it for a pretty good deal, too. I was looking for it when I went to the mall but I guess it wasn’t my luck. Some people think that stitches are cheap, but I think it’s stylish.

For example, take a look at this Lucky Brand Jeans Crossbody from Macy’s. I just love looking at the color combination and of course, the fact that it’s a flap, it scores another point. Another good news is that this bag actually has lots of pockets.

Part of new arrival from Macy’s, this product is with imported quality and can be yours for US$208.

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Get The Look from Sephora

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by Vie on March 16, 2007


I love LOVE the “copy the look” or “get the look” section in beauty websites. It gives me more ideas what to do to beautify myself haha.. and I’m so happy to find some funky and classy looks from Sephora.

I totally dig their Smoky Iridescence look. Smokey eyes don’t always mean black or grey. This time Sephora invites you to be more playful with the pearly colors such as green or purple, and of course don’t forget those glossy lips to complete the seduction.

Here you can find some of the looks that I’d definitely copy (plus the recommended cosmetics), from the classic 80’s rock to the very own  down-to-earth bronze goddess.

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Introducing Sera of London

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by Vie on March 16, 2007


I never like carrying umbrella around and my mom always insists me to bring one in my bag. I don’t know, I feel like it’s such a hassle and my bag is full already. I don’t really need to add more stuff!

Until today, I was browsing Popgloss and found out about Sera of London. This vintage and totally classic store offers you various kinds of products from home decor up to these sexilicious umbrella collection! I went totally nutso and practically drooling coz they’re so pretty!

If this is your kinda thing, then by all means, contact them at 3 Londsdale Road W11 2BY Notting Hill Gate London, or give them a call at 0207 467 0799. 

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