Although we can tell the time by looking at our mobile phone or laptop, some people still prefer to wrap a watch around their wrist. Be it for a style, or just an old habit. Now if you’re the kind that would wear a watch as part of your fashion ritual, then I’m happy to tell you that Olivia Burton has recently released their new series. This English designer is well known for her beautiful attention to details and not to mention the feminine touch.

This Spring collection comprises of intricate florals and delicate colors – suitable for someone as girly as yourself. Match them with your favorite flare gown or tulle skirt.

Price starts at $110. Shop yours today on here

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Lady Gaga is the new face of Tiffany & Co Spring collection; the HardWear. Inspired by New York city, this marvelous collection from Tiffany & Co embodies more than just jewelry on your skin but also timeless style and elegance. If you are looking for statement jewelry, then this modern and minimalist style can be your next option.

This beautiful showcase is made of 18K gold and sterling silver. Having Lady Gaga as their icon is probably the right decision because when you’re looking for a strong, talented and independent woman, she is the total package.

HardWear collection is designed for both your daily accessories or for important dates. I absolutely love the simplicity of this new release and if you want to take a closer look at the campaign, here’s the video for you.

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A Perfect Bow Embellishment from Alexandre Birman

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by Vie on July 6, 2017

Blake Lively and Olivia Palermo are only two examples of how good Alexandre Birman look on your feet. With his signature bows and classic yet elegant choice of colors, you’re gonna love what he has to offer you. This stunning and graceful looking soles will definitely sweep you off your feet.

Stand tall with this 100mm gunmetal satin. Elegantly framing your feet with, this pair will complete your evening gown look. Imagine wearing your favorite sequin long dress while dressing up your soles with these beauty.

And if grey isn’t really your choice of color, you may choose black – this one comes in velvet finishing, still with gorgeous thin straps that envelop your feet perfectly.

Priced at $435.

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Reasons Why We Love Ruffles So Much

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by Vie on July 6, 2017

Ruffles are back in fashion and it is not difficult to see why. I’ve always loved ruffles because not only do they compliment and flatter your figure femininely, but the style is also timeless.Whether you want to add ruffles as part of your blouse, dress or skirt, it will certainly work for all occasions.

Ruffles are created to give the illusion of extra layer and volume on your body, so if you want to look fuller, you might want to choose ruffle as your next style.

A lot of designers prefer to use material such as chiffon and cotton for this type of fashion but that doesn’t mean other fabric can’t be used to create such beautiful piece. If you are aiming for something flirty (and frilly), you might want to choose a brighter color such as yellow or red. Designer such as Banjanan (pic 1), Caroline Constas (pic 2), and Flynn Skye (pic 3) certainly know how to work their ruffles right.

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Dermaroller Brings New Hope to Your Skin

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by Vie on July 4, 2017

How Dermaroller Procedures Help Repair Aging Skin
A Dermaroller treatment may not be the first option you think of when you are looking to repair skin damage that naturally comes with age, but you shouldn’t discount it in favor of other treatments without even considering it. Dermaroller procedures are very good at treating wrinkles and other common skin aging complaints. Here’s how Dermaroller procedures can help you to repair your aging skin.

Dermarollers Use Needles to Stimulate Cellular Regeneration
Dermarollers are hand-held tools studded with needles. The needles are so tiny that the holes they poke in the skin can barely be seen. The micro-needling tools work because those holes are viewed by each patient’s body as an attack. That triggers cellular regeneration processes within the body, such as increased hormone and protein production. Collagen in particular is increased. Collagen is a substance that helps skin cells keep their shape and stay tight together.

Dermarollers Can Take the Place of Lasers Sometimes
Dermarollers perform more or less the same tasks as skincare lasers. That is, they help cells regenerate and, in the process, reduce wrinkles and sagging skin. However, even though the end results of laser and Dermaroller treatment can be similar, the procedures are very different. Dermarollers use needles, while lasers use a combination of heat and light to treat the skin. That combination is excellent for treating some people, but those with skin that is too dry, thin, oily, dark, or otherwise unsuitable may find that Dermaroller treatment is a suitable replacement for a laser procedure.

Dermarollers or Similar Tools Can be Used on Most Body Parts
Dermarollers belong to the family of skincare tools called micro-needling devices, which include small Derma-pens, as well as larger Derma-stamps. Micro-needling tools are more versatile than lasers in some ways because they can be used on small, large, or sensitive areas, as needed. So, regardless of what part of your body you want to treat, a micro-needling tool should be able to help you.

Clinical Dermaroller Treatments Are Not Painful
You may assume that any treatment involving needles, even tiny ones, is painful, but that isn’t the case. Clinicians who perform Dermaroller treatments are well-versed in how to numb the skin of their patients ahead of time. When you make your Dermaroller appointment you should expect to have your skin cleaned and numbed before the procedure actually begins. If you experience any discomfort at all you should notify your clinician right away. They will stop the procedure until the issue is addressed.

How a Dermaroller Treatment Can Affect Your Skin
The immediate effects of a Dermaroller treatment are not necessarily pleasant. At first your skin is likely to bleed a bit in the treated area. The clinician should make sure the bleeding stops before you leave the clinic. After that you may experience some redness, and it will take time for the impacted skin to heal. Therefore, you won’t see any positive results the day of your appointment, or even the next day. It may take a week or two to really see a positive difference.

In the long-term, a series of Dermaroller treatments can definitely reduce any mild to moderate wrinkles or skin sags you may have. Such treatments can also give your skin a generally revitalized look. But you have to have patience when you undergo Dermaroller procedures because only one treatment is very unlikely to help you.

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