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by Vie on May 29, 2013

Chiquel Fashion Wigs

In the 1960s, wigs were one of the most important fashion accessories a girl could have (in those times, particularly if they were big, sexy and volumous, as was the trend back then). Wigs were wardrobe staples of every woman, young and old, and they wore them with pride wherever they went.

Something happened in the 70s, 80s & 90s, where the numbers of females choosing to wear wigs as a fashion accessory, sharply declined. Wigs became synonymous with old ladies and people suffering from hair loss; less glamor, and more of a medical aid. Along with the wig-enthusiasts, the number of wig boutiques slowly declined, as wigs became a fashion staple of Halloween or dress up parties as opposed to fashionable events.

Fast forward a few decades, and 2013 appears to be the year of the fashion wig comeback. They are beginning to appear in the wardrobes of not only celebrities and fashionistas, but also every-day women. The modern girl has realized the convenience and artistic flexibility that comes with being able to create a fabulous hair style, or change of tress color, in under 10 minutes.

The New York Times even wrote a piece on how wigs have become a women’s best friend. They made mention of the fact that in today’s world where women have to juggle careers as well as family life, and look good doing it, that wigs are the most convenient way to ensure you constantly have good hair days. Another fabulous thing about wigs, is that you can be as adventurous with your color and style as you want without making that major commitment of actually chopping all your hair off or dying it bright red on a whim.

The comeback of the wig as a fashion trend probably has something to do with the fact that the quality and look of wigs are now better and more natural than ever. With a variety of wig types such as synthetic or human hair, monofilament and lacefront, or even customizable wigs, people won’t even know you’re wearing one!

Celebrities With Wigs

Celebrities such as Beyonce, Tyra Banks, Britney Spears, Katy Perry and Niki Minaj are all devotees of the fashion wig. Having said that, there are many out there on the market which are affordable, so you don’t need to have the bank account of a celeb to be able to buy one! Thanks to the world wide web, they are even available to buy online. I came across a great online wig retailer, Chiquel, so next time I’m feeling the need to change my look dramatically, I may just be sporting a new do!

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