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by Vie on July 29, 2010

There are so many special fashion bloggers out there and one of them is Kristina from Pretty Shiny Sparkly. This charming young lady is not only a fashion lover but also a busy medical student. I’ve been a faithful follower of her trendy and most feminine blog and it’s only a matter of time ’till I ask her for an interview. The result? Very pretty, shiny and sparkly : )

1. What’s the story behind Pretty Shiny Sparkly?
Pretty Shiny Sparkly started out just as a girly haven of inspiration for me. I hoped that by having an outlet for my shopping & fashion adventures, it’d give my wallet a break! I also wanted to share my knack for finding great things online. Since then it has evolved into so much more – I sometimes post recipes with step-by-step photos, and a lot of my posts now are centered around photo shoots of my daily outfits.

2. Where do you get your inspiration?
Everywhere around me! A lot are from fellow fashion bloggers, because they’re living breathing proof that real girls can pull off X, Y, or Z. I think that’s why fashion blogs are such a hit nowadays. Trends in fashion aren’t a reality for most of us in the real world until our friend or coworker pulls it off (with confidence). Fashion bloggers are like your internet version of that!

3. If you have $10,000 to spend in one day, what would you get?
How much do Marchesa dresses cost?! I wish…but seriously, with $10,000 I’d probably get myself a million pairs of J Brand or 7 for all mankind jeans, an Alexa bag by Mulberry, and every style of shoe Jeffrey Campbell has ever made.

4. Most expensive fashion item you’ve ever bought?
That I’ve bought myself? Probably one of my bracelets by David Yurman. But I love costume jewelry – statement rings, chunky bracelets, long pendants – so I don’t spend a whole lot on one item. The only exceptions to that rule are my fondness for platforms, designer jeans, and handbags!

5. Who’s your favorite fashion icon/role model in fashion?
Everybody says Kate Moss or Alexa Chung – they’re great but mainly because they have two things: confidence and the appearance of effortlessness. It looks like they throw things together and are out the door. Who knows if that is actually reality? Maybe so! But my personal fashion hero is Rachel Bilson. Rachel because she’s got an innate sense of style (her magazine columns give credit to that!) and because she’s a short girl like myself. So if she can pull something off, I know I can too!

6. Your favorite season of the year? Why?
Autumn/Winter – because there’s more clothes involved, and thus more opportunities to be creative! Layering clothes means you can experiment with different textures and colors, and scarves can add pops of color. Not to mention the fun challenge of finding the perfect overcoat (you can never go wrong with camel-colored coats!). It’s simply the best season to express yourself in fashion, in my opinion.

7. Advice or tips for new fashion bloggers?
Stay true to yourself and your readers, maintain your integrity, keep posts consistent, apply changes to your site or content based on reader feedback, reply to comments (that’s a big one!), and never be afraid to host a giveaway in appreciation of your readers! I give prizes here and there to randomly selected commenters in appreciation for their feedback and participation. It’s a fun little community on PSS!

PS: Thanks for the wonderful interview! : )

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