7 New Perfumes to Lust For

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by Vie on October 25, 2011

We can never get enough of sweet scent on our skin, which is why I personally never stop looking for new fragrances. I think I got this from my dad, he loved collecting perfumes. But of course perfumes back then are different with the ones we have now. Before, we didn’t have so many choices, but now we have too many that sometimes it gives me a headache to choose just one. If my dad was still around, he would feel the same way. And not just that, nowadays designers lure us not only with their signature scent but also with their unique and pretty bottles that are totally irresistible. I did an article on unique perfume bottles a while ago and I loved it. However today’s mission is to find newly launched perfumes that smell good and look good, too. So, if you happen to be a scent lover, I hope this post helps you to decide what your next perfume would be.

7 New Perfumes

1. Coach Poppy Flower Perfume. US$45-US$85.
2. Hello Kitty Intense Perfume. US$22-US$69.
3. Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose Perfume. US$44-US$75.
4. Womanity by Thierry Mugler Perfume. US$90.
5. Viva La Juicy Solid Perfume. US$48.
6. Diane von Furstenberg Diane Perfume. US$85-US$110.
7. Pucci Miss Pucci Intense Perfume. US$60-US$82.

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Bali has been extremely hot these days, it’s so hot you don’t feel like doing anything. I wish I had a pool that I can jump into anytime! some of you might be experiencing the cold weather, which is so ironic because here I am wearing my tanks and tops and there you are cuddling up in sweaters and pants. That’s okay, that makes our world more interesting, don’t you think? So, if you’re not a big fan of the cold and would rather stay in most of the time, I have something that might be able to cheer you up. Let’s dress your feet up with these stylish boots. Put on your pantyhose and warm your feet & ankles with these fashionable babies and you’ll always find a reason to go out ; ) Here are some of my favorite finds.

5 Most Fashionable Boots

1.Bally Mame Sherling Ankle Boots. US$1,395.
2. Yves Saint Laurent Palais Suede Ankle Boots. US$950.
3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Suede Wedge Boots. US$390.
4. Giuseppe Zanotti Fuchsia Suede Boots. US$895.
5. Kate Spade Kirkland Boots. US$475.

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Dear Vie,

I’ll be hosting a Halloween dinner for 10 people and I’m so excited and nervous at the same time because this will be my first. What I have in mind is a fun and humorous theme. I know this has nothing to do with fashion, but maybe you can help me to think what I should I do to make it interesting. Thanks!


Well hello Amber! I’m so glad you emailed me, now to your question, hosting a Halloween dinner isn’t an easy task. It requires creativity and patience! But don’t worry, that’s why I’m here : ) I’ll try my best to help you out with ideas and hopefully your dinner will be successful.

1. Set the table right and let the dinner begin. Here are some utensils and decorations that you can place on the table to start your night!

Halloween 101 For the Hostess

1. Drink Up Witches Paper Cocktail Napkins. US$5.50 set of 20.
2. Burton & Burton Boo Salt and Pepper Shakers. US$12.
3. Grasslands Road Witch Hat Dip Server. US$45.
4. Grasslands Road Wicked Appetizer Tray. US$12.95.
5. Small Pumpkin Candle. US$5.95.
6. Boston Warehouse Bone Collector Wine Glass. US$7.95.
7. Two Tiered Spider Web Candy Bowl. US$14.99.

2. Now that the dining table is all set, time to think about how to decorate the rest of the room!

Halloween 101 For the Hostess

1. Haunted House Candle Holder. US$19.99.
2. Anti-quitees Black and Orange Throw Pillow. US$29.99.
3. Heritage Lace Black Bats. US$10.99.
4. Furniture Creations Halloween Candle Holder Set. US$2.44.
5. Natures Touch Inflatable Pumpkin Lights. US$21.99.
6. China Trick or Treat Plaque. US$2.99.
7. Yankee Candle Candy Corn. US$18.49.

3. After dinner, entertain your guests with some fun games or movie session. I have personally selected my favorites : )

Halloween 101 For the Hostess

1. Monopoly the Nightmare Before Christmas. US$32.91.
2. Kikkerland Stack the Bones Game. US$14.91.
3. Paper Magic Pick Your Poison Drinking Game. US$25.

