Fashion TV Brings More Shades of Style

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by Vie on October 29, 2014


Nowadays, sunglasses are made not only to protect eyes, but also to enhance style. Knowing this perfectly well, Fashion TV has collaborated beautifully with Elie and Alain Bou Boutros. These two brothers established TOMMY FASHION SUNGLASSES TRADING L.L.C in Lebanon, 2002. Known for their eccentric, colorful and stylish designs, FTV definitely has made the right decision. Offering not only sunglasses but also eyeglasses and contact lenses, all is packed nicely and of course, very fashionable! I was browsing through some of their collection and boy, don’t I want them all!

For those who love collecting shades as favorite accessories, then these collection deserves your peek!



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VieCouture Style Focus: Top 5 Halloween Makeup

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by Vie on October 23, 2014

Halloween is only a week away, have you girls decided what to wear and all? Just in case you need a little bit of inspiration, I have compiled 5 most popular and also sexiest Halloween looks. You don’t necessarily have to look scary and mean on Halloween, because the world is already scary enough!

Many thanks and big kudos to all these gorgeous lady vloggers!

1. Poison Ivy.
I’ve always loved this character. Sexy, alluring and full of colors. So if you want to be playful and deadly at the same time, go for this one.

2. Little Red Riding Hood.
A classic tale comes true! I’m sure not only the big bad wolf would have an eye on you! ; )

3. Seductive Vampire.
Vampires have always been the most favorite look and I just had to include this sensational look from Michelle.

4. Butterfly Queen.
Here’s a very cool butterfly look that would definitely take your breath away!

5. Mermaid.
But of course, every Halloween should have their little mermaid.

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5 Great Reasons to Join the Mineral Make-up Revolution

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by Vie on September 4, 2014

There are so many products on the market which promise to bring you that top of the range celebrity look, so for most of us it’s never easy to know which types and which brands will work best. The recent surge in popularity of mineral make up shows that we will always look for the items that bring the best results time after time.

Mineral Makeup

If you’re yet to discover the benefits of using mineral cosmetics, it’s perhaps time for you to make the switch. There are several advantages which need to be taken into consideration, some of which are results-based while others are more practical. Here are five reasons to join the list of celebrities and consumers who’ve gone mineral.

It’s all about the results
Ultimately, the real test of a cosmetics product is based on the end result. If something makes you look noticeably better than you did before, the chances are you will be happy to spend money on it. Mineral make-up brings you flawless skin every time you use it, giving you that all-important radiance when you need it most.

Ease of application
A small amount of mineral foundation goes on the skin straight from the brush, and in most cases one long sweep is all that is required. Whether you’re in a crazy rush to get ready or you’re able to take your time for once, you will be mightily impressed by this. First-time users tend to cite it as one of their favourite advantages of all.

A more natural look
While different brands of mineral cosmetics use varying combinations of ingredients, it’s worth noting that the basic premise is that such products are far more natural than their predecessors. Minerals, by their very definition, are to be found naturally in various corners of the world, rather than created in a laboratory.

More cost-effective whenever you use them
We all know that most of make-up products don’t come cheap these days, so the average consumer will always keep one eye on the cost of purchases. Mineral cosmetics tend to be at the more expensive end of the price spectrum, but it should be borne in mind that you tend to use less every time you get ready to go out.

Products last a lot longer
The vast majority of mineral make-up products will have a long shelf life, and for nearly every user this means the product will be used up well in advance of any use-by date. Another benefit is that the products tend to stay on the skin longer, giving a great deal more value for money than anything that was available in the past.

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Beauty Tips: Choosing the Perfect Mascara

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by Vie on September 3, 2014

With so many different types of mascara on the market today, choosing the perfect mascara means choosing which one is perfect for you. What kind of result are you trying to achieve? When you assess your needs, you’ll find it much easier to choose the right mascara next time you’re in the beauty aisle.


You may also want to experiment with different colors to see which one fits best with your skin tone. If you’re shopping online for beauty products in Canada, check out some of the reviews to see which brands and types have the most favorable reviews and pay attention to specific complaints, such as watery or clumpy mascara. Finding the correct formula can literally transform your eyes and give you an entirely new look.

Don’t base your choice on price alone, as there are as many price variations as there are selections. However, do invest in a quality mascara that frames your face and makes you feel confident. Once you find a brand you like, try some of the different variations to see which one looks and feels the best.

Mascara That Lengthens Your Lashes
If you have particularly short lashes, you might want to experiment with the type of mascara that lengthens your lashes. Choose a quality brand that separates the lashes as well, for maximum definition.

Mascara That Adds Volume to Your Lashes
If your eyelashes aren’t very noticeable, adding volume might be the key to getting them to stand out. Choose a formula that contains natural waxes for maximum volume without having to worry about clumping.

Mascara That Curls Your Lashes
What better way to call attention to lashes than to have them slightly curled! Forget the lash curler, but instead, choose a formula designed to provide lift and curl to your lashes. These formulas often come with a curved brush instead of the straight one, which aids in the curling process.

Mascara That Promises to Be Smudge-Proof
Who doesn’t want smudge-proof mascara? However, many of these are designed to be worn for many hours or in the water. Just because the label says smudge-proof doesn’t mean it’s waterproof or water-resistant, though, so if that is what you are looking for, make sure you get the kind designed to be worn in the water.

Mascara That Defines Your Lashes
Defining mascara combines volume with length to provide a lush look. This type of mascara often comes in waterproof styles in a variety of colors. Quality defining mascara separates the lashes for a natural look.

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LAMB Gets Naughty and Nice With Hanky Panky

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by Vie on August 17, 2014

What are you looking for when you’re lingerie shopping? As for me, the primary reasons have to be comfort and durability, then I’d go for design and finally price. You don’t shop lingerie all the time so might as well get the good quality ones when you decide to do the shopping, right? Besides, just like what people say, lingerie is one of the ways to build your inner-confidence!

LAMB Hanky Panky

Today I want to introduce you to a lingerie brand that’s not only good for the eyes but also for the body (and your pocket). I’m excited to announce that Hanky Panky LAMB collection is finally here! I’m excited because this special edition is a result of fine collaboration between the hot & sassy LAMB with the sexy and easy-to-wear Hanky Panky.

Introducing 4 irresistible styles of Geo prints, Lambie Camo (floral), Rasta Jersey and Old English. Feel free to choose which one that suits you the most. Geo for the playful ones, Lambie Camo for the girly girl, Rasta Jersey for the fun and casual, and finally Old English for the classic and romantics. Available in tanks, bras, thongs, teddies, hipsters, everything is embroidered into such perfection, offering you not only good wear but also fantastic style. Price starts at US$25, so don’t miss this fabulous and limited edition goodies!

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