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by Vie on June 11, 2007


I had my hair extension about a month ago and I’m still loving it. I got pale pink, magenta, purple and light brown crowning my head and they’re super cool. Don’t you just love new trends? Now you don’t even have to put on wigs to have long hair, you can just clip ’em on, as simple as that.

That’s what Jessica Simpson been doing anyways. With her trustworthy hair stylist, Ken Paves, together they created HairDo. So, if you ever wonder or get jealous everytime you look at Jessica’s hair, that’s her secret. They look so natural because some are made from real human hair. If you think you’re in for it, then go check out their stuff at Hair Boutique and you’d better hurry coz they’re limited edition.

Are you ready for your new hair now? =)






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