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by Vie on May 16, 2007


Do you still remember Avril’s new look in her video “Girlfriend”? I totally love her hair with those light pink streaks — hence, I finally did some hair extension and got me light pink, magenta and purple! My hair is so long now, reaching my lower back hehe.. It seems that poplights is now on trend, from actress Rachel McAdams to the hot Avril Lavigne and even Joss Stone with her new red-hot hair.

So I think it’s time to be more playful with your hair and I’m just one of the lucky ones who doesn’t have to live by 9-5 office rules =) so I can do whatever I want with my hair and my looks (that’s also why I decided to re-pierce my nose a month ago haha..)

Alrighty, here are some of the eccentric poplights from Elle. Do you think it’s your thing? I know I totally love the Zandra Rhodes greeny touch above. The make up looks great also huh?


Vivienne Westwood – Spring 2007.


Antoni & Alison – Spring 2007.


Vivienne Westwood – Spring 2007.


Avril Lavigne – Oohh.. dont you just love her eyes?!


Sweet Rachel McAdams.

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