5 Reasons Why I Love Feather Earrings

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by Vie on May 21, 2011

Feather Earrings

For the longest time, I have icky feeling when it comes to feather jewelry. I don’t know, the thought of having something feathery brushing against my skin gives me goosebumps. As time goes by, I started to appreciate more about this unique and ethnic oriented style. That’s why I decided to give them a try and to my surprise, everyone thinks that they look good on me! And up to today, I think feather jewelry, particularly earrings rock my world. Here are 5 reasons why I changed my mind and think that feather earrings are fine and fancy.

1. Color

Most feather earrings that you find is very colorful, and not just colors, they’re so hot and bright you would be noticed just like that. Whether they’re hoop earrings or drops, a little touch of feathers will always do your face a justice.

2. Unique, Fun and Ethnical

I love feather earrings because they’re unique and very ethnic. Plus you can have a lot of fun with it, especially if you consider yourself a colorful girl. Another brownie point is that they are usually designed in such elaborations that would make you go oh-wow-wow.

3. Affordable

Well, most of feather earrings are quite affordable, depending on brands and details of course but the ones that I found online are definitely pretty without hurting your budget that much. Some starts as little as US$4 up to as much as US$100 or more!

4. Less Accessory. Give Your Necklace a Day Off!

Once you put on those feathery danglies on your ears, you don’t have to accessorize much anymore because they would instantly complement your looks. Bear in mind that feather earrings usually come in large size ; )

5. Flexibility

You can wear them pretty much everywhere, just be smart in choosing the types, the last thing you want is to wear jungle for your business meetings! Another thing is, everyone can wear feather earrings, no matter what age you are!

So what do you think? Are you a fan of feather earrings? Do you wear them much? Let me know your thoughts : )

1. Betsey Johnson. US$45.
2. River Island. US$24.
3. Forever21. US$3.80.
4. ArdenB. US$24.
5. Asos. US$33.24.
6. Forever21. US$3.80.

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