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Winter Trend Alert: Pretty Scarves

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by Vie on December 7, 2011

What will you consider as a loyal side-kick when facing winter chill? socks, mittens, earmuffs perhaps, but for me, I’d say scarves! Not only do they make good looking accessory but they also come in handy to warm your neck. I love scarves, unfortunately I live in the tropics so wearing a scarf would be quite ridiculous, unless I drive up to the mountainous area, then my scarf will be very useful. I’ve found so many gorgeous looking ones, the design varies from plain to daring patterns. And today, I’d like to share my finds with you lovely readers, I have also categorized them based on your personalities, hope you enjoy my scarf-venture! : )

For starter, we have Little Miss Girly. I’m dedicating this section to all my girly friends, who adore pink and cute stuff. Surely these good looking scarves will add more style to your winter sweater/coat. I’m loving all of them, hope you do, too!

Winter Scarves: Little Miss Girly

1. Juicy Couture Scarf With Bow Pocket. US$98.
2. Epice Floral Shawl. US$285.
3. Salvatore Ferragamo Floral Print Chiffon Scarf. US$143.50.
4. Y-3 Ruffled Wool Scarf. US$68.
5. Christian Dior Printed Twill Scarf. US$99.
6. Mulberry Printed Stripe Scarf. US$200.

Next, we have the Little Miss Fancy. Those who don’t mind spending more for quality and performance would definitely enjoy these findings. Bold in prints and soft in touch, it is okay to indulge ourselves once in a while! : )

Winter Scarves: Little Miss Fancy

1. Gucci Paisley Print Scarf. US$745.
2. Emilio Pucci Printed Silk Scarf. US$100.80.
3. Matthew Williamson Peacock Print Scarf. US$210.
4. Lea Clement Fur Scarf. US$509.
5. Salvatore Ferragamo Zebra Print Scarf. US$129.50.
6. Valentino Cashmere Lace Scarf. US$1,395.

Finally, we got the Little Miss Casual. To be honest with you, this is more of my style, casual, fun and still stylish! Since there are less prints involved, we can match them with pretty much anything. Hope you like!

Winter Scarves: Casual

1. Missoni Chunky Knit Scarf. US$425.
2. Juicy Couture Scarf With Tassels. US$88.
3. Twenty8Twelve Patch Pocket Scarf. US$40.50.
4. Rag & Bone Oakley Cotton Scarf. US$155.
5. Sonia Rykiel Crystal Embellished Scarf. US$88.50.
6. The North Circular Sea Cable Knit Scarf. US$147.50.

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Dear Vie,

I’m a brunette with long wavy hair around my shoulder and I need you to help me find pretty hair accessories. I’m going to a snowflake party next weekend and I want to do my hair elegant but sweet, do you think you can help me with this? Thank you!!


Hi Ann! Thank you for your email. I must say I hardly write about hair accessories, and your email is a nice reminder that I should look into this more in the future. So a Snowflake party hmmm? How exciting is that!  : ) In that case, I shall help you find a holiday-theme accessory. Here we go!

1. Headbands

I don’t know about you but I always think that headbands are the most convenient and fastest way to change your hair look. You don’t need to use a lot of effort, simply put them on and voila, you get instant style. With so many beautiful headbands out there, you have a lot of options to choose from, depends on the look you want to achieve. In this case, Ann, I specifically chose you feminine and sweet style to complement your Snowflake ball!

Hair Accesories Headbands

1. Charlotte Russe Jeweled Chiffon Headband. US$6.50.
2. Banana Republic Sparkling Leaf Headband. US$25.
3. Tarino Tarantino Grosgrain Feather Headband. US$162.50.
4. DCNL Jewels Headband With Bow. US$7.99.
5. Juicy Couture Faux Fur Cluster Headband. US$45.
6. Nina Bridal Danica Headband. US$150.
7. Colette Malouf Mesh Crystal Headband. US$140.
8. Anna & Ava Multi Mini Bow Headband. US$15.

2. Barrettes

Here’s another hair accessory that I like. For a long wavy hair like yours,  this would also do wonders. Whether you plan to tie your hair ponytail style or have a little twist or bun, barrette will totally make a good looking side dish. Here are some of my favorites that I hope you’ll like!

Hair Accessories Barettes

1. France Luxe Pearl Crystal Pair. US$24.
2. Kate Spade Pink Round Barrette. US$45.
3. 1928 Silver Butterfly Barrette. US$21.74.
4. Serenity Crystals Blue Dragonfly Barrette. US$11.95.
5. Willowbee Silver Purple Barrette. US$21.99.
6. PammyJ Hair Accessories Rhinestone Flower Set. US$17.99.
7. Forever21 Rhinestone Heart Barrette. US$3.80.
8. Karina Barrette Set. US$14.

3. Hair Combs

Practical and keep your hair organized, just like what’s it called, hair comb. This lovely hair accessory style has become favorite among brides but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them when you have other occasion! Wear your hair down or up, it doesn’t matter! So if you’re looking for something fast and practical, hair combs can be an excellent idea.

