Fall in Love With the Queen: Cleopatra’s Gold

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by Vie on January 22, 2014

One of my dream destinations is Egypt. This country has so many hidden and most exotic secrets, and to me it is something exciting and of course, breathtaking. When talking about Egypt, we definitely can’t count out the famous, lovely and amazing Cleopatra. For years, I have been in love with her makeup and now over a century later, her style and beauty still live on! One of the most distinguished look from Cleopatra’s eyes is the playful curves. I find them so sexy and alluring. To have a beautiful and flawless makeup like Cleopatra, there is only one rule (well make it two), you must be brave in playing with bold colors and eye-liner. Lots and lots of them. To create those smokey cat-eye look isn’t easy but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. What’s great about this type of makeup is that you can play with pretty much all colors, although blue, gold and purple are among the favorites. I don’t know about you but I’ve always thought Cleopatra = Gold. However, here are some of the looks that I think are amazing.

Who can forget the lovely Elizabeth Taylor in her superb Cleopatra role? For this, a combination of blue + grey blend so beautifully and to add up the dramatic look, you definitely need a Kajal eyeliner, which is the best choice to create intense and cat-eye impression. Brands like Bourjois, Guerlain offer best Kajal liners!


Now that we’ve seen the classic Cleopatra look, how about we move on to a more “modern” and daring ideas?

Cleopatra Dramatic

However, for those who are a bit more down-to-earth and would rather go for subtle yet still seductive, you can definitely go easy on the colors and focus more on the curves. Here are some of the looks that I love, that you can try day or night!

Cleopatra Makeup

As if you didn’t know already, I’m quite obsessed with this legend and I love pretty much everything about her. To me, Cleopatra is a symbol of womanhood and endless beauty. Not only that, she is also playful and at the same time, strong. I hope one day I will be able to visit her beautiful land and who knows maybe I will get lucky and get my make up done there! Anything about Cleopatra, I’m always up for it! Dresses, makeup, and even Cleopatra slot games!

So what do you think ladies, you think you’re ready to claim your inner-Cleopatra with me?

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Tidebuy Reviews: Reasons Why I Love Maxi Dresses

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by Vie on January 12, 2014

I’m a big fan of dresses, and lately I find myself wearing more maxi dresses. I love maxi dress for the instant feminine look. They accentuate the body and hug the figure just right. If you think that in order to look sexy you need to show more skin, then you are wrong. There are two types of maxi dresses, the loose or the body fitting type. You can also find so many different prints and colors, whether you’re an animal-print kinda girl or flowers/stripes,  maxi dresses are definitely a good choice for all seasons. Recently I found this website that offers a lot of good looking dresses with very affordable price. I’m proud to introduce Tidebuy to you, because now you can upgrade your style easily and at the same time, not spending that much.

Here are some of my favorites!

1. Bohemian/Paisley prints.
Maxi Dresses Bohemian

If you’re looking for something more glamorous but down to earth at the same time, you can go for bohemian/paisley prints because they serve the purpose right. I’m totally loving these three prints with different neck-style as well. What do you think, ladies? ready to add some drama to your fashion?

2. Plain Maxis.
Plain Maxi Dresses

Feeling less adventurous? then you should consider getting a plain maxi dress instead. You can always add a little bit of eye-catching accessories or find maxi dress with a little bit of fancy decorations such as ribbon hems and perhaps a little bit of lace! Then you’re closer to looking superb!

3. Animal prints.
Animal Print Maxi Dresses

The bold and the beautiful, that’s what animal print is all about. You may lay low on the accessories now because these prints are fancy enough and the last thing you want is to be a walking display.

So what do you think ladies, are you ready to be the most stylish one this year?

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6 Things to do When You’re Alone on Christmas

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by Vie on December 18, 2013

When it comes to Christmas, we automatically think of warm and cozy feelings with family and friends. Unfortunately not all of us are lucky enough to celebrate this joyous season with them. Mostly it is due to distance and crazy air-fare tickets. Today I will give you ideas on how to still feel joyful even though you are far from your loved ones. Here are things I would do.

1. Watch Christmas movies.
Christmas Movies

There are so many good movies with Christmas theme. One of my all-time favorites is Love Actually. I have a ritual to watch this every Christmas whether I’m alone or with friends/family. Besides that, there’s also the classic It’s a Wonderful Life. I can never get enough of this black & white film.

