LAMB Gets Naughty and Nice With Hanky Panky

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by Vie on August 17, 2014

What are you looking for when you’re lingerie shopping? As for me, the primary reasons have to be comfort and durability, then I’d go for design and finally price. You don’t shop lingerie all the time so might as well get the good quality ones when you decide to do the shopping, right? Besides, just like what people say, lingerie is one of the ways to build your inner-confidence!

LAMB Hanky Panky

Today I want to introduce you to a lingerie brand that’s not only good for the eyes but also for the body (and your pocket). I’m excited to announce that Hanky Panky LAMB collection is finally here! I’m excited because this special edition is a result of fine collaboration between the hot & sassy LAMB with the sexy and easy-to-wear Hanky Panky.

Introducing 4 irresistible styles of Geo prints, Lambie Camo (floral), Rasta Jersey and Old English. Feel free to choose which one that suits you the most. Geo for the playful ones, Lambie Camo for the girly girl, Rasta Jersey for the fun and casual, and finally Old English for the classic and romantics. Available in tanks, bras, thongs, teddies, hipsters, everything is embroidered into such perfection, offering you not only good wear but also fantastic style. Price starts at US$25, so don’t miss this fabulous and limited edition goodies!

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VieCouture Loves: 70’s Fashion

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by Vie on August 9, 2014

For the longest time, horror has been my favorite movie genre. However, after a while I find them very predictable, and if I may say, pretty stupid. But last night I was intrigued after I watched “The Quiet Ones” trailer, so I decided to watch the movie. And to my surprise, it was pretty good. I’ve always loved unexpected endings and this movie served me well. The story is about an unorthodox college professor (Joseph) with 3 of his students (Krissi, Harry and Brian) conducting an experiment on a young troubled woman (Jane) who is believed to have psychotic issue . What they encounter is much more than they’ve bargained for.

OK, I’m not here to talk about the movie (obviously), I’m here because one of the actresses, Erin Richards (Krissi) caught my eye – I absolutely love her fashion in this movie and since it’s set in the 70’s, you will find lots of good old day style. So, I’ve been Googling for her fashion but found no luck, instead what I did was to capture them one by one throughout the movie (so, please excuse the quality ; )

Erin looks sophisticated in this classic tie + vest look, I also love that little beret she had on.

Who doesn’t like this classic school girl look? Very simple yet very very sexy!
Erin Richards1

Classic look of the 70’s : )
Erin Richards2

This is actually a dress, it’s just too bad I couldn’t capture the whole look.
Erin Richards3

Denim top with sexy shorts, another sexy outfit of the year.
Erin Richards4

Classic “sailor” look, again with that cute little beret.
Erin Richards5

Her final look of the movie before she….
Erin Richards6

In case you’re curious and interested, check out the movie trailer here:

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Vera Wang Shows You Her Darker Side

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by Vie on July 31, 2014

Vera Wang Gothic Lookbook

I was emailed by Shopbop today that they have a new lookbook from Vera Wang and what an interesting lookbook that is! We are all familiar with Vera’s femininity and romantic style, but Vera goes Gothic? now that’s a sight we must see. Therefore I decided to pick several looks that I think worth to drool for. From her luxurious and alluring dresses to playful yet eccentric accessories. Everything is nicely packed to suit your “gothic” mood. I must say I love the fact that she combines both floral and sequins at the same time. Not only do they match beautifully but also adds the sense of girly and mysterious.

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6 Braid Styles You Should Know

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by Vie on July 28, 2014

Hair has become one of our most beautiful assets and to those of you who love playing with your hair styles, today I want to introduce you to the beautiful world of braids. To be honest with you, before today, I have no idea that there are tons of braid styles, not until I browse them online. And to my interest, a lot of celebrities have been braiding their hair for all kinds of occasions. This is because most of the braid styles are not only easy to make but they also give the subtle, feminine and radiant impacts.


Creating braids can be a “challenge” but there’s nothing a little practice can’t do. Did you know that there are french braids, dutch braids, waterfall braids, mermaid braids, ladder and lace? Each of them are unique on their own.

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10 Hottest Nail Art Designs

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by Vie on July 23, 2014

Being an Asian, I’m very familiar with all kinds of nail arts. Whether they are painted or sticked on, gel or acrylic, I used to do my nails once every 2 weeks at the, but now I decided to go plain Jane. It is time to give these nails of mine a nice long vacation. Although I must admit that the urge to polish and decor is still there but I must commit to take a break for at least a little while.

Sexy Nails

Since nails have become one of the most essential parts of fashion, it is only fair if we talk about them now and then. Whether you’re a goth, a girly girl, a classic diva or a conservative lady, I have compiled 10 hottest designs for your nail-pleasure! So, if you think it is time to visit that favorite nail salon of yours, you can bring them as reference. My kudos for these brilliant ideas! You ladies surely nailed it! ; )

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