Summer Essentials: Shorts

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by Vie on May 28, 2015

You gotta love Summer not only for its heat but also the chance to wear something nice and sexy, and we all know, shorts are one of them. You definitely can’t make your Summer complete without a pair of good looking shorts. Therefore I have compiled several shorts based on style and fabrics. You can definitely match them with all kinds of shoes, from sneakers to heels, you name it!

1. Lace Shorts.


1. Nightcap Clothing Carribean Crochet Shorts. US$187.
2. Blank Denim Lace Shorts. US$88.
3. Rebecca Taylor Lace Shorts. US$275.

2. Denim Shorts.

1. Siwy Madeleine Cutoff Shorts. US$163.
2. One Teaspoon Wilde Bonitas Shorts. US$99.
3. Rag & Bone Cutoff Shorts. US$165.

3. Cotton Shorts.


1. Alice + Olivia Cady Shorts. US$187.
2. Victoria Beckham Tailored Mini Shorts. US$196.
3. Vince Extended Shorts. US$155.

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Pastel Colored Hair: Instant Way to Look Pretty

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by Vie on May 4, 2015


It is amazing how hair can change our entire appearance. Many people invested lots of their money and time to get the perfect hair cut or hairdo. Can’t blame them, because once you got that perfect hair then you’ll get the best confidence ever. Nothing worse than having a bad hair day, right? One of the things you can do to enhance your looks is to dye your hair, and I’ve noticed that pastel colors are everywhere. Not everyone can pull it off but for those who successfully do, results can be pretty amazing. Here are some of the favorite pastel hues that I found throughout the wonderful world of web!

1. Shades of pink.
This seems to be on top of the list and if you look at the examples below, you wouldn’t even wonder why, they are so cotton-candy like and oh so pretty!


2. Shades of purple.
Purple is one of my favorite colors so I have to include this hue in this post and look at them, super irresistible right?


3. Shades of blue.
Refreshing and absolutely one of the favorites, reminds me of stunning fairytale maidens!


4. Shades of green.
Go green? why not? here are few examples for your next inspiration, and I must say you will never look at this color the same way again!


5. Shades of rainbow.
And if you can’t just choose one color, how about combining them all into fabulous rainbow colors? I’m a huge fan of highlights and these amazing pastels are just so great!


Last but not least, here are stars that definitely pull it off!


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A few days ago I was contacted by the representative from Warby Parker and he introduced me to these lovely new collection. I must say, I’m not a big fan of glasses but I certainly changed my mind after browsing through these exceptional collection. Why? Because they’re very special. Not only are they made out of exquisite quality of acetate and titanium, they are also created meticulously to frame your face perfectly. You can’t doubt the fine and bold quality of premium Japanese titanium, can you?


Luminary collection is available in eyeglasses and also sunglasses. So whether it is for necessity or style, you can still look gorgeous within these special frames. Luminary comes in 5 different collection – Abbot, Lionel, Upshaw, York and Dempsey. Each to their own personality. The sunglasses are of course polarized for your eye comfort and protection.


What makes this brand unique is not only the specific and bold design, but also the fact that they’re light and not to mention fashionably stylish. You can also get them in 3 different ways:

1. Home try-on.
This definitely will save your time, because they can send you 5 samples for you to try on at home and if you find one that suits you the most, you can simply return the others and place your order.

2. Virtual try-on.
All you need is fast internet and good photo of yourself. Upload your picture and have fun virtually with their glasses and pick one that calls out your name!

3. Retail.
Of course, some people prefer to have them in their hands immediately, so I suggest you can visit their flagshop at 121 Greene st, NY for some modelling. They’d be more than happy to assist you.


As if those aren’t enough, what captivates me from this brand is the fact that every single purchase you make goes to someone in need. Yes, they have teamed up with non-profits to sell affordable glasses so that everyone in need can have access to glasses. Isn’t it wonderful? Price starts at US$145.

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Moschino Transforms You to Human Barbie

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by Vie on April 18, 2015

This year Moschino goes as sweet as candy and you can see from their latest Spring collection. Everything is playfully designed in candy-colored theme and pink is definitely the dominant hue. I absolutely adore how they make everything so vibrant, cheerful and happy. You can see it from head to toe and definitely fall in love with each and every one of them. If Barbie is your thing, then you will absolutely adore this one of the kind collection!


1. Moschino Knit Tanktop. US$375.
Comfortably made of cotton, it is all about being simple, casual and of course stylish. Match this top with your favorite mini skirt or denim.

2. Moschino Mirror iPhone 6 Case. US$85.
Dress your iPhone 6 like never before with this super unique and feminine case. Specially designed by Jeremy Scott, this playful and girly accessory will make your Spring much more merrier.

3. Moschino Heart Purse. US$2,395.
Ok, before you scream at the price tag, it is made out of lambskin after all, so I guess it makes sense. Not to mention the sparkling crystals studded in front, making this lovely heart a little piece of hand luxury that’s ready to catch everyone’s attention.

4. Moschino Leather Wallet. US$675.
This fancy looking wallet is made of calfskin with adorable logo letters that bring out more colors to your daily fashion. With detachable chain and snap-flap style, you can never get bored with this lovely candy.

5. Moschino Leather Sandals. US$1,080.
I absolutely adore this new pair, not only for the unique style but also the fact that they’re made of luxurious lambskin and with sexy covered heels too. They will certainly make amazing addition to your super sweet girly look.

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Women can never be separated from jewelry and if you’re looking for classy and simplicity, then you shall look no more because Chanel just got the right collection for you. Recently released, this quilted inspired jewelry is not only bringing you class but also style and of course, perfection. Available in yellow or white gold, they are available in cuff bracelets and rings with price starts from 1,970 euro. You can get them at Chanel store worldwide, however fans in the US should wait much longer, which is next year! Here’s a closer look on these little beauties.

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