Rock & Republic Hillary Wedge

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by Vie on July 20, 2007


I’ve been seaching for denim-colored shoes and I found a couple that are super gorgeous but the saddest thing is that either they’re display only or they don’t have my size! Grr.. that’s always a major turn off. It’s like your whole shopping mood is destroyed because of that. OK, maybe I get too dramatic sometimes, but you know how it feels when you want something so bad and you know that you’re THIS close of getting it, but KABOOM.. sorry, we don’t have your pair *sigh*

Anyways, enough ramble, I found another gorgeous US$355 wedge from Rock & Republic. Not only they have sexy jeans, but apparently they also have sexy wedge in store. Made from blue shirting print canvas, these peep toes are gonna be your loyal denim companion!

Wrap them up for me please! And they’d better have my size this time.

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