How to be Creative on Mother’s Day

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by Vie on April 19, 2011

Love Mom

Today is a special day because we’re publishing an article written by our lovely guest writer. Miss A came to us and submitted her ideas on how to make our moms feel special on the upcoming Mother’s Day. We read it, we loved it, and now we want to share it. Hopefully this will give you a new perspective on how to treat our first lady right!

This mother’s day: Get creative!

With mother’s day only round the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how you are going to treat your special lady this year. Instead of running to the shops during your lunch break, grabbing the first thing that looks OK, why don’t you make mom proud and design a memorable gift that she can cherish?

Hello!? Making things is not my forte!

Every fashionista has creative talents waiting to be unleashed! The thing is that some people are in direct contact with theirs and are able to whip out an abundance of gorgeous creations that leave the rest of us in awe.

(Note: Awe can be closely followed by: Jealousy, envy and frustration, leaving us feeling pitiful, worthless and without value? But hey, let’s not focus on negative emotions!)

Nonetheless, hooray for creative geniuses! I celebrate each and every one of you. I mean this seriously and not in a bitter and twisted sense, without these fabulous minds, would fashionistas even exist? With the praise over, let’s move on to the rest of us who obviously have the vision to use other people’s creations and put them together to devastating effect, but, do not have the talent to actually create and design from scratch.

In the past, your attempts at getting creative have always ended the same way:

  • Disappointment.
  • In the trash

You were inspired by some artists methods, which were supposedly idiot proof, so, you gave it a go and ended up feeling like a royal idiot.

Be Creative

Question: How does a stylish individual, whose appearance would lead to you to believe that she is a creative genius, showcase her unique talents?

Answer: She customises. She takes something that already exists in form and structure and uses her natural eye to make it work.

Customising genius:


Ladies love jewelry, so we are off to a great start with this one. Needless to say you could go into a store and buy your mom a fine piece. But that would only showcase your impeccable taste. No need to panic I am not suggesting that you actually MAKE her something (let’s avoid disappointment and trash full endings). No, what you are going to do is use your fine taste and vision to put together an arrangement, including style choice, color and gems to create your mom a beautiful design. Take control and put your personal stamp on a work of art! Kranichs Jewelers is one company that grants you this gift. Enter the design mother’s jewelry section and you can put together a beautiful mothers ring in a matter of minutes!

Save the date

Create a calendar! A cute idea inspired by my own mother. Like me, my mom has the drawing skill of a child, fumbling clumbsy fingers, and a picture in her head that can not be transported beyond its iron gates. However, a few years back she presented her parents with a gorgeous calendar, complete with various grinning family members for every month of the year. All you need for this is a collection of memories and a scanner. A whole host of picture development companies offer a calendar creating service, such as adoramapix. Start searching through your picture archives! The process is quick and easy and the result is a fantastic, personal treat!

For further ideas to suit your mom think about things that mom loves and you will find that there is an artisan or company that provides a service where you can have impact on the gift, while they do the hard work of making it. See below:

  • If mom has a passion for fashion, research local designers that will customise items to suit. A handbag in her favourite color or print?
  • To satisfy mom’s sweet-tooth, get a local bakery to customise some cupcakes in mom’s favourite flavours and colors.
  • Tailor the perfect spa day package, treat mom to a relaxing day that revolves around the treatments that she loves.


Miss A

Miss A is an avid traveller and likes to move around. Having lived and worked the New York PR dream, she is now back on British soil and works as a Social Media Consultant for various clients. Miss A’s passion for writing, leads to a whole mix of guest articles around the web, ranging from blue diamond rings, relationship advice, travel experiences and of course fashion je ne sais quois!


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