Proud to Show Off My First Tiffany

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by Vie on February 24, 2007


Remember when I said in my old post that every girl should have their own Tiffany? well, I finally got my first yesterday! I’ve been wanting that particular charmbracelet for the longest time and when Tiffany FINALLY opened their store in my country, I was totally ecstatic!

I went to the mall with my mom and sister for lunch (with no plan to get Tiffany at all) and there I saw Tiffany was displaying some of their goodies, I was very tempted and the next thing I knew, the guy took my card lol.. Nonetheless, I was/am very happy with my purchase, although the price is more expensive than the one in the US (it’s US$185 but I ended up paying around US$220, probably the tax and all that crap), it doesn’t matter though since they only have one left on display.

The shopkeepers were absolutely nice and friendly. Mind you, I was wearing shorts, my Emily t-shirt and flip flops when entering the store and they still greet us warmly. I’d give them the perfect 10 for the brilliant service.

Anyways, just wanna share you that little exciting story of mine! One down, plenty and plenty more to go! lol.. (I can hear my boyfriend “Oh no..”-ing me! haha..)


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