Dry Your Nails Monkey Style!

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by Vie on January 1, 2007


This unique beauty gadget is created for all of us ladies who usually have a hard time drying our nails. Not to mention if we polish them in last minute (I do that sometimes, I know it’s stupid but my mind changes so fast I hardly keep on track!), so this Blow Monkey Nail Dryer is a perfect solution for us (especially me). All you gotta do is pressing the plate of bananas and it blows cool air onto your wet nails. Don’t worry, the air jet can help you dry your nails just nice but it won’t blow your carefully applied polish off. Its unique design makes this baby highly demand, plus the affordable price (US$8.95) makes it even more popular. All you need to do is to put on 2 x AAA batteries. How cute is that!



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