Liparazzi Light Up Gloss

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by Vie on March 6, 2007


At a glance, it does look like any ordinary lipgloss, but it’s actually more than that. This has got to be the smartest invention ever in lipgloss world. Listen up, Nat, I think we definitely need to get one of these. The Liparazzi is designed for us girls who need make-up emergency especially at night/dark places.

When you press it, the special button on the top releases a beam of light to let us apply the gloss wherever we are. And it doesn’t stop right there, the gloss is actually with mirror also! isn’t it great?

Celebs such as Lindsay Lohan, Kirsty Gallagher, and Emma Bunton have tried this and totally loved it. I mean, duh! who wouldn’t?

The gloss is available in 5 different colors; clear, pale pink, peach, red and shimmer toffee. Each is sold for £15!

Are you with me, Nat?



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