Introducing Nails On Spray Can

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by Vie on December 21, 2015


Ladies, if you love having manicure but don’t have time to wait for the nail polish to dry up, here’s a perfect solution for you. Introducing a brand new way to have instant manicure, a Spray Can from Nails Inc. This amazing spray works for your nails but will not stay on your skin. So you don’t have to worry about that. They are quite easy to use as well. Spray your nail beds and wait for about 20 seconds, then wash your hands with water and soap. Voila, you get the world’s fastest manicure.

However, they are in waiting list so you need to book it first. Go to their website for more information.


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Sometimes stocking stuffers are the most fun gifts to give and receive. It takes a bit of creativity to figure out what to buy for fewer than 20 dollars, making sure it will fit inside a holiday stocking. These mini gifts aren’t just for kids, either. Adults love to unwrap a stocking full of surprises, too! Here are some gift-guide ideas for all the socks you’ll be stuffing.

Word Straws

You can order a straw bent into the shape of any word or name that has five letters or less. You can even add hashtags, question marks, and ampersands. Imagine your kids’ delight at drinking through a straw shaped like their name, or your loved one sipping through the word “love.”

Pizza Cutter and Spatula

How about a pizza cutter for your friend, the pizza chef? Sure, cutting pizza with a knife works, but cutting up the slices like an art project is so much more fun.

Dinosaur Wine Stopper

Why have an ordinary wine stopper when you can have one that looks like a dinosaur crawling out of the bottle? You can gift a friend or family member a unique way to plug an opened bottle of wine.

Worry Dolls

Want to stuff someone’s stocking with a gift that can ease his or her worries? You can by gifting your pal a worry doll. These tiny smiling dolls are made from natural materials such as cotton fabric and wood. Worry-doll owners tell their troubles to their worry doll, place the dolls under their pillow, and go to sleep. When they wake up, all their troubles will reportedly be gone. Check them out here.

Coffee Table Matches

Whether it’s to light candles, fire up a BBQ grill, or burn kindling to start a fire in the fireplace, stick matches in artsy containers can make the perfect functional coffee-table accent. You can even buy colorful matchboxes that say inspiring phrases like “Enjoy the ride” or “Friends forever.”

Wooden Tape Measures

A measuring tape doesn’t have to come in a utilitarian container. As a stocking stuff, consider wrapping and gifting a measuring device contained in a faux-stone that has been carved out of wood. Each tool looks like a large, smooth pebble and will delight each handyman and handywoman on your gift list.

Giant Designer Erasers

Everyone makes mistakes, and it can be a lot more fun to erase the errors when you have an eraser that looks like an animal. For example, you can buy your young mathematician an eraser that looks like a big purple fox. You can also buy pens that look like dogs and cats to with the farm and zoo animal office-supply motif.

When your friends and family members unwrap the bounty you’ve thoughtfully packaged up to put in their holiday stockings, they should be pleased and surprised to find such an interesting variety. Don’t forget to put in some of their favorite candies, too. The unveiling of the holiday stockings might become everyone’s favorite part of the gift-giving season.

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VieCouture is in Top 50 Fashion Blogs

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by Vie on December 8, 2015

Thank you rebateszone for including VieCouture on your list of top 50 fashion blogs in the world. I appreciate it, and to all fellow bloggers, keep up the fantastic work!

Top 50 Fashion blogs

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It is that favorite time of the year again. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Or better question is, have you got a tree? 🙂 Christmas shopping can be tricky, especially if we want to save up. I believe when it comes to gift, you don’t need to get the most expensive because it’s the thought that counts. Worry not because there are plenty of good options out there, and today I am going to help you out by showing you these 6 lovely examples of stocking stuffers that cost under $10. Yep, you read that right.

So, get your stockings out – stuff them with these lovely goodies and surprise them with a big smile.

Happy shopping, lovelies… let the festive season begins.


1. Forever21 Floral Rhinestones Necklace. US$5.90.
2. Snoopy Ankle Socks. US$1.90.
3. Take Me Away Makeup Pouch. US$5.90.
4. Sephore Kiss the Moon Lipgloss. US$5.00.
5. Bodyshop Strawberry Festive Cracker. US$7.00.
6. Hollywood Fashion Emergency Kit. US$7.90.

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Happy Holidays from Bath & Body Works

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by Vie on December 1, 2015


I’m a loyal fan of Bath & Body Works. I could spend hours and hours in their store smelling all their wonderful goodies. From the scented candles to aromatherapy up to their perfume and body wash! Everything about their products are just too pretty to resist.

And since December is already here, perhaps you want to plan your Christmas shopping early. My suggestion is to take a look at their latest holiday collection, which I’m sure would blow your mind. The new scents that are ready to hug your body (and home) are twisted peppermint, candy apple, sparkling snow, winterberry, snowkissed sugar, winter woods, vanilla bean, merry berry, be joyful and jingle all the way.

Everything is nicely packed and would make wonderful gifts for yourself or loved ones. Price starts at US$12.50, so make sure to grab this holiday edition fast.

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