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by Vie on August 15, 2013

When a friend recommended me this site, I was curious. Silly Yogi. you don’t hear this often, do you? Before I checked the website, I thought to myself, oh it’s probably just a site selling lots of yoga stuff in silly designs, but little did I know, I was wrong! Silly Yogi is more than just a site about fashion, it’s also about love and compassion, especially for those in developing countries. They employ mostly women artisans from India, Nepal and Indonesia. There’s a quote in the site that’s really good “Helping these women from developing countries with your purchase means a brighter future for themselves, their children, eventually communities and Nation itself.”  Isn’t it great? Not only will you get beautiful products but you also get to help others.

Since the artisans are from Asia, you can expect a lot of exotic prints inspired from each country. I’m quite impressed with the beautiful color collaboration and of course, the flamboyant prints. Not only that, you can also get a piece of Rasta style from this site and let me tell you, they’re looking really good. I don’t find a lot of rasta stuff for women but in Silly Yogi, you can spoil yourself with their lovely headbands, bags, dresses and tops.

Here are some of my favorites, hope they are yours, too!

 1. Bags.
Silly Yogi Bags

When I saw these bags, all I could think of is the love and patience given from the artisans. You don’t get this much of details every day. I enjoy looking at the exotic prints and the fabulous burst of colors, especially the little orange beaded bag, the tassels are so cute. If you’re planning to dress up bohemian style, then this little fella can be your pretty sidekick.

2. Dresses.
Silly Yogi Dresses

Comfortable and totally artistic. If you love colors, then you will love all the dresses in Silly Yogi. Halter, bandeau or with straps, they have all types of dresses that will color up your days. They also give you a nice and cozy tropical feeling.

3. Belts.
Silly Yogi Belts

Being Indonesian, I’m familiar with our country’s beads and these belts are our fine examples. What I love about these colorful beads is that they add more accent to any plain shirt or long skirt. Besides, you gotta love those unique and pretty patterns, right?

Enough said, Silly Yogi is definitely the place for those who aren’t afraid to express themselves in exotic and flamboyant ways!

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