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by Vie on December 23, 2008

Shopaholic Facebook Application

Most of my girlfriends (including our lovely blogger Fel) love the Shopaholic series from Sophie Kinsella. And to be honest with you, I’ve never even read those books! Maybe I should start catching up, but since they’re releasing the movie next year, I might as well just wait for it since I already have tons of books waiting for me. Now speaking about shopaholic, I have a new game I’d like to introduce you. And yes, it revolves shopping and all that good stuff.

Simply add this new application to your Facebook (I’m sure everyone has one) and have fun sending virtual designer gifts to your fellow shopaholics. You can also have your own closet and what’s interesting is that you can borrow your friend’s stuff, as long as they don’t lock it. I just added this new application yesterday and I’m having fun with it.

Love shopping? Then you would love this game!

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