Bridesmaid Dresses: Outdoor vs Indoor Weddings

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by Vie on August 14, 2013

I don’t know about you but I’ve always been a big fan of outdoor weddings. There’s nothing more liberating than having nature around you.. and Bali is all about outdoors, thanks to our beautiful beaches and well-situated gardens. Speaking about weddings, my brother’s getting married in December and since he’s doing it in the city, it will be held indoor. I know it’s still 4 months away but I think it’s time for me to find something nice to wear. So I was browsing through party and evening dresses for some inspiration and I found JessicasFashion. Although I’m not going to be one of the bridesmaids but I totally love the bridesmaid dresses from this site. Not only are they ridiculously gorgeous but also very affordable. It’s impossible to choose just one! If you happen to carry a bridesmaid duty anytime soon, then you might find this post useful.

For outdoor weddings, it is recommendable that bridesmaids wear something light and comfortable. I’m referring to simpler model and shorter dress. Being a bridesmaid is not an easy task, so you need to make sure that not only will you look incredibly beautiful but also free to move around — in case your bride needs you ; )

1. Classic Strapless.
JessicasFashion Classic Strapless

Simple and sweet, that’s what this classic strapless is all about. Available in soft colors, they will certainly make any outdoor party more fun and romantic! I personally love the pink one, it’s just too adorable to resist!

2. Sexy and Eccentric.
JessicasFashion Colorful Dress

If you’re not afraid to play with bold colors and daring prints, then you certainly can go for this eccentric yet exotic dress! I love the little ribbon bow around the waist. It’s playful and at the same time adding more style to the dress.

Now, if the wedding is going to be indoor, then it’s best to dress up the bridesmaids with long dresses. I’m not saying shorter dresses won’t work, they still can, but I think longer dresses would be more suitable. Here are some options for you to consider!

1. The Pretty Rosettes.
JessicasFashion Rosette Dress

I find this dress is simply irresistible. First, I love rosettes, I think they’re great and give more appeal to the dress. Second, this dress will definitely show off the curves beautifully. All you need is to pick which color suits you the most and voila, you’ll be the dream bridesmaid!

2. The Fancy Bling.
JessicasFashion Crystal Dress

There’s nothing wrong in adding extra bling to the dress, especially when they’re attached to flowing chiffon like this. I fancy this dress for the sexy crystals which remind me of snowflakes, the one-strap style that’s not only sexy but also elegant, and finally the gentle chiffon embracing the figure alluringly.

So what do you think ladies, think you’re ready to be the bridesmaid of the year? ; )

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