Pucker Up for NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment

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by Vie on July 26, 2017

We all know that NARS is known for its Orgasm blush, but did you know that their latest Powermatte Lip Pigment is really hot right now? Available in 20 irresistible shades you can have fun with all kinds of hues from darkest black to sexiest red like this one.

This lightweight and liquefied pigment is not only long lasting but also smudge-resistant. They call it the most powerful matte yet for a good reason. Available now for only $26 each, you definitely don’t wanna miss this infinite matte colors at their best!

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When you have beautiful jewelry crowning your hand, or neck, you are bound to show them off and what better way to compliment those sparkles than having perfectly manicured nails? This concept hit jewelry designer Kendra Scott and recently she brings you her latest design along with some extra side-kick, the nail polish.

Fall in love with this celebrity jewelry designer and don’t forget to try out her lovely yet intriguing hues that are inspired by her precious collection!

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Magnetic Eyelash is the Latest Big Thing

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by Vie on July 19, 2017

Having long lashes is every girl’s dream. Unfortunately not all of us is blessed to have long and healthy looking lashes, that’s why fake lashes or lash extensions are quite lucrative business. Clearly, you want your eyes to be one of the best features and having those long lashes will surely boost that confidence.

However, putting on fake lashes can be a hassle, especially with the glue and the positioning. So, many people prefer to do extension instead, but imagine when you need to remove your make up after a long day or when you need to wash your face, or the worst, when you wake up in the morning and all you want to do is to rub your sleepy eyes? That is definitely not a good idea. Not to mention, when they start to fall off. (Yikes!)

So, what’s the solution for this dilemma? I am happy to tell you that One Two Cosmetics has just the perfect answer for that and this brand new product is selling fast in the market. I’m talking about these Magnetic Lashes. All you gotta do is wait for that magnetic “click” and you’ll get the long natural looking lashes you want. No glue, no hassle, and no need to worry about falling out!

This $69 natural magnetic lashes set is long lasting, user friendly and comes in superb compact case. To learn more on how they work, you may find their tutorial on the website. I am absolutely eager to give them a try!

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Urban Decay All Nighter Spray: Shook You All Night Long

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by Vie on July 13, 2017

Keeping your make up long lasting can be quite a hassle, but thanks to new innovation spray from Urban Decay, you don’t need to have that problem anymore. This double-dose make up spray is designed to keep your make up fresh and intact for a long period of time. If you have this super hot party to go to and are too lazy for retouch every few hours, then you should definitely spray some of these on your face.

What’s great about this spray is that not only do they keep your make up long lasting but when you spray them on your face, you wouldn’t even feel anything. They keep your make up from fading, smudging for up to 16 hours.

Make sure to always keep them ready! $39.

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Dermaroller Brings New Hope to Your Skin

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by Vie on July 4, 2017

How Dermaroller Procedures Help Repair Aging Skin
A Dermaroller treatment may not be the first option you think of when you are looking to repair skin damage that naturally comes with age, but you shouldn’t discount it in favor of other treatments without even considering it. Dermaroller procedures are very good at treating wrinkles and other common skin aging complaints. Here’s how Dermaroller procedures can help you to repair your aging skin.

Dermarollers Use Needles to Stimulate Cellular Regeneration
Dermarollers are hand-held tools studded with needles. The needles are so tiny that the holes they poke in the skin can barely be seen. The micro-needling tools work because those holes are viewed by each patient’s body as an attack. That triggers cellular regeneration processes within the body, such as increased hormone and protein production. Collagen in particular is increased. Collagen is a substance that helps skin cells keep their shape and stay tight together.

Dermarollers Can Take the Place of Lasers Sometimes
Dermarollers perform more or less the same tasks as skincare lasers. That is, they help cells regenerate and, in the process, reduce wrinkles and sagging skin. However, even though the end results of laser and Dermaroller treatment can be similar, the procedures are very different. Dermarollers use needles, while lasers use a combination of heat and light to treat the skin. That combination is excellent for treating some people, but those with skin that is too dry, thin, oily, dark, or otherwise unsuitable may find that Dermaroller treatment is a suitable replacement for a laser procedure.

Dermarollers or Similar Tools Can be Used on Most Body Parts
Dermarollers belong to the family of skincare tools called micro-needling devices, which include small Derma-pens, as well as larger Derma-stamps. Micro-needling tools are more versatile than lasers in some ways because they can be used on small, large, or sensitive areas, as needed. So, regardless of what part of your body you want to treat, a micro-needling tool should be able to help you.

Clinical Dermaroller Treatments Are Not Painful
You may assume that any treatment involving needles, even tiny ones, is painful, but that isn’t the case. Clinicians who perform Dermaroller treatments are well-versed in how to numb the skin of their patients ahead of time. When you make your Dermaroller appointment you should expect to have your skin cleaned and numbed before the procedure actually begins. If you experience any discomfort at all you should notify your clinician right away. They will stop the procedure until the issue is addressed.

How a Dermaroller Treatment Can Affect Your Skin
The immediate effects of a Dermaroller treatment are not necessarily pleasant. At first your skin is likely to bleed a bit in the treated area. The clinician should make sure the bleeding stops before you leave the clinic. After that you may experience some redness, and it will take time for the impacted skin to heal. Therefore, you won’t see any positive results the day of your appointment, or even the next day. It may take a week or two to really see a positive difference.

In the long-term, a series of Dermaroller treatments can definitely reduce any mild to moderate wrinkles or skin sags you may have. Such treatments can also give your skin a generally revitalized look. But you have to have patience when you undergo Dermaroller procedures because only one treatment is very unlikely to help you.

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