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by Vie on July 17, 2010

One of the best things about being a fashion blogger is the fact that you meet new friends all over the world. They are the ones who inspire you, support you and make you enjoy blogging even more. Milana is definitely one of them. Her blog Fashion Style Advice has been in my regular reading list. Just like what it’s called, it’s all about Fashion, Style and Advice on how to work it. Now it’s time to learn more about the girl behind all the writing.

1. What makes you decide to start Fashion Style Advice?
Like so many other girls, I have always loved fashion and shopping, but not only for myself, but others too. One day I was out shopping with my brother, who is a successful blogger (, and he suggested that I start my own blog and share my fashion tips with others! It was the right time to put my interest to use!

2. Where do you get your fashion influence from?
When it comes to my own personal style, I get inspired by movies and music and of course different designers like Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney. I love rock n’ roll, but at the same time I have a business career, which demands that I dress in a certain way, so I always try to incorporate those two and end up with some kind of rock business style! A little Kate Moss mixed with Blair Waldorf and a touch of Victoria Beckham, I guess!

3. What’s your favorite season of the year? Why?
I enjoy fall/winter because of the wardrobe possibilities these seasons bring with them. I love scarves, layering, tucking my skinny jeans into boots… For me personally, it’s easier to be creative then, than in summer time when it’s so hot that you can’t stand to wear anything but a dress!

4. Where do you get your blogging inspiration from?
I get it from myself actually. I write about stuff that I experience, think about, buy and like. All the tips on my blog have been tried out by me personally! It’s from my day to day personal fashion experiences.

5. If you can spend one full day with a famous designer, who would that be?
It would definitely be Marc Jacobs. He seems like such an exciting person and he is definitely my favorite designer. I love everything he’s ever created and designed. It’s elegant, but edgy! If I could afford it, I would buy every piece of his accessories and clothing!

6. What’s the best thing about being a fashion blogger?
The best thing about being a fashion blogger is meeting a lot of new great people and at the same time getting to use my University and professional background (Marketing/Communication). It ‘s a great way to incorporate my interest and hobby with my career aspirations.

7. Any advice for new fashion bloggers?
Be different, find a niche, write frequently and don’t be scared to get out there and meet people!

PS: Thanks for taking the time to participate in my interview! : )

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