Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Lady

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by Vie on January 6, 2017


As we move toward the end of an amazing year and get ready to welcome a whole new year, many new challenges might also be waiting for us round the corner, not the least of which is keeping the girlfriend happy! As Valentine’s Day draws closer, you will be scratching your head once again to find new ways to impress your partner.

So, we decided to help you out this year with a list of some great Valentine’s gifting ideas that can earn you brownie points. For example, Ace Flowers is an online florist in downtown Houston that allows you to send flowers online to your loved ones. Won’t she be thrilled to be woken with a flower delivery in the morning?

5 Gifts You Can Give Her This Valentine

A Card
If you are in a casual relationship and don’t know how things will be in the future, a card is the best way to express your feelings, without going overboard. It’s cheap, so you don’t have worry about spending too much and is a perfect way to convey that this day means a lot to you. If you want to make it special, make the card yourself. Girls always love the effort you put in to make them feel special.

A bit of clichéd but it works in most cases. It is a safe move because no matter how many perfumes she owns, there will always be space for one more. Plus, it is you who will get to savor a new fragrance every time you meet her.

Smart Watch
Smart-watches are the new big thing in the market and could be the perfect gift for this Valentine’s. However, for this you might have to expand your budget. If she’s into technology, she will definitely love it. Just remember that if she’s not the gadgety kind, this move might backfire and it will take just seconds for you to be labeled as unromantic.

The tried and tested way of telling a girl that you love her is chocolate. With so much variety and price points for chocolates, the decision can become difficult though. This is where knowing what she likes might help you. Also, make sure to choose nice packaging for them. And if you are lucky, she might just give you more than just a piece or two from the box.

Flowers are the ultimate gift for Valentine’s Day. Although you might planning to buy a substantial gift or one that will last for a long time to come, accompanying it with long stem roses or her favorite flowers could be a great idea. The best part is that you can send flowers online in Houston and you can also opt for same day flower delivery, making your job easier.

So, for the next Valentine’s Day, don’t hold back and express your love in the most romantic way. Say it with flowers and in your own special way and see her face glow with happiness.

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When you are looking for a particular piece of jewelry either as a gift to someone else, a gift for yourself or even as an engagement ring, you might be a bit overwhelmed by all of the choices that you find when you visit your local jewelry store, go to the mall and look at the jewelry available or even shop online. There are so many different pieces available today that it can be difficult for you to know just what might be best and what is of top quality. The other issue you may run into is that a lot of what you see in many jewelry stores looks the same over and over again. If you want something that is truly special, you might be better off selecting a loose diamond to create the particular piece that you want. You may wonder why it can be better to choose loose diamonds Houston has today and there are a few reasons why it can benefit you to shop in this manner.

Many More Options for You

If you take the time to go to a place that offers loose diamonds, you will find that there are vastly more options available to you when it comes to choosing the type of stone that you want. Stones that are already preset in engagement rings, bracelets, necklaces or diamond earrings may not have the exact look that you want in the jewelry you are going to purchase, if you are allowed to select the diamonds on your own, you can be sure to get a top quality gem that has the clarity and cut that you want the most. This will allow you to custom create just the piece that you want.

It Can Save Your Money

A lot of people do not realize that when you take the time to make use of loose diamonds and create your own custom setting, you very often will end up spending a lot less than what you would if you were to buy a ring or other piece of jewelry that has been preset and premade. The reason for this is that preset diamonds and diamond jewelry of this nature is often subject to a tremendous markup in price. If you are choosing your own diamond and creating the piece on your own, you have greater control over every aspect of the peace and can actually save money in this manner.

A key to selecting quality loose diamonds for the jewelry that you want is to go to a source that provides an excellent diamond selection at a price that works well for you. If you take a look at some of the discount jewelers in Houston available today, you will find that Intercontinental Jewelers can provide you with everything you are looking for. Intercontinental Jewelers offers the best quality loose diamonds available and can custom create settings for you in any type of jewelry you desire so you can be sure that you purchase a piece of jewelry that is ideal for you and at the perfect price.

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Merry Christmas Lovelies!

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by Vie on December 25, 2016


It is that favorite time of the year my lovelies! and I am here to wish you all a happy holidays. I had fun taking this picture and thanks to Poi Poi Lingerie shop for sending me this super cute costume. I felt so pretty and festive wearing it! This little Santa helper costume is so adorable and not to mention super sexy as well.

If you happen to reside somewhere in Indonesia, be sure to check out their website for more fantastic goodies!

Merry Christmas gorgeous ladies!

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How to Have Cozy Night In

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by Vie on December 21, 2016


Living in the hustle bustle of big city can stress you out, and when weekend is here, there’s nothing I want more than just to stay in. Of course there are nights I feel like dressing up and going out with my girls, but lately I feel the comfort in my own home. When I don’t feel like dolling up and hit the town, I choose to stay cozy and get myself bunch of comfort food. You’d be amazed at how much you can do at home on weekends but still having a good time.

