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I recently discovered Renata & Jonathan Jewelry and Art through Twitter and we tweet from time to time. Not only are they super nice but their collection is absolutely amazing! If you’re big fan of  vintage and fairy-tale then you’re gonna LOVE Renata’s imagination and creativity. She uses handmade recycled bronze and silver to make them look eclectic and unique. As for the artwork, that’s when Jonathan comes along, He specializes in original art prints, custom shop and blog banners.

Here are some of the items that I love, for more you can always go to their shopping site!

Renata and Jonathan Miniature Terrarium Pendant Necklace

This Miniature Terrarium Dome pendant necklace is a love at first sight. I absolutely amazed by the great details on this sterling silver necklace. US$75.

Renata and Jonathan Herkimer Diamond Necklace

If you wanna go a little bit fancy, then you will love this gorgeous Herkimer Diamond necklace. So sweet and magical, just like Renata said, it brings you back to your childhood dreams! US$125.

Renata and Jonathan Life's a Carousel Pendant Necklace

When I was a kid, I love the carousel very much, actually I still do now. This classic and vintage looking necklace certainly reminds me of my younger years. It’s too bad that we hardly have carnivals now, it would be great to ride the carousel again. This lovely necklace is made of brass and I totally dig the look. US$34.

Renata and Jonathan Isabelle's Flower

What a cutie, don’t you think? This adorable 7 x 5.557 inch print is painted digitally from a hand drawn sketch and photographic textures. I love the innocent and mischievous look on this pretty little Isabelle. US$32.

Renata and Jonathan Madonna Print

Now we go for a more “serious” one, the Madonna Drawing Study of Raphael. This beautiful print is sketched by hand in graphite then scanned and painted in Adobe Photoshop. The image area is 10 x 8 and then printed via inkjet on archival Hahnemuhle water color paper (8 1/2 x 11). US$28.

Renata and Jonathan Rose Red Embrace Print

Crave for something more romantic and emotive? I present you this lovely Rose Red Embrace that’s originally created in watercolor and now is printed on 7 x 7 fine archival watercolor paper. What an art! US$32.

I hope you enjoy their fabulous arts as much as I do!

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Top 3 Jewelry Trends for Fall 2011

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by Vie on September 13, 2011

Fall is a perfect time to play with fashion. From experimenting with wrapped dresses and pretty scarfs to getting cozy and comfy in knitwear and boots. Fall is also a perfect time to be bold and beautiful in jewelry & accessories. This year revolves around 3 elements of gold, precious gem and vibrant colors. I have made some interesting look books for you. Hope you enjoy them.

1. Bold in Gold
For those who can never get enough of bling and have yellow as their favorite color, you can indulge yourself with these fabulous collection. From Vivienne Westwood to Kenneth Jay Lane, Betsey Johnson to Michael Kors, whether you’re looking for something casual or elegant, I got them all covered!

Fall 2011 Jewelry Trend Gold

1. Pamela Love Navajo Necklace. US$465.
2. Asos Swirl Hoop Earrings. US$18.30.
3. Michael Kors Logo Toggle Bracelet. US$85.
4. Kenneth Jay Lane Swarovski Bee Brooch. US$75.
5. Vivienne Westwood Skeleton Bracelet. US$180.
6. Betsey Johnson English Tea Cup Ring. US$50.

2. Precious Gem
There’s no doubt that colored gem stones would make fantastic combination with gold, which is why when you think gold is too plain, you can always add more sparks. The second jewelry trend of the season is all about these sparkling stones.

Fall 2011 Jewelry Gemstones

1. Juicy Couture Gemstone Cuff. US$88.
2. Lauren by Ralph Lauren Irish Coast Charmbracelet. US$44.
3. Miu Miu Crystal Clip Earrings. US$395.
4. Marc Jacobs Glass Collar Necklace. US$260.
5. Bijoux Heart Swarovski Ring. US$330.
6. Juicy Couture Gemstone Cocktail Ring. US$78.

3. Vibrant Colors.
Just because it’s gloomy and cold outside, doesn’t mean you can’t wear something vibrant and beautiful! That’s when this third trend comes to the rescue. Playing with vibrant colored accessories can be a lot of fun, especially if you know how to mix and match them well with your warmies. Here are some of my favorites that are guaranteed to turn your frown upside down.

Fall 2011 Jewelry Trend Vibrant Colors

1. Tom Binns Fauve Swarovski Crystal Earrings. US$285.
2. Marni Knitted Wool Chain Necklace. US$405.
3. Kenneth Jay Lane Swarovski Embellished Cuff. US$325.
4. Juicy Couture Pave Pyramid Stretch Bracelet. US$72.
5. Asos Geo Stone Ring. US$21.95.

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Charlotte Russe Painted Bead Charm Necklace

When I see this charm necklace from Charlotte Russe, I see a story. A story of young traveler girl who’s a hopeless romantic and can’t get enough of love and pretty things. Every where she goes, she always collects something as a reminder of where she’s been. From lakes, to gardens to parties and the great outdoors. Once she has everything, she will tie them nice and sweet, creating a gorgeous charm necklace, making it as her note. If you feel the love then you should wear this around your neck and enjoy the fluttering romance, because love is definitely in the air! US$5.50.

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Juicy Couture Limited Edition Fall Bracelet

It’s time to say goodbye to Summer and greet new season with something sparkly and sweet, like this charming bracelet from Juicy Couture. This limited edition jewelry is adorned with fun and witty charms, inspired by the lovely Fall itself. Made of gold tone metal with colored enamel, don’t leave home without accessorizing your wrist glamorously! US$88.

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Dolce & Gabbana Cameo Charmbracelet

You can never get enough of bold and chunky jewelry, especially when it comes to charm bracelet. Now you can complement your daily fashion with something vibrant and colorful. Made of gold tone metal with gorgeous charms, this unique and vintage inspired bracelet from Dolce & Gabbana works well with both cropped blazer or casual shirt. What do you say to give this elegant jewel a try? US$745.

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