Hair Accessories Hair Combs

1. Nina Bridal Frances Hair Comb. US$175.
2. Weigela Silver Crystal Hair Comb. US$24.35.
3. Bling Jewelry Botticelli Side Comb. US$34.99.
4. AJ Fashion Jewellery Clover Crystal Comb. US$17.85.
5. AJ Fashion Jewellery Amethyst Crystal Comb. US$25.85.
6. DoubleAccent Crystal Cluster Comb Set. US$15.98.
7. DoubleAccent Pink Flowers Hair Comb. US$29.99.


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Hi Vie,

I need your help!! I’m trying to find good charm bracelet for my sister’s birthday. She’s turning 23 in 2 weeks and I want to give her something special. She collects charm bracelets and I want to get her one, but my budget is only $50, so if you can find one around that price or under, that will be great. Thank you!!


Hi Amanda, your email made my day! To be honest with you, charmbracelet is also one of my favorite things. I can never get enough of them. Not only do they make stunning accessory but they also have sentimental value. So, upon your request, I have managed to find some beautiful bracelets that I hope you and your sister will like. Please wish her happy birthday for me!

Beautiful Charmbracelets Under $50

1. Charlotte Russe Princess Charmbracelet. US$6.
2. Lumiani Charming Bracelet. US$45.
3. Lucky Brand Multi Pave and Stone Bracelet. US$39.
4. Guess Jet and Crystal Heart Bracelet. US$25.
5. Betsey Johnson Crystal Bow Bracelet. US$35.
6. Guess Enchanting Bracelet. US$30.

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Halloween 101: 10 Jewelry to Spook the Night

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by Vie on October 13, 2011

Halloween is coming soon! It’s definitely an enjoyable season. The grown-ups get to play dress up and the kids get to keep those candies and sweets. Here in Bali, we don’t celebrate it as we should but we still see lots of ornaments in several shops and clubs. So, to welcome the spirit of the Halloween, I decided to create a Halloween 101. Through this mini-series you’ll find lots of ideas to make your Halloween more fun and fashionable. For starter, here are 10 of the hottest jewelry that will give you good goosebumps, hope you like them!

Halloween 101: Jewelry

1. Betsey Johnson Dark Forest Skull Gem Bracelet. US$55.
2. Tarina Tarantino Classic Skull Pendant Necklace. US$63.
3. Avon Halloween Fun Earrings. US$4.99.
4. Charlotte Russe Glam Spider Ring. US$7.50.
5. BCBGeneration Bat Ring. US$20.
6. Betsey Johnson Dark Forest Skeleton Pendant Necklace. US$75.
7. Juicy Couture Limited Edition Pumpkin Charm. US$78.
8. Betsey Johnson Dark Forest Rose Stem Earrings. US$35.
9. Mars and Valentine Underworld Unseen Ring. US$350.
10. Guess Red Beaded Bracelet. US$35.

Stay tuned for more Halloween 101!

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I recently discovered Renata & Jonathan Jewelry and Art through Twitter and we tweet from time to time. Not only are they super nice but their collection is absolutely amazing! If you’re big fan of  vintage and fairy-tale then you’re gonna LOVE Renata’s imagination and creativity. She uses handmade recycled bronze and silver to make them look eclectic and unique. As for the artwork, that’s when Jonathan comes along, He specializes in original art prints, custom shop and blog banners.

Here are some of the items that I love, for more you can always go to their shopping site!

Renata and Jonathan Miniature Terrarium Pendant Necklace

This Miniature Terrarium Dome pendant necklace is a love at first sight. I absolutely amazed by the great details on this sterling silver necklace. US$75.

Renata and Jonathan Herkimer Diamond Necklace

If you wanna go a little bit fancy, then you will love this gorgeous Herkimer Diamond necklace. So sweet and magical, just like Renata said, it brings you back to your childhood dreams! US$125.

Renata and Jonathan Life's a Carousel Pendant Necklace

When I was a kid, I love the carousel very much, actually I still do now. This classic and vintage looking necklace certainly reminds me of my younger years. It’s too bad that we hardly have carnivals now, it would be great to ride the carousel again. This lovely necklace is made of brass and I totally dig the look. US$34.

Renata and Jonathan Isabelle's Flower

What a cutie, don’t you think? This adorable 7 x 5.557 inch print is painted digitally from a hand drawn sketch and photographic textures. I love the innocent and mischievous look on this pretty little Isabelle. US$32.

Renata and Jonathan Madonna Print

Now we go for a more “serious” one, the Madonna Drawing Study of Raphael. This beautiful print is sketched by hand in graphite then scanned and painted in Adobe Photoshop. The image area is 10 x 8 and then printed via inkjet on archival Hahnemuhle water color paper (8 1/2 x 11). US$28.

Renata and Jonathan Rose Red Embrace Print

Crave for something more romantic and emotive? I present you this lovely Rose Red Embrace that’s originally created in watercolor and now is printed on 7 x 7 fine archival watercolor paper. What an art! US$32.

I hope you enjoy their fabulous arts as much as I do!

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