Chanel Édimbourg Métiers d’Art 2012/13

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by Vie on April 17, 2013

I gotta post this video because it’s just too good not to share. This Chanel fashion show is beautifully shot by Trevor Undi. Those who aren’t familiar with him, I’ll tell you a bit about this talented director/photographer/writer. First of all, he’s British/Canadian and he has been working with major artists both in music and film industry, such as Jennifer Connely, Keanu Reeves, Wesley Snipes and more. Photography has always been his passion and main medium and you can see throughout his works in fashion and art. His latest project is this beautiful and artistic “short film” of Chanel – Édimbourg Métiers d’Art 2012/13. Combining his skills in capturing objects both emotionally and artistically, the result is romantic, dramatic and absolutely sensual. Karl Lagerfeld played the impressive Creative Director role and managed to bring out the Couture, the Culture and the Entertainment all in one. This video was shot in Scotland’s Linlithgow Palace, set against the haunting and poetic “Retrograde” by James Blake.

The fashion was very flamboyant and vintage-oriented. From the Victorian collars to delicate and fully-detailed jewelry of pearls, crystals and stones. Watch how meticulous each curves and tailoring are in every dresses, the plaid and shimmering French lace, aren’t they just amazing? But then again, we’re talking about Chanel here. The catwalk itself was oh-so-wooden-couture. Some thought it was a bit creepy while others thought it was quite amusing.
Anyway, I can’t help but noticing the gorgeous dress at 1:10, I love the half-balloon sleeves and stunning brooches. They’re amazing!

Hope you enjoy this video as much as I do, God knows how many times I’ve watched it! : )

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