Fruit Smoothies for Beautiful Healthy Hair

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by Vie on June 18, 2017

Fruit smoothie is probably one of my favorite drinks. Not only are they delicious but they’re also good for your body (sans the sugar and milk of course!). Little did I know that I will be hooked with fruit smoothie mask. I have been using these masks for 2 regular weekends and I must say I love how my hair looks and feels.

Getting hair treatment is my regular weekend thing. I normally visit my salon and do either Creambath or hair mask. I just love the after feeling on my scalp and of course the smell. However, going to salon alone, and not to mention having to spend more money made me realize that I probably need to do it myself. So I decided to shop for hair masks last weekend and I had so many options but my attention was drawn to these particular ones. I have never seen them, so I was curious. I asked the shopkeeper if they had an opened sample and once she showed me, that’s it. I’m sold!

Later that day I did a couple of research on my own and turns out that fruit smoothies give much more benefits than those masks the salons normally use. They’re more natural, they smell so good and most importantly they give your hair that healthy shine.

I couldn’t decide which mask “flavor” I should get – they have strawberry & raspberry for colored hair, grape & blueberry for dry hair and finally kiwi & peach for normal to dry hair. Good news is they’re all infused with honey. I must tell you I have all of the above situations with my hair. So I decided to get all three. Last weekend I tried the grape & blueberry and today I just tried the strawberry & raspberry. Let me tell you, they smell so good I want to eat them!

What you need to do is wash your hair with regular shampoo, and towel-dried them, then you apply the mask all over your hair, starting from your scalp. My suggestion is to put your mask in the fridge so when you use them, you will feel that cooling sensation. After you finish applying it all over your hair (1 sachet is enough for medium length hair), you wait for 10 minutes then rinse it off with cold water. Voila! you’ll feel the difference.

I am not sure if you can get this particular brand where you live since I think this is local made, but if you can find other fruit smoothies hair mask, I suggest you give it a try. However, if you’re more of adventurous and creative type, you can always try to make your own fruit smoothies. I read that it isn’t that hard. For example, you can blend fresh berries, banana, fresh yoghurt and jojoba oil with teatree oil altogether. Who knows, I might do it myself next time!

In the meantime, I’m quite happy with these little sachets because I got them for less than $1 each!

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Exclusive Tassels for Your Feet from Aquazzura

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by Vie on June 14, 2017

I must say that I’m quite a fan of tassels. I think tassels can make any fashion feminine and at the same time, sexy for its flirty look. That seems to be in the mind of designer Johanna Ortiz for Aquazzura. This lovely pair comes in two choices; gold and navy. I don’t normally like gold but for this particular case, I definitely think the gold one is the best.

Wrap up your slender feet with these heels and match them with your favorite jeans or dresses. I absolutely love the wrap-around ties right above the ankles.

Available exclusively from net-a-porter, this foot candy is tagged at $565.

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A Little Gift from Givenchy for All Pastel Lovers

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by Vie on June 13, 2017

Some people don’t realize that finishing powder takes important role in make up. They think that foundation and highlighter are all that but little do they know that finishing powder is the key for completion; which is why I would like to introduce you this lovely new Prisme Libre Loose Powder from Givenchy. Now we all know they have made lots of fabulous color shades when it comes to loose powder but have you seen anything as beautiful as this four? Granted, $58 is quite pricey but it will be so worth it.

Dedicated especially to you pastel lovers, this couture crossed powder will bring your facial glow to the next level. Long lasting, natural for that perfect radiant. Blend them as you please or use them individually if you’d like. Whatever it is you decide, you will be sure to get that doll face look you’ve been wanting. Not only that, they’re specially packed in classic glamorous Givenchy style. This is a true collector item.

I give this new loose powder 2 thumbs up!

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Reasons Why I Love Off Shoulder Style

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by Vie on June 12, 2017

This season is all about showing those shoulders off. That is why, off shoulder tops or dresses seem to dominate the fashion scene. I must say, this sexy yet sassy style is simply irresistible. Whether you want to dress up or lounging around casually, this style can definitely be your ultimate choice.

Here are the reasons why every woman should have at least ONE off-shoulder in her closet:

1. Sexy with a touch of feminine.

Granted that shoulders are considered to be one of the sexiest parts of women’s body, and there’s no reason for you to hide them. This sexy style will not only complement your feminine side but also boost up your elegant figure as a lady.

2. It goes with all kinds of fashion styles.

Whether you want to look casual or formal, off shoulder dress or blouse can definitely do the work. What I love about this particular option is that you can be flexible – cocktail party? sure! You may choose the elegant maxi dress. Lunch date with girlfriends? Simply choose the summer dress style – mini, flirty and absolutely comfy!

With a lot of vendors offering different types of off-shoulder designs, I am certain this style will be a favorite. Not only do they hug your curves beautifully, they somehow take your confidence to a whole new level. Add some shimmer powder on your bare shoulders for that sun-kissed effect and you’re good to go.

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Back in Black (Nails) With Gucci Resort 2018

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by Vie on June 2, 2017

While waiting for my blog to get a facelift, I decided to still write in the meantime. And today, I wanna show you this interesting trend that I just found out.

As a fan of black nail polish, I must say this look is rather intriguing. Part of Gucci Resort 2018 collection is not only the unique, eye catching and spectacular jewelry but also little details such as the nails.

Whenever we have elections here, we have to dip one finger in the ink bottle to indicate that we voted. And honestly, I cringe every time I have to do that.

So, I… am not too sure how to react to this “new trend” but Alessandro Michele for Gucci surely knows how to steal get your attention. With odd yet fashionably creative, you simply can’t stop staring at these unusual style of “nail art”. I don’t know about you ladies, but I don’t think I am ready to dip my nails in the ink. Are you?

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