Sephora iPhone App: Shop From Your Bed!

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by Vie on November 5, 2010

I’m a true Sephora addict. Honestly, I check their website every single day, because they update their products frequently. Not only do they carry a lot of famous brands in the store, but they also give us good deals in make up and other beauty stuff. Here’s another addiction I have, my iPhone. I think I’ll go crazy if I ever lose it, dramatic I know but that’s the truth. There was one time I went for grocery shopping and I accidentally left it in the car. So, I was panic and totally freaked out, I thought someone snatched it off my bag or something, because this happened to my cousin with her Blackberry. That’s why when I saw my black beauty again rested nicely on the middle compartment, I was totally relieved.

Okay, enough babbling, let’s get back to business. The reason why I was talking much about Sephora and iPhone is because Sephora recently released their super iPhone App! Now we can practically shop our favorite products or watch videos when we’re lying on the bed, isn’t that nice? Want to learn more? Check out their video. I am so excited to try this cool stuff, are you?

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