6 Things to do When You’re Alone on Christmas

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by Vie on December 18, 2013

When it comes to Christmas, we automatically think of warm and cozy feelings with family and friends. Unfortunately not all of us are lucky enough to celebrate this joyous season with them. Mostly it is due to distance and crazy air-fare tickets. Today I will give you ideas on how to still feel joyful even though you are far from your loved ones. Here are things I would do.

1. Watch Christmas movies.
Christmas Movies

There are so many good movies with Christmas theme. One of my all-time favorites is Love Actually. I have a ritual to watch this every Christmas whether I’m alone or with friends/family. Besides that, there’s also the classic It’s a Wonderful Life. I can never get enough of this black & white film.

2. Bake cookies or cake.
Christmas Cookies

Do it with all your heart and if you’re up for some challenge, make some decorations! Trust me, once they’re all done, you’ll be so satisfied and proud of what you can do! It is always fun to bake, you’ll be surprised at how creative you can be.

3. Christmas carolling.
Christmas Carol

If you love singing, why not share your beautiful voice by joining the carolling team? Not only will you be able to spread some joy, you’ll also have a good time getting out of the house! Who knows, you might meet your future bff  out there!

4. Wine by the fire.

It is nice to have alone time once in a while and Christmas can be a good time for it. Have a little bit of self-reflecting moments and just enjoy the quietness. Have a glass of wine and sit by the fire, learn to get to know yourself and enjoy your own company. Soon you’ll find peace and hopefully Christmas harmony.

5. Write real letters.

It’s been a long time since people do snail-mail, which is quite a shame. On Christmas, think of people you love the most and start writing them real letters. Not only will you feel good but they will also appreciate it very much.

6. Take some crazy pictures.
Self Picture

Put on some cheerful Christmas songs and snap some self-photos! Be as silly and as crazy as you can be and make yourself laugh! It’s a very fun and “healthy” thing to do.

There are so many things you can do, but those are my top 6 and I hope they help giving you ideas. However, if you’re still feeling mellow and sad, you can always email me! I’ll keep you company : )

Have a lovely Christmas, my lovely readers!

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