Jacqueline Defresne Apple Jacket

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by Vie on August 11, 2007


Ahh.. apple is a fine looking fruit, not only it’s tasty but also good for your body. People especially us girls love carrying an apple for our lunch treat, and if you put it in the paper or plastic bag or even lunch box, it’s an ordinary thing.

At least that’s why Jacqueline Defresne think. That’s why she created this gorgeous apple jacket to restore our favorite fruits. It is 100% hand knitted made from the softest cotton sleeve. What’s good is that you can also put this jacket on any other fruits such as pear, orange, peach or anything.

Each is sold at US$14.50 and available in 4 colors; pink, bright blue, off white and white.

Fruits want to look stylish, too!

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