Enjoy your Halloween dinner, Amber! : )

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5 Irresistible Bow Bags to Splurge On

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by Vie on October 18, 2011

I’m a huge fan of bows and I find them so attractive when attached to handbags. Being a true believer that bag is an important accessory when it comes to style and fashion, I always try to find new and good looking bow bags that I can splurge on. And not just bags, bow shoes also give the same effect. However, today we’re gonna focus on the bow bags instead and here are some of my favorites!

1. Red Valentino Bow  Top Handle Bag.

Red Valentino Bow Top Handle Bag

Made of calfskin, available in 2 feminine colors of pink and mint. US$745.

2. Kate Spade Larissa Plaid Bag.

Kate Spade Larissa Plaid Bag

A beautiful piece for Fall/Winter show off, this new plaid bag is made of plaid acrylic twill weave. US$345.

3. Juicy Couture Scottie Embroidered Bag.

Juicy Couture Scottie Embroidered Bag

This lovely new daydreamer bag is available in 5 different colors. Super cute and would make a good daily sidekick. US$198.

4. Lanvin Ouloulette Satin Clutch.

Lanvin Ouloulette Satin Clutch

A chic accessory made of satin to complement your little black dress. US$695.

5. Big Buddha Amanda Tote.

Big Buddha Red Satchel

Last but definitely not least, I’m loving this gorgeous little tote from Big Buddha. Red is my color and this handbag is a total arm candy! US$95.

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Halloween 101: 10 Hottest and Most Playful Costumes

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by Vie on October 17, 2011

Halloween won’t be complete without costumes! That is the most fun part, I think. I must say it’s quite a challenge to decide which you want to be this year, that is why I have selected 10 hottest costumes to suit your mood. Whether you wanna be tough chick, sexy babe or scary doll, I got them all covered. Enjoy!

10. Sultry SWAT Officer by Leg Avenue.

Sultry SWAT Officer by Leg Avenue

Think that you’re a tough cookie? Then this SWAT uniform is all yours. Make a statement with this four-piece set! US$39.95.

9. Skool Daze Costume by Elegant Moments.

Skool Daze Costume by Elegant Moments

When you have no idea what to wear, go for a school girl look. They’re hot, seductive and a classic. And this particular one is a definite keeper. Don’t miss it! US$53.95.

8. Sexy Nautical by California Costumes.

Sexy Nautical by California Costumes

If you got a thing for the sea life and sexy sailor, then you should tease all eyes with this stunning set. US$36.95.

7. Polka Dot Alice Costume by Mystery House.

Polka Dot Alice Costume by Mystery House

You have just got to include Alice for the upcoming Halloween. This super sweet costume is absolutely adorable and would represent your “naughty but nice” look. US$41.97.

6. Exclusive Deluxe Pirate Costume by Yandy.

Exclusive Deluxe Pirate Costume by Yandy

Ahoy, sexy pirate! Time to show who’s the boss with this fun and fancy little costume. Get ready to give your orders right! US$69.95.

5. Dark Dollie Costume by Leg Avenue.

Dark Dollie Costume by Leg Avenue

If you wanna go a bit dark this year, then you can personalized your costume with this irresistible purple dollie. I personally love this goth look. US$49.95.

4. Moonlight Witch Costume by Elegant Moments.

Moonlight Witch Costume by Elegant Moments

Another pretty purple, this time in witchy style. What’s Halloween without a witch? US$49.95.

3. Riding Hood Costume by Mystery House.

Riding Hood Costume by Mystery House

I think Red riding hood still remains favorite when it comes to Halloween. It is such a cliche, I know, but who can possibly resist this gorgeous corset-inspired costume anyway? US$63.95.

2. Sexy Peacock Costume by Bridget.

Sexy Peacock Costume by Bridget

We’re almost reaching the top and I think this sexy peacock costume is our runner up, check out those extravagant feathers and glitter details! Aren’t they just amazing? When you plan to steal everyone’s attention, you should go for this one. US$209.95.

1. Woodland Fairy Costume by Leg Avenue.

Woodland Fairy Costume by Leg Avenue

Today’s winner goes to Leg Avenue for this enchanting woodland fairy costume. It’s so romantic, feminine and of course, very sexy! US$77.95.

So, what do you think girls? Got a pick yet? : )

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