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by Vie on July 1, 2010

VieCouture has been around the blogsphere for quite some time now and through our ups and downs, we have found many friends that we absolutely adore. This week, I’m very happy to be able to interview one of the sweetest and friendliest people I’ve met online. I give you, Jen from Prom Mafia.

1. How did you come up with the name “Prom Mafia”? Tell us the story behind it.
I wanted a fashion site that had a purpose and wasn’t just a personal blog, so I thought prom would be a fun foundation to build upon. I decided on the name Prom Mafia because my Dad hated it, believe it or not. He is the antithesis of who I imagined my readers would be (fashion savvy teen girls) so I thought if he hates it, those girls will love it!

2. Sum your style in 3 words.
Eclectic, affordable, comfy.

3. What’s the biggest challenge on becoming a fashion blogger?
There are many challenges. I think patience is a big one. It takes time to figure out how to write to your audience, how to best market your blog, and to attract an audience. You want tons of people to visit and comment right away, but that’s not the way it works!

4. If you have $10,000 to spend in one day, what would you get?
I would probably hop on a plane to London or Paris to go on a shopping spree. I love to travel and prefer to collect clothes and shoes as my souvenirs.

5. What’s your fashion motto?
Get educated, stay motivated, and do it in style.
That statement pretty much sums up my philosophy on life.  I think fashion is an accessory in your life. It isn’t the piece de resistance of a person – that would be your intelligence and personality.  Fashion should be used to accentuate who you are, not define who you are.

6. Name 3 fashion items you can’t live without?
My Bernina sewing machine, which is an endless source of entertainment.
My adorable orange watch from Tous. (I’m obsessed with Tous!)
My pink Amber Pollard purse.

7. Last but not least, did you have a good prom? any interesting story to tell? : )
I did have a good prom! I loved high school and always had lots of fun at the dances. I don’t have any interesting stories, but here are some little tidbits: I was a prom princess and wore a black Betsey Johnson dress with gold heels. (Betsey Johnson is my idol.)

PS: Thanks for sharing us your story, Jen! : )

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