Too Faced Bombs You With Glitter Fiesta

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by Vie on June 27, 2017

Glitter is the best way to spark up your make up instantly. Whether you go for glamorous burlesque look or classic carnival, you can never go wrong with a little bling bling at the corner of your eyes. Thanks to Too Faced with this limited edition palette, you can now glitter up whenever you feel like it.

Available in colorful hues such as pinks, violets and greens, this glitter bomb is completed with black and white matte to intensify the glitter, so if you wanna go dramatic or less, you can enhance them with these two shades. I personally love the cute packaging and best thing is you also get the step-by-step guide on how to get that glamorous and irresistible look.

This palette is yours for only $45.

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A Long Lasting Impression on Your Skin by Valentino

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by Vie on June 24, 2017

Love strawberries and pink roses? Well don’t I have good news for you because you will have best of both worlds through this limited edition perfume from Valentino. This Eau de Parfum is a pure seduction not only to your skin but also to your senses.

This charming, provocative, sweet yet feminine perfume is beautifully mixed in Spain between delicate pink roses with wild strawberry, leaving you long lasting impression that is absolutely impossible to forget. Specially designed by renowned perfumers Daphne Bugey and Fabrice Pellegrin, this beautiful and charming little bottle is priced at $120.

However, if strawberry and pink roses ain’t really your thing, worry not as they have another alternative which is the blush – and this one is a good combo between pink pepper, sour cherry and rose with a glimpse of coffee. All thanks to the talented perfumer Alexis Dadie. Still wrapped in nice bottle with different shade, it is also priced at $120.

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Fruit Smoothies for Beautiful Healthy Hair

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by Vie on June 18, 2017

Fruit smoothie is probably one of my favorite drinks. Not only are they delicious but they’re also good for your body (sans the sugar and milk of course!). Little did I know that I will be hooked with fruit smoothie mask. I have been using these masks for 2 regular weekends and I must say I love how my hair looks and feels.

Getting hair treatment is my regular weekend thing. I normally visit my salon and do either Creambath or hair mask. I just love the after feeling on my scalp and of course the smell. However, going to salon alone, and not to mention having to spend more money made me realize that I probably need to do it myself. So I decided to shop for hair masks last weekend and I had so many options but my attention was drawn to these particular ones. I have never seen them, so I was curious. I asked the shopkeeper if they had an opened sample and once she showed me, that’s it. I’m sold!

Later that day I did a couple of research on my own and turns out that fruit smoothies give much more benefits than those masks the salons normally use. They’re more natural, they smell so good and most importantly they give your hair that healthy shine.

I couldn’t decide which mask “flavor” I should get – they have strawberry & raspberry for colored hair, grape & blueberry for dry hair and finally kiwi & peach for normal to dry hair. Good news is they’re all infused with honey. I must tell you I have all of the above situations with my hair. So I decided to get all three. Last weekend I tried the grape & blueberry and today I just tried the strawberry & raspberry. Let me tell you, they smell so good I want to eat them!

What you need to do is wash your hair with regular shampoo, and towel-dried them, then you apply the mask all over your hair, starting from your scalp. My suggestion is to put your mask in the fridge so when you use them, you will feel that cooling sensation. After you finish applying it all over your hair (1 sachet is enough for medium length hair), you wait for 10 minutes then rinse it off with cold water. Voila! you’ll feel the difference.

I am not sure if you can get this particular brand where you live since I think this is local made, but if you can find other fruit smoothies hair mask, I suggest you give it a try. However, if you’re more of adventurous and creative type, you can always try to make your own fruit smoothies. I read that it isn’t that hard. For example, you can blend fresh berries, banana, fresh yoghurt and jojoba oil with teatree oil altogether. Who knows, I might do it myself next time!

In the meantime, I’m quite happy with these little sachets because I got them for less than $1 each!

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A Little Gift from Givenchy for All Pastel Lovers

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by Vie on June 13, 2017

Some people don’t realize that finishing powder takes important role in make up. They think that foundation and highlighter are all that but little do they know that finishing powder is the key for completion; which is why I would like to introduce you this lovely new Prisme Libre Loose Powder from Givenchy. Now we all know they have made lots of fabulous color shades when it comes to loose powder but have you seen anything as beautiful as this four? Granted, $58 is quite pricey but it will be so worth it.

Dedicated especially to you pastel lovers, this couture crossed powder will bring your facial glow to the next level. Long lasting, natural for that perfect radiant. Blend them as you please or use them individually if you’d like. Whatever it is you decide, you will be sure to get that doll face look you’ve been wanting. Not only that, they’re specially packed in classic glamorous Givenchy style. This is a true collector item.

I give this new loose powder 2 thumbs up!

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Lady

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by Vie on January 6, 2017


As we move toward the end of an amazing year and get ready to welcome a whole new year, many new challenges might also be waiting for us round the corner, not the least of which is keeping the girlfriend happy! As Valentine’s Day draws closer, you will be scratching your head once again to find new ways to impress your partner.

So, we decided to help you out this year with a list of some great Valentine’s gifting ideas that can earn you brownie points. For example, Ace Flowers is an online florist in downtown Houston that allows you to send flowers online to your loved ones. Won’t she be thrilled to be woken with a flower delivery in the morning?

5 Gifts You Can Give Her This Valentine

A Card
If you are in a casual relationship and don’t know how things will be in the future, a card is the best way to express your feelings, without going overboard. It’s cheap, so you don’t have worry about spending too much and is a perfect way to convey that this day means a lot to you. If you want to make it special, make the card yourself. Girls always love the effort you put in to make them feel special.

A bit of clichéd but it works in most cases. It is a safe move because no matter how many perfumes she owns, there will always be space for one more. Plus, it is you who will get to savor a new fragrance every time you meet her.

Smart Watch
Smart-watches are the new big thing in the market and could be the perfect gift for this Valentine’s. However, for this you might have to expand your budget. If she’s into technology, she will definitely love it. Just remember that if she’s not the gadgety kind, this move might backfire and it will take just seconds for you to be labeled as unromantic.

The tried and tested way of telling a girl that you love her is chocolate. With so much variety and price points for chocolates, the decision can become difficult though. This is where knowing what she likes might help you. Also, make sure to choose nice packaging for them. And if you are lucky, she might just give you more than just a piece or two from the box.

Flowers are the ultimate gift for Valentine’s Day. Although you might planning to buy a substantial gift or one that will last for a long time to come, accompanying it with long stem roses or her favorite flowers could be a great idea. The best part is that you can send flowers online in Houston and you can also opt for same day flower delivery, making your job easier.

So, for the next Valentine’s Day, don’t hold back and express your love in the most romantic way. Say it with flowers and in your own special way and see her face glow with happiness.

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