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by Vie on June 4, 2007


I might not be good with kids, but I do enjoy their artwork. At the hospital where I usually get my regular check-up, they put on tons of kids’ drawings on their wall and to be honest with you, they’re really entertaining they. Some are really good that I don’t think I could draw something like that!

So, if you have kids with artistic touch in their blood, or your little brother/sister, I wanna share you this great news.

Ms. Lee Skalkos with her passion for silverwork made this child artwork jewelry. It’s a pin created based on your children’s drawing! can you imagine how detailed and meticulous the pins are? It’s really amazing. Now, you can keep the memory of those cute little fingers  close to your heart, thanks to Ms. Skalkos.

Here are some of her work. They’re totally ADORABLE! I personally LOVE the lion above. It’s super cute.

For more information, feel free to check out her website.






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