Dish-Washing with Style

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by Vie on January 15, 2007


I recently had problems with my fingers. I hardly can move them, some think that I have cramps because I’ve been cleaning, playing with water all the time. Others think I might have rheumatics (yikes!) One of the chores I do here at the apartment is the dish-washing. We don’t have dishwasher yet, so everything needs to be done manually. Lucky for me, my bf is such a sweetheart, he takes good care of me.

At a glance, these stuff are kinda creepy. I don’t know why, maybe it’s the color? but the reason why I posted this one is because I’ve never seen any dish gloves like that before lol.. so I don’t know if I should laugh or be amazed? Oh well, I’ll let you decide.

Available in 3 options, this “designer” dish glove is sold for US$35 at The Spoon Sisters.

Again, I have no idea which category I should put this at.

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