2. Bake cookies or cake.
Christmas Cookies

Do it with all your heart and if you’re up for some challenge, make some decorations! Trust me, once they’re all done, you’ll be so satisfied and proud of what you can do! It is always fun to bake, you’ll be surprised at how creative you can be.

3. Christmas carolling.
Christmas Carol

If you love singing, why not share your beautiful voice by joining the carolling team? Not only will you be able to spread some joy, you’ll also have a good time getting out of the house! Who knows, you might meet your future bff  out there!

4. Wine by the fire.

It is nice to have alone time once in a while and Christmas can be a good time for it. Have a little bit of self-reflecting moments and just enjoy the quietness. Have a glass of wine and sit by the fire, learn to get to know yourself and enjoy your own company. Soon you’ll find peace and hopefully Christmas harmony.

5. Write real letters.

It’s been a long time since people do snail-mail, which is quite a shame. On Christmas, think of people you love the most and start writing them real letters. Not only will you feel good but they will also appreciate it very much.

6. Take some crazy pictures.
Self Picture

Put on some cheerful Christmas songs and snap some self-photos! Be as silly and as crazy as you can be and make yourself laugh! It’s a very fun and “healthy” thing to do.

There are so many things you can do, but those are my top 6 and I hope they help giving you ideas. However, if you’re still feeling mellow and sad, you can always email me! I’ll keep you company : )

Have a lovely Christmas, my lovely readers!

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Roses, sparkling crystals and beautiful girl. What more can you ask for? I’m totally in love with this new TV campaign from Swarovski. Starring Miranda Kerr with her finest and playful smiles, this 30″ video is not only full of glamor and shine but also fun and cheer. We can see her enjoying herself swaying to the music, looking all happy and of course, pretty! Swarovski named this campaign as Moments to Give, a perfect time to release this video since holiday season is in the air. From beautiful bracelets to shiny rings, necklace and earrings, you can see that everything is packed nice and pretty in this beautiful ad. There’s not much to say than to enjoy! I have played this at least 10 times already!

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In case some of you didn’t know. I picked up new hobby a few months ago, it’s bracelet-making. Living in Bali, I’ve always been astonished with their variety of beads and crystals. So one day I decided to give it a try and the next thing I know, I’ve been beading for hours! At first I didn’t have any intention to sell but since I’ve been making them non-stop, you can imagine how many bracelets I have. I love bracelets but I sure can’t wear all of them. So I figured maybe it’s good to try and sell them — not only will I get to see people wearing my creations, but I can also earn some extra money. I created two bracelet categories — the trinity (like its name, this set consists of three bracelets that you can wear altogether or separately), I also have single bracelets (they are mostly made out of bigger beads).

VieCouture Trinity Bracelets

The materials I choose are mainly from Bali. However I also ordered some of the pieces online (it is impossible to find good looking charms here), and also some crystals are imported from Thailand, Hong Kong and China.What makes VieCouture bracelets unique is the fact that they’re not mass-production, meaning that there’s only one of its own. So you won’t find your “twins” out there. There’s also a story behind every bracelet, where I get the inspiration from, stuff like that.

A week ago, I received an order from my Russian friend. She’s leaving Bali in December and wanted to bring some souvenirs for her friends. I made 3 Trinity bracelets based on her specifications — pink, yellow and black & red. I finally finished them last night and here they are!

1. Pink Princess.
VieCouture Trinity Bracelets - Pink Princess

She told me that this “M” girl is very feminine, and quite a princess. So I decided to go for pink and crystal beads to match her personality. I also added the initial and cute little cameo charms, plus the word “believe”, so hopefully all her fairytale dreams can come true.

2. Mellow Yellow.
VieCouture Trinity Bracelets - Mellow Yellow

Yellow is this “D” girl’s favorite color so I figured to use shiny yellow crystals to make them brighter and much more cheerful. Yellow is a happy color and therefore, I put the word “Hope” so that no matter what happens in life, she will always be hopeful for something better and brighter coming her way, and always be happy.

3. Mysterious Goth.
VieCouture Trinity Bracelets - Mysterious Goth

Last but certainly not least, I have created this very special “goth” looking bracelet set for her vampy friend. I added a beautiful black rose to enhance the mystery. Black and red certainly blend so well in this set!

So ladies, if you have something in mind and would like me to create them through these colorful beads and crystals, feel free to contact me. The price only starts as low as US$15!

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