Get Stylish With This Season’s Most Wanted Blues

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by Vie on August 6, 2013

Once in a while we need a little dose of classic, and with classic I mean a little touch of denim (if not, a lot). I believe everyone (girl or boy) should have at least a pair of good denim as their trusted sidekick because you can’t get any more comfortable than that. So if you consider yourself a denim kinda person, you’d be glad to know that this season is all about the blues. Whether it’s a boot-cut style, flare, skinny or shorts, the power of denim is totally inevitable. I spotted celebrities Kate Hudson and Amanda Seyfried wearing their denim beautifully at the red carpet premieres. No matter what color of blues you choose, as long as you got the move, you got it right!

Kate Hudson and Amanda Seyfried for Resort 2014

Now here’s the good news, ladies. You don’t need to spend a fortune just to get the right denim. Here are a few options for you to consider if you want to go with the blues.

1. Shorts.
Denim Shorts

Okay, who’s into cheeky shorts and hipster? I know I totally am! Especially when they’re looking as flirty as these. Victoria’s Secret surely knows how to hug our curves right. The first shorts you see is the Cheeky short, made with visible pocket lining, making it look hot & sexy. US$39.60. The second one is the Hipster, still looking good but a bit more conservative in a way. Pair it with you favorite belt and you’re ready to style up your day! US$29.50.

2. Bustier.
Denim Bustiers

When a girl wear a bustier, you know she means business! Bustier is created to flaunt your upper body and there’s nothing sexier than having it with a touch of denim. If you’re more of a classic, then you can choose the lovely Prairie Love denim on the left. US$17.80. Or if you’re feeling a bit more playful and flirty, you can go with the sexy polkadots on the right! US$14.80.

3. Mini Skirts.
Denim Mini Skirts

When it comes to a mini skirt, I’m more into a subtle and classic style, which is why the one on the left is my first choice. This cotton made denim is sexy enough to show some legs and at the same time very comfortable to wear. US$25.46. But if you feel a bit more expressive and feminine, you can always set your style to this lovely skirt from Forever21. US$22.80.

4. Pants.
Denim Pants

Whether you like it straight or boot-cut, you must agree that denim pants is part of the fashion essentials. I don’t know about you but I’ve always been a boot-cut kinda girl, although now I start to look into a straight-cut style, like this one from Victoria’s Secret. I love the rugged look and the fact that it’s hipster, too. US$55.60. However, I can’t take my eyes off the boot-cut jean, which is a closet classic. This one is has a five-pocket styling and available in 6 fantastic colors! US$55.60.

5. Shoes.
Denim Shoes

There are so many designer shoes out there that offer a touch of denim on their soles, but since we’re talking about affordable ones, so I chose these two pairs from Ivanka and Nine West. I love Ivanka’s wedges not only for the style but also for the washed denim color that’s so subtle and would go with pretty much anything you wear. US$54.99. Now if you wanna go with a little bit of style and additional glam, you might wanna take a closer look at these posh pumps from Nine West. I kinda like the haircalf-wrapped platform idea, it’s quite glamorous and playful, don’t you think? US$66.99.

6 Hot Heels for Your Girly Summer Nights

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by Vie on August 1, 2013

Marilyn Monroe once said “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” I see a lot of truths in it because once you put on the right soles, then you’ll be so confident you pretty much can do everything! And I also believe that you should invest more on shoes rather than other accessories, because there is no bigger agony than walking with crazy blisters on your feet. As girls, we are lucky to have so many fabulous designers creating gorgeous shoes for our feet pleasure. Christian Louboutin, Nicholas Kirkwood, Brian Atwood, Charlotte Olympia are to name a few. Every girl wouldn’t mind having them on everyday, right? So today, after being inspired by such a quote, I’ve decided to look for some new hot heels. Wear them right and you might just have the world at your fingertips, or should I say, toes? ; )

6 Gorgeous Designer Shoes

1. Charlotte Olympia She Wolf Embellished Pumps. US$1,195.
Who could resist those signature heels? I know I can’t! I’m loving this newbie from Charlotte for its smooth suede texture and the playful lil wolf on top. If Little Red Riding Hood is your favorite children story, then you should consider wrapping your feet in these lovelies.

