Spring Beads With Alice + Olivia

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by Vie on July 26, 2017

When it comes to eccentric and authenticity, you can never go wrong with Alice + Olivia. This fashion house is known for its unique and fun designs. One of the styles that caught my eye is definitely this new beaded blouse. You don’t have to worry about accessorizing yourself because this is more than just a top.

Made of polyester, this vibrant look is accented with colorful embellishments, making it not only pleasant to look at but also to wear. I mean, take a look at the elaborate beads on the back!

Get your size for $350.

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Airlines uniform is probably one of the most important parts of the business. Not only does it represent the image of the company, but it also represents the overall appearance of the wearers. There are few Airlines that offer quite beautiful and unique uniforms, but I bet none of them as sophisticated as Hainan Airlines. This China based Airlines have collaborated with Couture designer Laurence Xu to introduce these at the Paris Couture Week.

You can see the beautiful details that are so “Chinese”, from the traditional Cheong sam style to the down-to-earth color tone, including the Chinese mythical bird, the Roc. The purpose of this is not only to introduce the Chinese culture but also dare to be different.

I personally love this collection that is not only elegant, but also classy and glamorous. What do you think?

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Reasons Why We Love Ruffles So Much

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by Vie on July 6, 2017

Ruffles are back in fashion and it is not difficult to see why. I’ve always loved ruffles because not only do they compliment and flatter your figure femininely, but the style is also timeless.Whether you want to add ruffles as part of your blouse, dress or skirt, it will certainly work for all occasions.

Ruffles are created to give the illusion of extra layer and volume on your body, so if you want to look fuller, you might want to choose ruffle as your next style.

A lot of designers prefer to use material such as chiffon and cotton for this type of fashion but that doesn’t mean other fabric can’t be used to create such beautiful piece. If you are aiming for something flirty (and frilly), you might want to choose a brighter color such as yellow or red. Designer such as Banjanan (pic 1), Caroline Constas (pic 2), and Flynn Skye (pic 3) certainly know how to work their ruffles right.

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Reasons Why I Love Off Shoulder Style

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by Vie on June 12, 2017

This season is all about showing those shoulders off. That is why, off shoulder tops or dresses seem to dominate the fashion scene. I must say, this sexy yet sassy style is simply irresistible. Whether you want to dress up or lounging around casually, this style can definitely be your ultimate choice.

Here are the reasons why every woman should have at least ONE off-shoulder in her closet:

1. Sexy with a touch of feminine.

Granted that shoulders are considered to be one of the sexiest parts of women’s body, and there’s no reason for you to hide them. This sexy style will not only complement your feminine side but also boost up your elegant figure as a lady.

2. It goes with all kinds of fashion styles.

Whether you want to look casual or formal, off shoulder dress or blouse can definitely do the work. What I love about this particular option is that you can be flexible – cocktail party? sure! You may choose the elegant maxi dress. Lunch date with girlfriends? Simply choose the summer dress style – mini, flirty and absolutely comfy!

With a lot of vendors offering different types of off-shoulder designs, I am certain this style will be a favorite. Not only do they hug your curves beautifully, they somehow take your confidence to a whole new level. Add some shimmer powder on your bare shoulders for that sun-kissed effect and you’re good to go.

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Back in Black (Nails) With Gucci Resort 2018

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by Vie on June 2, 2017

While waiting for my blog to get a facelift, I decided to still write in the meantime. And today, I wanna show you this interesting trend that I just found out.

As a fan of black nail polish, I must say this look is rather intriguing. Part of Gucci Resort 2018 collection is not only the unique, eye catching and spectacular jewelry but also little details such as the nails.

Whenever we have elections here, we have to dip one finger in the ink bottle to indicate that we voted. And honestly, I cringe every time I have to do that.

So, I… am not too sure how to react to this “new trend” but Alessandro Michele for Gucci surely knows how to steal get your attention. With odd yet fashionably creative, you simply can’t stop staring at these unusual style of “nail art”. I don’t know about you ladies, but I don’t think I am ready to dip my nails in the ink. Are you?

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