5 Beautiful Shades to Wear for Your Next Cocktail Parties

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by Vie on July 10, 2013

Hosting or attending cocktail party are always fun. You get to play dress-and-dolled-up! However, the  problem that seems to arise is to find something to wear. Now I know most of my ladies out there would immediately choose neutral colors when it comes to this. Somehow they feel “safe” and comfortable. But today, I’m gonna show you that you can actually have a lot of fun playing with colors! Cocktail parties are created so that we can socialize and of course be fabulous and pretty.

For this, I’ve found JJs House as one of the best online shops you should consider because they have so many beautiful tailored dresses! Good news is they don’t only have cocktail dresses, but also evening dresses up to wedding gowns. All in affordable prices! Here are some good looking dresses (in colors) that I found. They would definitely make you the center of attention and the talk of the night!

1. Shades of Purple
JJs House Purple
I’m giving you three gorgeous shades of purple and I’m certain you’re gonna love each and one of them. Purple is one of the best shades you can choose to accentuate your figure and it happens to be one of my favorite colors, too. You can definitely be elegant and playful at the same time, especially if you wear these body-fitting dresses.. I’m loving the pretty bow, beautiful beaded sequins and asymmetrical style on these dresses, which one is calling out your name?

2. Shades of Pink
JJsHouse Pink
Whether you want to look feminine and girly or elegant and mature, you can always count on shades of pink. There’s something about this color that immediately changes your appeal and pink goes with pretty much everything! For this particular color, I have specifically chosen dresses with elaborate sequins, rosette and crystals because they just look so good together. Whether it is in bandeau-corset or V-neckline style, the power of pink will change your daytime serious look into one pretty princess.

3. Shades of Green
JJs House Green
Who can resist the power of green? Especially when it comes in dresses! Green is cooling, elegant and goes pretty much with any skin color. There are a lot of different shades of green and these three are on top of my list for the charm and uniqueness. And don’t you just love those pretty necklines?

4. Shades of Orange
JJs House Orange
Orange is probably the least favorite when it comes to cocktail dresses but hey, take a look at these ones and you might change your mind! Orange is vibrant, cheerful and would definitely put you right under the spot effortlessly. What’s great about shades of orange is that sometimes you can leave your accessories at home and wear subtle make-up because they already shine your beauty and style, just like that.

5. Shades of Blue
JJs House Blue
Blue is known to be one of the most liked colors when it comes to cocktail parties and it’s not hard to see why. I personally adore the first dress for the simple seductive style, the second for the color-coordination and the third for the elegant diva look. I love how those sparkling sequins accentuate the figure and the skin just right.

So, now that you’ve seen some color options for your next cocktail dresses, you can forget about going to the same old monotone colors such as black, white, beige or such. It is time to shine and be more playful!

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