The moon and the stars are often used as symbols in poetry or love stories. No wonder they are associated with romance and lovers. Speaking of those, what better way to get beautiful, romantic and stylish at the same time than having this mismatch asymmetrical earrings from Sashi?

I simply love the delicate and attention to details on this piece. Made of colorful enamel and shiny crystals, you may match them with your simple cocktail dress.

Priced at $45, they are also plated in 18k gold. A pretty sweet deal I’d say!

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Too Faced Bombs You With Glitter Fiesta

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by Vie on June 27, 2017

Glitter is the best way to spark up your make up instantly. Whether you go for glamorous burlesque look or classic carnival, you can never go wrong with a little bling bling at the corner of your eyes. Thanks to Too Faced with this limited edition palette, you can now glitter up whenever you feel like it.

Available in colorful hues such as pinks, violets and greens, this glitter bomb is completed with black and white matte to intensify the glitter, so if you wanna go dramatic or less, you can enhance them with these two shades. I personally love the cute packaging and best thing is you also get the step-by-step guide on how to get that glamorous and irresistible look.

This palette is yours for only $45.

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Dress Your iPhone as Stylish as You Are

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by Vie on June 27, 2017

Dressing up iPhone is probably one of the greatest pleasures for us fashionistas. Not only do they make great accessory but it is always nice to have something pretty to look at. If you don’t mind spending some cash for high-end designer cases, you might like what I have for you today.

Kate Spade Cactus iPhone 7 Case. $65.

I know, it is a bit too much just for a case but we’re talking about Kate Spade and I must say that this super cute and unique case will definitely get you the center of talk.

Dolce & Gabbana Studded Floral iPhone 7 Case. $475.

Okay there are bad news and good news for this one. If you’re in love with this D&G, good news is you can save up because it won’t be available until October, and bad news is well isn’t it obvious? This is probably THE most expensive phone case out there. But for a hardcore D&G fan, you can totally predict about it.

Stella McCartney Shark iPhone 7 Case. $75.

Coming also in October, honestly this shark iPhone case makes me wanna get an iPhone 7 now! I have personal reason on why I love anything sharks. I have shark t-shirt, shark plush toys and shark tote bag. So I was really excited when I saw this super duper cute case. I probably will always touch my phone just for the case lol..

Sonix ‘Wish You Were Here’ iPhone 6/7 Case. $35.

There is a certain “why” I put this case on here. Maybe it looks like ordinary case to you, nothing special but the writing “Wish You Were Here” says a lot. Definitely something I would get since I’m one of those girls in a long distance relationship. Not a single day goes by without me thinking of him and wishing he was here. (I love you babe! haha… sorry just gotta do that!) So if you’re also in a same situation like me, this is a perfect reminder for girls like us : )

Kate Spade Road Trip iPhone 7 Case. $40.

Who doesn’t enjoy road trips? I know I do, especially if you get to do it with your besties. Road trips are definitely a good way to get to know people better. I think the last time I was on a road trip was 5 years ago! This fun, trendy and chic iPhone case is all about style and fashion. A perfect addition for your girly accessory.

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A Long Lasting Impression on Your Skin by Valentino

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by Vie on June 24, 2017

Love strawberries and pink roses? Well don’t I have good news for you because you will have best of both worlds through this limited edition perfume from Valentino. This Eau de Parfum is a pure seduction not only to your skin but also to your senses.

This charming, provocative, sweet yet feminine perfume is beautifully mixed in Spain between delicate pink roses with wild strawberry, leaving you long lasting impression that is absolutely impossible to forget. Specially designed by renowned perfumers Daphne Bugey and Fabrice Pellegrin, this beautiful and charming little bottle is priced at $120.

However, if strawberry and pink roses ain’t really your thing, worry not as they have another alternative which is the blush – and this one is a good combo between pink pepper, sour cherry and rose with a glimpse of coffee. All thanks to the talented perfumer Alexis Dadie. Still wrapped in nice bottle with different shade, it is also priced at $120.

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My sister got me a nice little Pandora Tennis bracelet a few months ago and I have worn it ever since. It is sorta a reminder of how much I love her. What’s best is she also wears the same one! I like the fact that it is classic and quite simple yet elegant. It also makes a perfect addition to my daily jewelry.

This Summer, Pandora is celebrating the sun and the sea with fabulous splash of colors (and cocktails!). Ladies, get ready to be charmed away by their fun and playful jewels; starting from the charms, stacked rings and pendants to their signature bracelets. With beautiful combination of true blue, you will adore what they have for you. They really are the color of Paradise.

If Summer happens to be your favorite season of the year, then you should definitely celebrate it with these lovely goodies from the queen of charms. Have fun browsing through this Summer treat!

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