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by Vie on August 20, 2008

I realized that even though I’m 27, most of my close friends are still in their teens. I have no idea why, maybe because deep inside I’m still a teen and it’s a lot more fun hanging out with those bubbly ones. So anyways, since I have more experience, they always come to me whenever they need advice, such as how to deal with the boy problems, how to handle puberty, how to dress up trendy and how to get those mean girls back (just kidding! okay, half kidding).

When they come to me for a fashion advice, especially about lingerie, I must admit that sometimes it’s hard for me to recommend those that are good for them. I mean, yeah I know there will always be a teen in me, but when it comes to lingerie, the woman in me speaks up! You know, those lacy, garter, ruffle and frill thingy. There’s no way they’d like those stuff (at least not yet, if you know what I mean). Therefore, I hardly find any good underwear for my dear teen buddies. I’ve seen some but they are either too plain or just simply boring. And being a fashionista, those two things are definitely a big NO. So, I’ve been doing my homework, looking for good underwear for teens and boom! my search is over.

I’m so excited to introduce you the SugaPlum Shop, created by the fashionista herself, Ms. Sue, she certainly knows what you teenagers are up to. Having a teen daughter herself, she knows exactly what and how underwear is supposed to be. Not only they’re affordable, but very comfortable to wear. Visit her site and you’ll find tons of cool and trendy collection, such as bras for teens and cute but fun-looking undies. In SugaPlum you’ll find four different categories based on your personality. The Angel Teen is available in heavenly colors, The Funny Teen is for you who appreciate a great sense of humor, The Milk Teen has a playful and country-chic feeling and finally, The Vespa Teen that’s definitely perfect for the colorful, bubbly and happy-go-lucky you. I gotta admit, I’m really tempted to get those Vespa collection myself. And this comes from a woman who only goes for ruffle, lace and frills. So, that gotta mean something no?

Now I definitely know what my answer is when my teen girls ask for my opinion about underwear shopping.

Here’s a closer look at their fantastic collection!

Ms. Sue, SugaPlum Shop Owner.

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