Casino Royale: How to Look Like a Casino Goddess

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by Vie on September 13, 2013

Las Vegas TV Series

If there’s one TV series that I never get tired of, it will be Las Vegas. Not only do they have drama, romance and action, but also a few tricks and tips on gaming and gambling. However, the fun doesn’t end there, you are also offered with fabulous fashion and beautiful people. So if you plan on going out for a casino night, you can definitely learn a thing or two from this show. And if Las Vegas isn’t enough for you, there’s always James Bond movies that offer you brilliant casino fashion. Take the classic 1971 “Diamonds are Forever” or the newer Bond in 2006’s “Casino Royale” for example. Low-cut dresses, elegant hairdo and some serious looking jewelry. May I say that the Bond girls looked absolutely stunning.

Diamonds Are Forever 1971

So, it’s obvious that there’s a lot to talk about when it comes to casino fashion and today I’m gonna give you a little bit of recommendations on what to wear. As we all know, there are different types of casinos. Those with the casual/smart dresscode and those who only welcome formal dresses and suits. If you like playing dress up, then go for the high-end formal casinos.

Ladies, this is the time when you want to look as glamorous as possible, because casino is not just about the game, it’s a lifestyle and a place where you can show off your high-fashion trend, think of this as one of those red-carpet moments. So, I would recommend you wearing your famous cocktail dress and color your lips red (if possible). Another thing you would want to consider is definitely some eye-catching jewelry and accessories. So if you decide to go for your classic little black dress, do yourself a favor and crown your neck with some shiny blings. However, bear in mind that you shouldn’t give yourself too much stress when dressing up, because the purpose of going out to a casino is to have a good time. And remember one of the golden rules in fashion — less is more! you’re not a walking mannequin, so do not overdress yourself. Be elegant and at the same time, approachable. Here are some of the examples I would go for:

Casino Fashion

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iPhone 5c

I’m an Apple fan. I’m working daily with my Macbook, playing games & reading books on my iPad and listening to my tunes on my iPod. The only thing I don’t have is the iPhone, this is because I need to have dual-sim card phone and unfortunately Apple doesn’t have a dual-sim phone (yet) and I hope they will have this in the future! But for now, we can pamper our girly needs with their latest product, the iPhone 5c. By the end of this month, all Apple fans can get their hands on this lovely little phone. iPhone 5c is released to replace the iPhone 5 that is now being discontinued. If you’re a big fan of Apple and you can’t get enough of colorful gadgets, then this new device might be just the one for you. They might be made of plastic but that doesn’t mean they are cheap, this is because behind those plastic, you’ll find a steel-reinforced frame for a strong structure.

iPhone 5c Cases

Available in 5 beautiful colors — green, blue, yellow, pink and white, now you can match your phone with your personalities! and as if it’s not enough, you can also accessorize them nicely with these lovely little cases! Price for this phone starts from US$99 for 16GB and US$199 for 32GB, both on a 2-year contract.

I don’t know about you ladies but the pink one surely calls my name! ; )

iPhone 5c Pink

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Spring 2014 RTW: Mellow Yellow

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by Vie on September 6, 2013

There’s no doubt that Spring is my favorite season of the year and that’s why I’m always excited whenever Style covers the Spring collection on the runways. New York recently had the honor to be the witness of Spring 2014 ready-to-wear collection from high-end designers such as Tadashi Shoji, Red Valentino, Zac Posen and Robert Rodriguez. For this future season, you’ll see lots of yellow decorating the catwalks, from the softest pale to the shocking neon color, Spring 2014 is all about being mellow in yellow! What I like about yellow is that this color goes with pretty much any skin color, and it’s so refreshing, fun and merry.

Here are some of the collection that totally caught my attention!

Spring Ready to Wear 2014

We all know how powerful Tadashi Shoji is when it comes to dressing up the ladies. This man surely knows how to let his imagination runs free when it comes to blending beautiful materials such as lace, chiffon and silk altogether. I’ve never been disappointed by any of his collection so far. Whether you want to play couture or “ready-to-wear” style, Shoji is the man. Same thing goes to Red Valentino, whenever you want to stand out in the crowd looking femininely pretty, this brand is the one you need to look for. For this season, Red Valentino is being playful with their short skirts, little bows and cute girly flats. As for Tocca, I’m rooting for this brand for the simplicity and everyday look. Not every girl can pull off polkadots but if you’re an exception, then this yellow dot dress is totally adorable, don’t you think?

Spring Ready to Wear 2014

Another designer that knows how to hug the women’s curves is definitely Zac Posen. I’m a big fan of his shoes and of course his dresses. Dare to be bold and beautiful? Then this yellow canary dress is totally yours. Josie Natori is know for her down-to-earth and semi casual collection, this greenish-yellow dress is super adorable and I absolutely dig the chunky necklace! When it comes to fashionable and stylish office-look, Veronica Beard holds the key. I must say I’m not too familiar with this designer but having seen some of her showcase, I’m quite impressed and I love this new look of hers. It’s edgy and totally favorable as your daily work outfit!

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Traveling is one of my most favorite things to do, but the waiting in boarding room can be quite boring, which is why I always find myself walking around the Duty Free area for a little indulgence. Now, if you happen to be a happy Duty Free shopper like I am, then you’d be glad to know that Benefit Cosmetics is having a little road trip and ready to park in 25 major airports in the States, such as Austin, Las Vegas, Houston, Savannah and Cleveland. This super adorable vintage-inspired bus gives you easy access for quick touch-ups and at the same time, allow you to do your little beauty shopping. This cute pink kiosk offers you their best-selling products including PoreFessional Primer, They’re Real mascara up to their lovely travel-size items. Now, you don’t have any more excuse to look crappy when you’re flying!

Benefit Airport Kiosk

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Be Ethnically Pretty With Treasure Jewelry

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by Vie on August 19, 2013

Women can never get enough of jewelry. We always find reasons to add more to our personal collection because women and jewelry can’t be separated! Jewelry is essentials especially when it comes to fashion emergency. It’s amazing how a plain white tee can look so different with a touch of long necklaces or chokers, and how a pair of earrings can freshen up your look just like that. I personally love bracelets and bangles. So, if you’re into jewelry like most women are, then I have good news to share. I recently found this good website that actually does wholesale, it’s TreasureJewelry and they’ve been in business for almost 30 years (established in NY in 1984). What makes it so special is not only the good deal but also the unique collection offered. Using mostly bones, Cowrie shells and glass beads, this shop is all about going ethnically natural. I’m particularly interested in their African fashion jewelry. I don’t normally go crazy over ethnic jewelry but these ones are beautiful. Besides jewelry, they also sell bags, scarves up to pill boxes! All in affordable and reasonable prices. You definitely can’t pass this superb deal ladies!

1. The African Fashion Jewelry.
Treasure Jewelry African

Aren’t they just gorgeous! I love the color combination and also the simple yet interesting pattern. If you’re into burst of colors, then these African jewelry are totally yours!

2. The Bags.
Treasure Jewelry Ethnic Bags

Having designer bags is always a pleasure but once in a while, it’s always good to go back to something more down to earth, like these beautiful cotton bags. Don’t you just love the pretty colors and unique prints? I know I do!

3. Pill Boxes.
Treasure Jewelry Pill Boxes

I’m not joking when I said they also made pill boxes, because here they are, looking all pretty and quite glamorous I must say : ) If you’re not a pill person, then no worries, you can always put something else in these pretty little trinkets!

There you have it ladies, jewelry you can definitely treasured for, and since they have them in wholesale, you can buy and share them with your lovely girlfriends, too!

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