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Personality Mirror Mints

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by Vie on January 29, 2007


Doesn’t matter if you claim yourself to be the flirt, the hottie or the lush, this perfect “mirror mint” should cover all of that. By getting this US$3 mints, you can have both fresh breath and of course, refreshing new looks.

Simply slide open the sleek pink tin top and behold the mirror. Voila, it’s that simple and useful.

And yes, it might be tiny, but in this case, size definitely does not matter!

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For the Love of Sushi

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by Vie on January 28, 2007


I am so glad I found the Pixel Girl Shop, coz they surely got LOTS of cute cute stuff. One of them is their sushi heaven collection. Being a sushi fanatic myself, I think I should get me one of these lol..

From sushi charmbracelet to cute dangling earrings with swarovski crystals, from comfortable pillows to the stylish ipod case! I absolutely love LOVE their ebi-pillow, it’s way too adorable! Just one look makes my tummy growls already! The price aren’t that cheap either, starts from US$18 for the earrings up to US$54 for the pillow.

If you’re not up for the raw stuff, then at least you must agree that they look pretty cute!

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“Sock It Away” Change Purse

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by Vie on January 25, 2007


I do have problems with change. I don’t normally care much about change purse. As a matter of fact, I hated it! And since my wallet doesn’t have a place to hold the change, so my coins are all over the place! Lucky for me, my dearest girlfriend finally bought me Emily Strange change purse that I love very much. Now, problem is solved.

I was browsing through Spoon Sisters today and found this adorable “Sock it Away” change purse. Available in various colors and patterns, I personally love the yellow handbag.

This cute stuff only costs you US$6.95. So, girls, keep the change!

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Dish-Washing with Style

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by Vie on January 15, 2007


I recently had problems with my fingers. I hardly can move them, some think that I have cramps because I’ve been cleaning, playing with water all the time. Others think I might have rheumatics (yikes!) One of the chores I do here at the apartment is the dish-washing. We don’t have dishwasher yet, so everything needs to be done manually. Lucky for me, my bf is such a sweetheart, he takes good care of me.

At a glance, these stuff are kinda creepy. I don’t know why, maybe it’s the color? but the reason why I posted this one is because I’ve never seen any dish gloves like that before lol.. so I don’t know if I should laugh or be amazed? Oh well, I’ll let you decide.

Available in 3 options, this “designer” dish glove is sold for US$35 at The Spoon Sisters.

Again, I have no idea which category I should put this at.

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Rubber Band Fetish

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by Vie on January 15, 2007


OK, I totally feel bad for not posting for a couple of days — I was out of town with my bf and we just got back today. I had such a great time, we hung out with his friends and he took me to lots of nice places — I even had a chance to play with puppies! Plus he took me to this romantic restaurant up in the mountain where we could practically see the whole city at night. It was amazing. I hope your weekend was as memorable as mine.

Anyways, I apologize to my dear readers, but worry not as I’m back and I’ll post more stuff for your reading pleasure.. and it starts now!

Let me begin with this one. I honestly have no idea where to put this post at. It seems to me that I need to add one more category for “Unusual Things” haha.. This super cute handy bands is actually a box full of rubber undies (yup, you read that right). I just can’t resist it. The function is still the same, and once you’re done using them, they’ll return to their own contour.

All of these for US$7.50

The socks are absolutely adorable. What do you think?


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