Spring Beads With Alice + Olivia

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by Vie on July 26, 2017

When it comes to eccentric and authenticity, you can never go wrong with Alice + Olivia. This fashion house is known for its unique and fun designs. One of the styles that caught my eye is definitely this new beaded blouse. You don’t have to worry about accessorizing yourself because this is more than just a top.

Made of polyester, this vibrant look is accented with colorful embellishments, making it not only pleasant to look at but also to wear. I mean, take a look at the elaborate beads on the back!

Get your size for $350.

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When you have beautiful jewelry crowning your hand, or neck, you are bound to show them off and what better way to compliment those sparkles than having perfectly manicured nails? This concept hit jewelry designer Kendra Scott and recently she brings you her latest design along with some extra side-kick, the nail polish.

Fall in love with this celebrity jewelry designer and don’t forget to try out her lovely yet intriguing hues that are inspired by her precious collection!

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Magnetic Eyelash is the Latest Big Thing

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by Vie on July 19, 2017

Having long lashes is every girl’s dream. Unfortunately not all of us is blessed to have long and healthy looking lashes, that’s why fake lashes or lash extensions are quite lucrative business. Clearly, you want your eyes to be one of the best features and having those long lashes will surely boost that confidence.

However, putting on fake lashes can be a hassle, especially with the glue and the positioning. So, many people prefer to do extension instead, but imagine when you need to remove your make up after a long day or when you need to wash your face, or the worst, when you wake up in the morning and all you want to do is to rub your sleepy eyes? That is definitely not a good idea. Not to mention, when they start to fall off. (Yikes!)

So, what’s the solution for this dilemma? I am happy to tell you that One Two Cosmetics has just the perfect answer for that and this brand new product is selling fast in the market. I’m talking about these Magnetic Lashes. All you gotta do is wait for that magnetic “click” and you’ll get the long natural looking lashes you want. No glue, no hassle, and no need to worry about falling out!

This $69 natural magnetic lashes set is long lasting, user friendly and comes in superb compact case. To learn more on how they work, you may find their tutorial on the website. I am absolutely eager to give them a try!

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Watermelon Love from Juicy Couture

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by Vie on July 17, 2017

What’s the juiciest fruit that would make the best sidekick for hot Summer days? Yep, it’s the watermelon! This is definitely one of my favorite fruits, because it tastes pretty much yummy with everything. Watermelon jello, smoothies or pure fresh juice. However you want to make your watermelon, you can be sure of its delicious taste.

To celebrate this yummy fruit, Juicy Couture introduces this series of Watermelon collection that consists of bracelet, charm, necklace, ring and hair band! They’re so fun to look at and I’m sure fun to wear as well.

Price starts at $32, come and check them out!

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Airlines uniform is probably one of the most important parts of the business. Not only does it represent the image of the company, but it also represents the overall appearance of the wearers. There are few Airlines that offer quite beautiful and unique uniforms, but I bet none of them as sophisticated as Hainan Airlines. This China based Airlines have collaborated with Couture designer Laurence Xu to introduce these at the Paris Couture Week.

You can see the beautiful details that are so “Chinese”, from the traditional Cheong sam style to the down-to-earth color tone, including the Chinese mythical bird, the Roc. The purpose of this is not only to introduce the Chinese culture but also dare to be different.

I personally love this collection that is not only elegant, but also classy and glamorous. What do you think?

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