2. Bruno Magli Gelmer Swarovski Suede Pumps. US$2,200.
What I love particularly about this glamorous Swarovski pump is the hand-sewn suede flowers on the heels. Don’t you think they’re simply fabulous? I’m not too crazy about the price though but what to do? if quality is what you’re after, you might as well get the best, right?

3. Nicholas Kirkwood Ruffle Trimmed Pumps. US$895.
For something less glamorous but still got the class, this new pair from Nicholas Kirkwood can definitely do the justice. I love the purple, love the suede and absolutely love the flirty ruffles at the back.

4. Brian Atwood Metallic Leather and Felt Pumps. US$895.
You can never go wrong with black pumps, especially when they’re made out of metallic leather. Check out this hot stuff from Brian Atwood, aren’t they a killer? Not only do they look so chic but also femininely edgy.

5. Charlotte Olympia Happily Ever After Pumps. US$845.
For those who are big in fairytales, you’re gonna love these pumps from Charlotte Olympia because you can now wear your princess stories with pride (and style).

6. Nicholas Kirkwood Leather Ankle Boots. US$1,280.
I’m totally in lust with these boots from Nicholas Kirkwood. They go with pretty much anything– from mini skirts to shorts, dresses to pants! Plus you will make Summer hotter with these hot whites on your feet.

Homecoming Dresses: Which One Are You?

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by Vie on July 26, 2013

Homecoming is considered to be one of the most celebrated events in the west, but here in the east, it’s not a common thing to have homecoming parties. But that doesn’t mean we don’t like looking and wearing those pretty dresses! There’s always a reason for us girls to get all dolled up for special nights. As I was browsing for party dresses, I stumbled across DressFirst and I was in awe for their collection. Here you will find tons of pretty dresses you have problem to choose just one! From flirtatious to conservative, playful and classic, you can easily choose it yourself. Here are some that I like!

1. The Princess.
Homecoming Princess
Homecoming is your chance to be the princess of the night. If this event is what you’ve been thinking of, then you should go all the way and bring the crown home. These stunning dresses that will transform you to be the princess of the night and the talk of the crowd!

2. Simple and Sweet.
Homecoming Sweet and Simple

If you’re more of a sweet and simple kinda type, perhaps these three dresses represent you the best. Each has its own uniqueness that made me fall in love with them. Pink for the subtle and feminine look, white for innocent and glamor, beige for natural and down to earth impression. Feel free to choose which one that suits you the most!

3. I’m an Angel.
Homecoming Angelic

There’s nothing more angelic than a few ruffles and lace sew together in beautiful white. These charming dresses are guaranteed to turn you into a beautiful angel, so if you want to be the angel of the night, then you can definitely share your charm in these lovely whites.

4. Classic Little Black Dress.
Homecoming Little Black Dress

When all colors fail, always go back to the basic, the little black dress. You can never go wrong with it. I don’t really suggest you wearing blacks on homecoming but if elegance and classy are what you’re looking for, then you have my blessing!

5. Look at Me.
Homecoming Look at Me

Here are the dresses for those who aren’t afraid in expressing herself in a playful and flirtatious way. For fun, bubbly and happy girls, homecoming is the chance for you to get all dressed-up, having fun and of course be the center of attention.

Having healthy and beautiful hair is definitely every woman’s dream! Hair is considered to be one of the most important features of a woman and that’s why we need to take really good care of it. However, with so many hair products out there, it can be quite difficult to have healthy hair without “ruining” them at the same time. Some hair products use strong chemical ingredients that could do us harm. For years, I used to dye, perm, straightened my hair and used a lot of “good” hair products to supposedly maintaining my hair growth & health, but that didn’t work out because now I see how dull and dry my hair is. That’s why now I’m more meticulous when it comes to hair products and decided to just go all natural.

Beautiful Hair

Through my research and experiences, I found 5 amazing natural oils that work so good for my hair. No matter what hair problems you have, these oils seem to be able to work their magic on you and fix them right. Of course it takes time before you see the result, but it’s better than having it instant with damaging effect, right?