1. Netflix
Watching favorite shows is one of the best way to enjoy yourself. Fix you a homemade popcorn or a glass of wine and do your TV marathon. Recently I’ve finished my American Horror Story marathon and I absolutely loved it. I can never get enough for this series.

2. Lounge around in pretty lingerie
Just because you aren’t bothered to dress up and show it off, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun styling it up with *ahem* some sexy lingerie. You might want to check some new collection from Adore Me. I absolutely love their style. Not only will they make you feel like the hottest goddess, they are also very comfortable to your skin.

3. Beauty ritual
This is a must! – give yourself a facial, hair mask, body scrub and enjoy feeling refreshed for the next day. There’s no better time than doing this on the weekend. Then end this ritual with a warm hot cup of chamomile tea for more soothing sensation.

4. Skyping with your BFFs and your special one.
When I don’t feel like being alone, I would turn my Skype on and talk to my beautiful girls who live in Scotland and USA. Yeah, Effy is my adorable Scottish best friend and Lace is my beautiful American girl. Three of us are best friends and we talk on daily basis. Having them in my life is definitely a blessing. I have never met such beautiful people like themselves. Effy is funny, gorgeous, bubbly and super sweet. While Lace is more of the mysterious kind, stunning, a hopeless romantic and I love her sarcasm. We talk pretty much about everything – from fashion, to boys, to silly things and of course American Horror Story! We complement each other and we will hopefully be united on Effy’s wedding day in 2018! I love you my girls.

Besides my girls, I also need to include my special one. Although he lives quite far away but he’s always so close to me. We talk every day and there’s no one else I would rather spend my cozy night in than with him! We would tell each other jokes and laugh together. He warms my heart and makes me the happiest.

5. Be a nerd and read your favorite book.
Life is stressful enough, so grab yourself something to entertain your night in. Pick a light reading and give yourself a break. A chick-lit, or a romantic comedy, whatever you prefer, just take yourself to another world accompanied with a cup of hot chocolate.

So there you have it, my few tips on how to stay cozy and comfy in your home at night. We do need our own “me” time once in a while. Trust me, once you try one of these, you will want to redo it all over again.

Have a lovely night in!

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3 Top Eyelash Growth Products

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by Vie on November 29, 2016


Short and thin eyelashes can make your eyes look less attractive. Thankfully, there are many eyelash growth products that help to increase the thickness and length of your lashes. They are usually available in the form of serums or conditioners. You can easily apply them, like you apply eyeliner on the eyelids.

Eyelash serums usually work by boosting the overall health of the hair follicles, thereby reducing the brittleness of the hairs. The market is flooded with these products, with almost all of them making tall claims. You need to make sure that you choose the best eyelash growth products after reading unbiased and comprehensive reviews on an acclaimed review website like

3 Best Eyelash Growth Products

Here is a list of eyelash enhancers that really work. Most importantly, these are herbal products made out of natural ingredients like plant extracts. You can even buy them without a prescription.

Idol Lash


Idol lash is one of the top eye lash growth products available today. It contains many beneficial herbal extracts, such as, chamomile, honey, keratin, vitamins and proteins. It also includes some moisturizers that help to condition individual hair follicles and promote healthy hair growth. The manufacturer claims that the product can enhance eyelash density by up to 82% in a matter of 2-4 weeks. This claim is based on the results of clinical studies. This natural eyelash growth product is gentle on your eyes and does not exhibit any side-effect. It is safe to use for people with sensitive eyes and skin.



This eyelash growth product was approved by FDA in December 2008. Since then, it tops the list of best eyelash growth products. Latisse is a version of glaucoma drug and is available in an eye drop form called bimatoprost. You can expect to see positive results after two weeks of nightly use. As per the clinical studies, it is safe for most people. It provides longer, thicker and darker lashes and should be used every day to maintain the results. When you stop using the product the hair goes back to its natural state.



DermaLash consists of the peptide complexes and other ingredients such as wheat, soy protein and glycols which aids in strengthening the hair follicles and boost blood flow to the region. Experts recommend Dermalash for eyelash growth as they are safe and effective. It is also recommended for people who use lash curlers or apply a variety of cosmetics to their lashes. The harmful effects of the chemical treatment can be nullified by the condition properties of this eyelash growth product. The only flip side is that the results are visible only after six weeks. Most of the users get impatient by then and switch to other options.

Make sure you read in-depth reviews of these natural eyelash growth products and carefully go through the ingredient list to make an informed decision. If you doubt the suitability of any ingredient, make it a point to visit your physician. However, don’t try these products, if you are suffering from any eye infection or if you have recently undergone an eye surgery.

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