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by Vie on January 31, 2012

She’s got a beautiful smile, superb hair, sexy eyes and the cutest accent! Her signature look is sultry red lips and leopard leggings. She is Anne Davies from The Satirical Stylist and today I have the honor to interview this amazing young woman. First time I knew Anne was when she became our guest-blogger. After that, we maintain our friendship through Twitter. The Satirical Stylist to me is like a breath of fresh air because it’s full of unique, creative and witty fashion tips. To top it all, you’ll also find fun and sweet family stories and photos. Whenever I visit her blog, I always have that warm cozy feeling that makes me miss home! To me it is more than than just a fashion blog, it’s a love story.

Anne Davies from Satirical Stylish

1. Where do you currently live (City)? Who do you share your home with?
At the minute I’m living back home with my parents in a city called Leicester, which sits bang in the middle of England. It’s lovely to be back home, my parents [picture below] are beyond adorable & make it way to comfortable for me… So, leaving always seems less pressing.

Anne's Parents

2. Where would be your dream place to live?
Eek! New York. I lived there for a couple of years, I miss it and wish I was still there. Goddamn visa business!!

3. What made you decide to start blogging?
I started my first blog in 2009. I was learning to cope with the NY dating scene and my writing reflected this; it was quite scandalous. I began to feel guilty about my bitter/overly-open self and stopped typing. I missed blogging and began to write again March last year.

4. Like me your an early 30s girl, how did the leap into the new decade go and what are your thoughts on this age bracket when compared to the previous?
I really enjoy being 30, even though it still seems a little alien. I was quite happy to say au revoir to my 20s a time of total confusion, not that I’m much less confused now.

5. How many pairs of shoes/boots do you own?
Really not that many. The majority of my footwear is made up of boots, overall I have approximately 15 pairs.

6. What is your favorite item in your wardrobe at the minute?
Easy! I invested in this gorgeous leather jacket from Acne and I am obsessed with it. It has become uniform; a daily wear.

Satirical Stylish

7. What are your top 3 makeup most haves?
Concealer, mascara and bronzer

8. If you can only choose one color to wear every day, what would it be and why?
Oooh this is a trick one Vie! I love colour and have a bright wardrobe… However, I think I’m going to be dull and say black, it really is the easiest colour to wear and works whatever the weather. It would also be the easiest colour to never get sick of, a splash of red lippy and it already feels brighter!

9. What’s your most favorite body part?
My legs. When I was little they were super spindly and I despised them. I used to pray for an extra inch of fat to cover my whole body and if I ever wore a skirt I would layer leggings and socks under tights to forge a larger leg. This has now changed and I am totally happy with skinny legs, it has been a love/loathe relationship.

10. What’s your favorite “fashion-inspired” movie?
Do you know that it’s been a while since I’ve been truly inspired by a movie on the Fashion Front… Breakfast at Tiffany’s of course never seizes to inspire. TV shows such as Gossip girl and Sex in the City get my fashion senses racing; admiration, envy a whole range of emotions.

When I was younger there were a number of movies where the fashion really inspired me; off the top of my head they would be: Grease 1 and 2, Dirty Dancing, The Lost Boys, Desperately Seeking Susan, La Boum, l’ete meurtrier, My girl, Narnia, À nous les petites anglaises, and Clueless.

11. Describe a dream date!
I am huge on food so i would love to be taken to an amazing restaurant and eat beautiful things one after the other. Somewhere like Michel Roux Jr Le Gavroche would be perfect, a taster menu would be even better.

12. Name one skill/talent that you wished you have.
I wish I could sow and had the skill to create my own garments… I am always full of ideas but incapable of putting them into practise.

13.What type of exercise that you do regularly? any favorite sports?
I don’t do any type of organized exercise. I don’t drive so I walk a lot and I LOVE dancing, I really like the idea of working out and getting these adrenalin rushes that I hear about, however, the motivation is just not there. As for sport I have no interest, I enjoy watching most forms of dance and I can almost hold my own at table tennis.

14. Who is your fashion icon? why?
Kate Moss, I just love this girl. I have long admired Kate’s style I love her anti-trend looks, she wears what she wants and her clothes are almost always spot on.

15. If you have to get a tattoo, what will it be?
I already have three tattoos: A flower on my foot, a flower on my back and a heart on my waistline. Thankfully they are all small, I had my first done when I was 16 and last at 19. I am not too keen on them but they’re OK I suppose, I have considered having the two flowers extended with some splashes of leopard print and a touch more foliage… We shall see.

Thank you, Anne for this wonderful opportunity. For yours truly’s interview, you can check out Anne‘s blog! : )

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