How to Have Cozy Night In

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by Vie on December 21, 2016


Living in the hustle bustle of big city can stress you out, and when weekend is here, there’s nothing I want more than just to stay in. Of course there are nights I feel like dressing up and going out with my girls, but lately I feel the comfort in my own home. When I don’t feel like dolling up and hit the town, I choose to stay cozy and get myself bunch of comfort food. You’d be amazed at how much you can do at home on weekends but still having a good time.

1. Netflix
Watching favorite shows is one of the best way to enjoy yourself. Fix you a homemade popcorn or a glass of wine and do your TV marathon. Recently I’ve finished my American Horror Story marathon and I absolutely loved it. I can never get enough for this series.

2. Lounge around in pretty lingerie
Just because you aren’t bothered to dress up and show it off, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun styling it up with *ahem* some sexy lingerie. You might want to check some new collection from Adore Me. I absolutely love their style. Not only will they make you feel like the hottest goddess, they are also very comfortable to your skin.

3. Beauty ritual
This is a must! – give yourself a facial, hair mask, body scrub and enjoy feeling refreshed for the next day. There’s no better time than doing this on the weekend. Then end this ritual with a warm hot cup of chamomile tea for more soothing sensation.

4. Skyping with your BFFs and your special one.
When I don’t feel like being alone, I would turn my Skype on and talk to my beautiful girls who live in Scotland and USA. Yeah, Effy is my adorable Scottish best friend and Lace is my beautiful American girl. Three of us are best friends and we talk on daily basis. Having them in my life is definitely a blessing. I have never met such beautiful people like themselves. Effy is funny, gorgeous, bubbly and super sweet. While Lace is more of the mysterious kind, stunning, a hopeless romantic and I love her sarcasm. We talk pretty much about everything – from fashion, to boys, to silly things and of course American Horror Story! We complement each other and we will hopefully be united on Effy’s wedding day in 2018! I love you my girls.

Besides my girls, I also need to include my special one. Although he lives quite far away but he’s always so close to me. We talk every day and there’s no one else I would rather spend my cozy night in than with him! We would tell each other jokes and laugh together. He warms my heart and makes me the happiest.

5. Be a nerd and read your favorite book.
Life is stressful enough, so grab yourself something to entertain your night in. Pick a light reading and give yourself a break. A chick-lit, or a romantic comedy, whatever you prefer, just take yourself to another world accompanied with a cup of hot chocolate.

So there you have it, my few tips on how to stay cozy and comfy in your home at night. We do need our own “me” time once in a while. Trust me, once you try one of these, you will want to redo it all over again.

Have a lovely night in!

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