6 Great Ways to Enjoy a Relaxing Night In

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by Vie on October 27, 2015


It is all too easy to get weighed down by the stresses of everyday life these days, as many of us are trying to juggle work and family lives, which can become very tiring. This is why it is important to ensure you take time out to de-stress, as letting things get on top of you can have an adverse effect on your health in many ways.

When you have the opportunity to spend a night in chilling at home, there are various ways in which you can enjoy an evening of relaxation. This is a great way to enjoy some serious ‘me’ time and you can look forward to taking a little time out.

6 ideas for a night of relaxation.

You will find a wide variety of options open to you when it comes to finding ways to relax at home. Some of these include:

1. A pamper night: Spending some time pampering yourself is a great way to lift your spirits, relax and enjoy some real downtime. You can treat yourself to a face pack, a hair masque, and even give yourself a pedicure and manicure to make yourself feel and look great. You could even invite a couple of friends around so you can enjoy a girlie pamper evening, a gossip and a cheeky glass of wine or two.


2. Play some fun games: If you have internet access at home, you can enjoy a night of fun and entertainment with a range of games at your fingertips. Relieve the stress with games such as Immortal Romance at Lucky Nugget casino, where you will also find a range of other slot and table games to play. You could even win some cash, which will help to make your night even more fun.


3. Have a relaxing soak: You can ease away aches, pains and stress by having a wonderful and relaxing soak in a bubble bath, particularly if you use special aromatherapy bath oils that are designed to lift your mood and help you to relax. A few scented candled dotted around the sides of the bath will help to create the perfect ambiance as well as adding a wonderful fragrance to the room, so you can enjoy closing your eyes and letting the stress melt away.


4. Have a movie night: Getting a range of your favourite movies together and then watching them back to back will help you to forget about the stresses of the day and will enable you to immerse yourself in a different world to your everyday one. If you have a TV in the bedroom, you can even snuggle up in bed and watch the movies, which is even more relaxing and comfortable.


5. Listen to your favourite tunes: We all have our favourites when it comes to music, and listening to our favourite songs can really help us to relax. If you want to lift your mood and kick back, get your iPod, CDs, or smartphone out and pop on some of your favourite songs. If you’re on your own you can even sing along without fear of being overheard!


6. Try out some new makeup: Many women love to change their look from time to time, so take the opportunity to try out new makeup and ideas to reinvent yourself. You never know, you might find a look that you really like and that you can try out on your next girls’ night out.


Being able to spend some time just chilling out and forgetting about the stress of daily life can make a big difference, so you should make sure you try and take some time out for yourself from time to time.

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Hair Tattoo: Create New Look on Your Precious Locks

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by Vie on October 22, 2015

scunci hair tattoo

Body tattoos are no longer new, but hair tattoo? Now that’s something. And no, I’m not kidding either. As you can see, Kylie Jenner looks absolutely stunning with those lovely sparkles. Wear them as bandana or beautiful embellishment, it is all about how you wanna style them right.


What makes hair tattoo special is not only the fact that they are very easy to apply but they’re also temporary and you can wear them for days. To remove them, simply wash your hair. Scunci is a brand for this one-of-the-kind hair piece and you can check on their website for more choices. Price starts at $4.99. Now you can show off your unique style and accessorize those sexy hair with this sparkling glamour. They are simply exquisite!


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MAC Takes You to Some Enchanted Evening

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by Vie on October 21, 2015


Whether you like it warm or cold, you can now mesmerized yourself (and others) with this fantastic and magical palette from MAC. Available in two different tones, play your imagination away with these glorious hues. First one is the cool palette, you can tell from the pretty pink and purple combination. Second is the warm palette, and this one is more earthy. Both palettes consist of eye shadows, beauty powder, cream color base and lipsticks. So, pretty much everything you need to create the glamorous look.


Perfect for your daytime flirt or nighttime party, this palette is specially designed for your autumn face. Now you can play with these colors with any kind of attitude you want. Just let your creativity takes offer through those brushes and create your very own persona with these irresistible palettes!


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Women and lingerie are inseparable. We need them to feel more confident, sexy and also for comfort. That’s why lingerie shopping is totally necessary. With so many lingerie shops available, it is not easy to pick one that’s reliable and with good quality products. That’s why I’m here to help you.


A while ago, a representative from Foxy Lingerie contacted and asked if I would be interested in reviewing some of the products they carry. I of course was very excited and said yes! They were so kind to let me choose and since there are so many options, I totally had problems picking just one. That’s why I decided to do a poll on Facebook and I finally found my top three. I showed the result and guess what, not only did they send me one, or two but all three of them. I was in awe at their generosity so I figured to make this special post for them.

I went for some photo shoot last weekend wearing the lingerie they sent me and I had a total blast.


Foxy Lingerie is more than just high quality products but also about super satisfying customer service. Easy navigation on their site with familiar categories and excellent affordable prices are their number one strength, plus when you have easygoing and fun customer service, that always adds the value, right?


Whether you want to lingerie shopping for your own pleasure or for your loved one, you can definitely have your pick at this lovely site. Corsets, camisoles, babydolls, chemises, even sexy costumes for the upcoming Halloween!


I love Foxy Lingerie and I will definitely recommend all my friends when they want to have sexy shopping ritual!

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8 Most Essentials “Back to School” in Pink

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by Vie on August 27, 2015

Some of my good friends are excited to back to school that they started to shop for their essentials. This gives me the idea to actually think about what to get. Mind you, I was done with school since 2004 but whenever school season starts, I can’t help but also feel the excitement, maybe because it brings back good memories, especially when I was in Uni.

Of course when you go back to class, you wanna look as stylish as possible. Not only to show that you’ve had amazing holiday but also to stay fashionable. Therefore this post happened. I’ve decided to find 8 most necessary things for you to start school, and yes, they’re in pink! From carrying your necessities in Pink bling backpack, to jamming to your favorite tunes during lunch and scribbling notes in super girly book up to smelling fresh and happy in romantic plum with pomegranate  & golden Amber. Don’t forget to complete your funky looks with super lady swatch and sexy cat eyes from Juicy Couture.


1. Victoria’s Secret Pink Campus Backpack. US$59.95.
2. Swatch Originals Dragonfruit Watch. US$36.50.
3. Juicy Couture Coin Cat-Eye Sunglasses. US$128.
4. Bath & Body Works Napa Valley Sunset Fragrance Mist. US$14.
5. Victoria’s Secret Pink Flamingo iPhone 5 Case. US$20.99.
6. Maybelline Baby Lips in a Wink of Pink. US$4.04.
7. Mead College Notebook. US$1.00.
8. Beats by Dr. Dre Solo 2 Headphones. starts from US$79.99.

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