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by Vie on July 6, 2007


In my make-up world, it’s all about eyeliner, mascara and lipgloss. Those 3 things are beyond essentials and I gotta have them wherever I go or I’ll go berserk! lol..

Waterproof mascara to me, is the smartest invention ever! I don’t like seeing people with mascara running all over their eyes whenever they yawn or cry, it’s totally unattractive. And today, I found this super groovy mascara collection from Tarte. Why did I say groovy? Check out the denim sleeve! I obviously have never seen a funky mascara like this before, so I’m reserving this for my future collection!

Now you can get those dreamy lashes without worrying they will wear off when you go to the beach, gym or wherever.

This perfect item is available for US$18. Add it to your cart fast!

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