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If you have to choose one type of jewelry that you can wear forever, what do you think it will be? I personally would choose necklaces, only because they really add extra fashion and outlook to your wardrobe. You can definitely transform your plain Jane look with one simple danglers on your neck and voila, you’ll be all chic and stylish.

What I love about the current necklace trend is the unique designs. Necklaces are absolutely getting more and more creative. They don’t necessarily have to be extravagant because simple can be beautiful. However, if you plan to go to special events or parties, of course you would like to be the center of attention and that’s when chunky and bold necklaces come to mind.


Today I would like to introduce you to my newly-found jewelry store that completely awes me. Uno de 50 is one of the leading jewelry manufacturers from Spain and known for its wild imagination, simplicity and elegance. Not only do they offer fantastic, provocative, elegant collection of fashion necklaces for women, but also other jewelries such as bracelets, rings, earrings, anklets, pendants, cufflinks, even watches and other accessories. This brand has been around since late 90’s and the unique style jewels from Uno de 50 is their strong selling point. Most of them are made of high quality silver or gold, and hand crafted into total perfection.

Expect unusual and funky designs from this brand because their concept is definitely one of the kind, and being unique and creative, they showcase different themes occasionally.


For example to celebrate the new moon, they recently released the “Lunar Phases” collection that consists of beautiful and bold designs inspired by the mysterious yet glamorous looking skulls made of pearl and adorned with Swarovski crystals. They are also meticulously blended with fine looking leather to get that sophisticated feeling. The concept behind this is to represent different lunar phases. So, not only are these jewels pretty to look at, they’re quite symbolic as well.


Another newly released collection is to welcome the most-anticipated and fun holiday, “The Halloween”. Still using the same concept but with more daring and provocative outlook, you will love this smoky-colored Swarovski crystals that are gorgeously fitted into gold and silver plated jewels. You can be sure that your Halloween will not only be enticing but also eccentric and fashionably hot.

I highly recommend this brand for its authenticity and endless creativity. Now it is your time to get up close and personal with their Autumn/Winter 2015 collection that will definitely blow your mind.


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A few days ago I was contacted by the representative from Warby Parker and he introduced me to these lovely new collection. I must say, I’m not a big fan of glasses but I certainly changed my mind after browsing through these exceptional collection. Why? Because they’re very special. Not only are they made out of exquisite quality of acetate and titanium, they are also created meticulously to frame your face perfectly. You can’t doubt the fine and bold quality of premium Japanese titanium, can you?


Luminary collection is available in eyeglasses and also sunglasses. So whether it is for necessity or style, you can still look gorgeous within these special frames. Luminary comes in 5 different collection – Abbot, Lionel, Upshaw, York and Dempsey. Each to their own personality. The sunglasses are of course polarized for your eye comfort and protection.


What makes this brand unique is not only the specific and bold design, but also the fact that they’re light and not to mention fashionably stylish. You can also get them in 3 different ways:

1. Home try-on.
This definitely will save your time, because they can send you 5 samples for you to try on at home and if you find one that suits you the most, you can simply return the others and place your order.

2. Virtual try-on.
All you need is fast internet and good photo of yourself. Upload your picture and have fun virtually with their glasses and pick one that calls out your name!

3. Retail.
Of course, some people prefer to have them in their hands immediately, so I suggest you can visit their flagshop at 121 Greene st, NY for some modelling. They’d be more than happy to assist you.


As if those aren’t enough, what captivates me from this brand is the fact that every single purchase you make goes to someone in need. Yes, they have teamed up with non-profits to sell affordable glasses so that everyone in need can have access to glasses. Isn’t it wonderful? Price starts at US$145.

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Women can never be separated from jewelry and if you’re looking for classy and simplicity, then you shall look no more because Chanel just got the right collection for you. Recently released, this quilted inspired jewelry is not only bringing you class but also style and of course, perfection. Available in yellow or white gold, they are available in cuff bracelets and rings with price starts from 1,970 euro. You can get them at Chanel store worldwide, however fans in the US should wait much longer, which is next year! Here’s a closer look on these little beauties.

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Fashion TV Brings More Shades of Style

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by Vie on October 29, 2014


Nowadays, sunglasses are made not only to protect eyes, but also to enhance style. Knowing this perfectly well, Fashion TV has collaborated beautifully with Elie and Alain Bou Boutros. These two brothers established TOMMY FASHION SUNGLASSES TRADING L.L.C in Lebanon, 2002. Known for their eccentric, colorful and stylish designs, FTV definitely has made the right decision. Offering not only sunglasses but also eyeglasses and contact lenses, all is packed nicely and of course, very fashionable! I was browsing through some of their collection and boy, don’t I want them all!

For those who love collecting shades as favorite accessories, then these collection deserves your peek!



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6 Funkiest Glasses You’ve Ever Seen

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by Vie on June 22, 2014

Summer is the best time to show off your sunglasses. If you’re one of those people who dare to be different and don’t mind spending extra cash to look awesome, then you’re gonna find this post useful, if not amusing. I know when I saw these glasses, first thing that came to mind was “wow.. do people actually wear them?” but then again, it’s all about confidence and of course, style! Here are top 6 funkiest glasses I’ve ever seen. They sure make Summer much more interesting!

6 Funky Designer Glasses

1. Anna-Karin Karlsson Isola Ella Cat Eye Glasses. US$665.

Anna Karin Karlsson Isola
I personally love the sky-blue color and also the cat-eye shape, I think they are sexy and hot, but I’m not sure about the crazy golden glitter. Still they are fancy to look at, don’t you think?

2. Marni Textured Round Cat Eye Glasses. US$375.

Marni Textured Glasses
Very retro and sophisticated. These are framed in such glossy perfection and with 100% UV protection. You’ll feel like a pink princess once you put them on.

3. Dolce & Gabbana Cat Eye Filigree Silver Tone Glasses. US$1,165.

Dolce Gabbana Filigree Glasses
Now this is what I call eye luxury. Made out of faceted Swarovski crystals with gorgeous silver-tone filigree, I actually think these glasses are mighty beautiful. With extra 100% UV protection, these are both feminine and elegant.

4. House of Holland Combover Cat Eye Sunglasses. US$275.

House of Holland Combover
Retro much? A perfect sidekick for you to hit the pool during hot sunny days! Made of pink acetate with 100% UV protection, these quirky shades are all about styling up your peepers.

5. Anna-Karin Karlsson Tropical Swarovski Glasses. US$1,010.

Anna Karin Karlsson Tropical Summer Glasses
Well, can’t say much but only WOW! these colorful Swarovski shades will definitely melt every crystal lover out there. This extraordinary Tropical twist is more than just accessory, it’s definitely a work of art.

6. Jeremy Scott Television Sunglasses. US$298.17.

Jeremy Scott TV Glasses
For those who don’t mind a little bit humor in their style might find this super cute TV glasses from Jeremy Scott amusing. I literally was laughing when I found these and I thought you might find it funny as well.

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