My sister got me a nice little Pandora Tennis bracelet a few months ago and I have worn it ever since. It is sorta a reminder of how much I love her. What’s best is she also wears the same one! I like the fact that it is classic and quite simple yet elegant. It also makes a perfect addition to my daily jewelry.

This Summer, Pandora is celebrating the sun and the sea with fabulous splash of colors (and cocktails!). Ladies, get ready to be charmed away by their fun and playful jewels; starting from the charms, stacked rings and pendants to their signature bracelets. With beautiful combination of true blue, you will adore what they have for you. They really are the color of Paradise.

If Summer happens to be your favorite season of the year, then you should definitely celebrate it with these lovely goodies from the queen of charms. Have fun browsing through this Summer treat!

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What do You Think of These Designer Beach Bags?

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by Vie on June 24, 2017

Going to the beach is definitely a must-do activity during Summer time. And being a fashionista you are, of course you still need to stay on top of your game. When you go to the beach, one thing you can never forget to bring is that big beach bag that would carry all your essentials from sunscreen to your beach mat!

Tote bags would be the perfect style to carry for those sunny days and I’ve recently stumbled across these irresistible designer bags. Granted they’re quite pricey, but you must agree with me that they look oh so cute (and not to mention super stylish!)

KAYU – La Plage Tote

This $138 straw tote is simply designed au naturale with flirty little pompoms attached. I personally love that writing “La Plage”. I guess the word says it all huh?

MILLY – Denim Beach Tote

For more trendy, edgy and casual look (and dont you just love that writing on it?!) you may want to consider this denim Milly. Tagged at $195, you can even carry it on your non-beach days!

SOEUR DU MAROC – Pom Pom Straw Beach Tote

Love those pompoms? how about having colorful ones on your carry-on? Yep, you may love this playful and fun straw tote from this lovely new brand. It might look simple but this $155 will sure get you all the attention you want under that sun!

NANNACAY – Fidji Flowers Raffia Tote

Simple but definitely not so cheap. I’m talking about this delicate fringe flowers that make this tote looking so girly and not to mention super pretty. Perfect fit for your small essentials, this $260 is frilly and flirty!

Which one is more of your style?

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Sophia Webster Claudie Bag is Simply Popping

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by Vie on June 23, 2017

Who doesn’t like discount? Especially when it goes up to 50%? Well good news ladies, especially if you’re a big fan of playful colors, this woven PVC and leather shoulder bag from Sophia Webster is ready to be your girly best friend. Match it with your little sundress or white tee with rugged jeans. Whatever it is you choose to wear, this little sidekick would be sure to be your loyal confidant.

What I love about this bag is not only the popping and eye-catchy colors but also the fact that the style itself is unique and casual. This little baby would be a perfect addition to your Summer soiree, don’t you think?

Tagged at $340, I just love this vibrant sherbet.

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As a loyal fan of lace, I am mighty excited to tell you about Victoria’s Secret new lace collection. This time I decided to focus more on the bustier style. Of course they have ridiculously good teddies, camis and chemise but we will not talk about those because my attention is simply for this particular bralettes.

Bralettes seem to be all over the place now and for Victoria’s Secret, of course they want to make this more than just padding to cover or push up the girls. A great combination between bra and bustier, these gorgeous looking underwear will simply blow your mind. All of them are made of delicate lace mix with subtle mesh for extra feminine look. Whether it is in corset style, off shoulder or plunge neck, I simply can’t get enough of them. With soft colors such as english rose and coconut white, you can also be daring and mysterious with their sexy black mix with nude color.

Here is more sneak peak on what’s new on world’s sexiest lingerie! Price starts at $52!

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Fruit Smoothies for Beautiful Healthy Hair

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by Vie on June 18, 2017

Fruit smoothie is probably one of my favorite drinks. Not only are they delicious but they’re also good for your body (sans the sugar and milk of course!). Little did I know that I will be hooked with fruit smoothie mask. I have been using these masks for 2 regular weekends and I must say I love how my hair looks and feels.

Getting hair treatment is my regular weekend thing. I normally visit my salon and do either Creambath or hair mask. I just love the after feeling on my scalp and of course the smell. However, going to salon alone, and not to mention having to spend more money made me realize that I probably need to do it myself. So I decided to shop for hair masks last weekend and I had so many options but my attention was drawn to these particular ones. I have never seen them, so I was curious. I asked the shopkeeper if they had an opened sample and once she showed me, that’s it. I’m sold!

Later that day I did a couple of research on my own and turns out that fruit smoothies give much more benefits than those masks the salons normally use. They’re more natural, they smell so good and most importantly they give your hair that healthy shine.

I couldn’t decide which mask “flavor” I should get – they have strawberry & raspberry for colored hair, grape & blueberry for dry hair and finally kiwi & peach for normal to dry hair. Good news is they’re all infused with honey. I must tell you I have all of the above situations with my hair. So I decided to get all three. Last weekend I tried the grape & blueberry and today I just tried the strawberry & raspberry. Let me tell you, they smell so good I want to eat them!

What you need to do is wash your hair with regular shampoo, and towel-dried them, then you apply the mask all over your hair, starting from your scalp. My suggestion is to put your mask in the fridge so when you use them, you will feel that cooling sensation. After you finish applying it all over your hair (1 sachet is enough for medium length hair), you wait for 10 minutes then rinse it off with cold water. Voila! you’ll feel the difference.

I am not sure if you can get this particular brand where you live since I think this is local made, but if you can find other fruit smoothies hair mask, I suggest you give it a try. However, if you’re more of adventurous and creative type, you can always try to make your own fruit smoothies. I read that it isn’t that hard. For example, you can blend fresh berries, banana, fresh yoghurt and jojoba oil with teatree oil altogether. Who knows, I might do it myself next time!

In the meantime, I’m quite happy with these little sachets because I got them for less than $1 each!

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