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New “Denim” Phone from Samsung

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by Vie on February 22, 2007


Our dearest editor from Techfresh found this stylish and unique phone from Samsung. It was released at 3GSM World Congress 2007. This Samsung SGH-E490 offers seven different color features such as; scarlet red, pearl white, indigo blue, blue jean, sweet pink, gram gold, and lemon green. The one that caught my attention is definitely the blue jean.

Unfortunately no further information yet on the pricing and availability. I guess we just need to wait a bit longer huh.

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Sweet Dreams with Dylan’s Candy Bar

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by Vie on February 20, 2007


Dylan’s Candy Bar offers you not only delicious treats of chocolates and candies, but they also bring you the sweetest dreams ever. I mean, take a look at those pillows! I’m a huge fan of Nerds, so I’m totally in for it! Plus who can forget the yummy Bubble Yum, Razzles, Jolly Rancher, Sweet Tarts, and many many more!

The pillow ranges from the price of US$19.99 to US$34.99 and you’ll be sure to have plenty of sweet dreams, just don’t drool over it, okay? and Pssst, don’t tell the tooth fairy, either!

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Pizza Anyone?

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by Vie on February 15, 2007


Alright, so Bali is definitely hot and I’m not just talking about the weather, I’m talking about the people and the restaurants.

We just had our dinner at Tratorria Italian Resto and we had the delicious ham-mushroom pizza. It was really REALLY good. We just got back to the hotel and I figure to post a little something here.. and what do you know, I found this cute pizza plate! Fredflare sells this set of 4 for only US$15, and each plate actually can hold one slice of pizza. As cute as it is, but you gotta keep these plates away from the microwave and dishwasher.

That’s a little bit too bad, huh?

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Evian 2007 Limited Edition

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by Vie on February 13, 2007


Alright, I think I’m a bit late to post about this news, but I don’t care lol.. I was flipping through local magazine here and spot this bottle (what can I say, my country is rather late haha..) I must admit, I’ve never seen it in our grocery stores.

Apparently, Evian only released 8,000 bottles worldwide and my country only got 70 bottles with their own serial numbers. Now I don’t know about you, but to me, water is water lol.. However, looks like people are going all nutso about this Evian limited edition.

If you’re interested, then try to visit, I think I saw one or two there, so you might find your luck!

Man.. I feel so left out! lol..

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Pet Fish Soap

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by Vie on February 7, 2007


Alright, before you “what the hell is that thing” me, let me explain why I post this stuff lol.. First off, it’s super cute, second, I love fish! so there you go.

Actually this is part of the kids collection from The Spoon Sisters, and since there’s always a kid in us, I figure why not! These plastic fish are embedded in clear, vegetable based glycerin soap shaped like “water in a bag”.

You are free to choose the colors, but bear in mind that the soap doesn’t have any scent.

Each fish is sold for US$7.50.

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