1. Olive Oil.
Olive Oil
Not only are they good and healthy for cooking but they’re also good and healthy for your hair! Extra virgin olive oil is well-known for promoting hair-growth. It takes care of your scalps and gets rid of any kind of dirt, bacteria or fungus.

2. Coconut Oil.
Coconut Oil
This is definitely my favorite! They smell good and they work wonders, too. Coconut oil is used to fix your damaged hair. Whenever you need extra moisture, you can always count on it. Virgin coconut oil gives more protein to each strand of your hair and at the same time preventing them from falling-out. It makes your hair stronger and silkier!

3. Argan Oil.
Argan Oil

If hair-styling is part of your daily activity, then you should always have Argan oil nearby because it soothes your “damaged” hair. It works by absorbing and hydrating your hair fast, leaving them all smooth and shiny.

4. Tea Tree Oil.
Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil cleans your scalp thoroughly and works as anti-dandruff. If you happen to have itchy hair-scalp, a few drops of Tea tree oil will solve that problem. Plus it’s not greasy, so that’s a good thing, right?

5. Avocado Oil.
Avocado Oil
Last but certainly not least, Avocado oil. The secret lays on the high content of Vitamin E and concentration of saturated and monounsaturated fats that would benefit your hair cuticle. Just like Argan oil, it easily absorbs to your hair fiber and gives them more than just moisture but also healthy glow.

Hosting or attending cocktail party are always fun. You get to play dress-and-dolled-up! However, the  problem that seems to arise is to find something to wear. Now I know most of my ladies out there would immediately choose neutral colors when it comes to this. Somehow they feel “safe” and comfortable. But today, I’m gonna show you that you can actually have a lot of fun playing with colors! Cocktail parties are created so that we can socialize and of course be fabulous and pretty.

For this, I’ve found JJs House as one of the best online shops you should consider because they have so many beautiful tailored dresses! Good news is they don’t only have cocktail dresses, but also evening dresses up to wedding gowns. All in affordable prices! Here are some good looking dresses (in colors) that I found. They would definitely make you the center of attention and the talk of the night!

1. Shades of Purple
JJs House Purple
I’m giving you three gorgeous shades of purple and I’m certain you’re gonna love each and one of them. Purple is one of the best shades you can choose to accentuate your figure and it happens to be one of my favorite colors, too. You can definitely be elegant and playful at the same time, especially if you wear these body-fitting dresses.. I’m loving the pretty bow, beautiful beaded sequins and asymmetrical style on these dresses, which one is calling out your name?

2. Shades of Pink
JJsHouse Pink
Whether you want to look feminine and girly or elegant and mature, you can always count on shades of pink. There’s something about this color that immediately changes your appeal and pink goes with pretty much everything! For this particular color, I have specifically chosen dresses with elaborate sequins, rosette and crystals because they just look so good together. Whether it is in bandeau-corset or V-neckline style, the power of pink will change your daytime serious look into one pretty princess.

3. Shades of Green
JJs House Green
Who can resist the power of green? Especially when it comes in dresses! Green is cooling, elegant and goes pretty much with any skin color. There are a lot of different shades of green and these three are on top of my list for the charm and uniqueness. And don’t you just love those pretty necklines?

4. Shades of Orange
JJs House Orange
Orange is probably the least favorite when it comes to cocktail dresses but hey, take a look at these ones and you might change your mind! Orange is vibrant, cheerful and would definitely put you right under the spot effortlessly. What’s great about shades of orange is that sometimes you can leave your accessories at home and wear subtle make-up because they already shine your beauty and style, just like that.

5. Shades of Blue
JJs House Blue
Blue is known to be one of the most liked colors when it comes to cocktail parties and it’s not hard to see why. I personally adore the first dress for the simple seductive style, the second for the color-coordination and the third for the elegant diva look. I love how those sparkling sequins accentuate the figure and the skin just right.

So, now that you’ve seen some color options for your next cocktail dresses, you can forget about going to the same old monotone colors such as black, white, beige or such. It is time to shine and be more playful!

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