Sexy Vs Slutty: What You Should and Shouldn’t Do on Your Girls Night Out

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by Vie on November 8, 2010

Girls Night Out

Girls night out is always a fun thing to do. Unfortunately there are some rules we need to know. There’s a thin line between looking sexy and slutty, and I see a lot of examples out here. They meant well, really, they just want to look sexy but too much of make up, hairdo and cleavage are just wrong. What’s worse is that they don’t even realize it until somebody points that out. I feel bad for those girls, which is why I think we should know what to add and what to lose, here are some quick tips for you to consider.

1. Make Up
Uh-huh you got that right, first thing people look at is either your face or body. Sometimes we get too carried away with extra colors – shimmer powder, glitter, blush, bronze, they’re all great, but if you can’t decide which to use, NOT great. Smoky eyes are always best weapon to look sexy and mysterious, be sure to know how to wear them well. If not, the result can be fatal. Same thing with red lipstick, not everyone can pull it off. You want to look sexy, not scary!

I don’t know about you but I don’t like Megan Fox with red lipstick. I think she looks much better with nude colored one. Makes her look happier and absolutely sexier.

2. Hairdo
Tie your hair up or put them into a bun is hot because you’re revealing one of the sexiest body parts, your neck. However, if you want to let your hair down, it’s okay though, even when it’s a bit messy because it looks more natural. Just make sure it doesn’t look like you just got out of bed ; )

Messy but absolutely gorgeous! I’ve always been jealous of Blake Lively’s hair.

3. Wardrobe
Sexy doesn’t mean you gotta show a lot of cleavage or wear see-through dresses. I mean, sure they are sexy but too much cleavage and transparent clothing are definitely slutty. Short skirts are fine as long as you know how to pair them right. When it comes to fashion, it’s all about mix and match. That’s why people say fashion is an art. Little black dress is the safest bet to look sexy, but just be smart in choosing which to wear outdoor, if you know what I mean ; )

4. Accessories
Jewelry is the essence of your fashion, but less is more! You don’t want to walk around like a walking store, do you?

5. Gesture
I hate it when girls  touching, tapping, twirling their hair when they talk. Is it really necessary? I think it’s quite annoying. I’m not saying that you can’t flirt. Flirting actually is a lot of fun as long as you know the limit. We certainly don’t want to give room for misunderstanding. Talk with your mouth, not with your hands!

6. Attitude
Remember ladies, we want to look sexy, not easy, so you want to be approachable without sending the wrong signals. Eye contacts are very important because they can deliver your message without you needing to say a word. Second important thing is your posture, there’s nothing sexier than having a good posture. Your attractiveness can go from 10 to 0 if you slouch! Plus, your posture tells a lot about your personality, too. The better you’re aware of your posture, the higher confidence you have.

7. Don’t be intimidated, just have fun!
There are lots of pretty girls out there but there’s only one you. That makes you very special. Don’t let those girls intimidate or make you feel less because we are great in our own ways. Besides, you’re with your girls tonight, so have fun, let loose, stay confident and know that you’re gorgeous!

Sex and the City

If you have more suggestions, feel free to comment and share! : ) Last but not least, I wish you an awesome girls night out!

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