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How to Choose Your Mattress Right

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by Vie on August 1, 2018

They say if you want to know what kind of style a girl is, you can look at the bedroom.

Whether you realize it or not, bedroom is one of the most important parts in the house. I don’t know about you but I spend most of my free time in my bedroom and I have to make sure that it is the most comfortable place for me.

I love getting ideas from celebrity bedrooms, from Paris Hilton to Mariah Carey, they really know how to dress their bedrooms right; just take a look at how they mix and match the colors. Arent’t they gorgeous?

However, we can’t forget that the most important element of a bedroom is the bed itself, and choosing the right bed, in this case the mattress can be quite tricky. Firstly, you need to know the size of your bedroom so that you can choose the suitable mattress size, then you need to know whether or not the mattress is soft or firm.

The next important thing about choosing a mattress is the material. Mattresses come in many different types of material and designs, and you will need to work out which is the best for your comfort and your budget. For example a memory foam mattress is a great option as it provides comfort and full body support. You could also look at spring loaded mattresses which are more traditional, but will cost less money. Investigate the types of mattress styles and designs prior to heading out to the shops.

Now that you already know the kind of mattress you need, you can definitely make your bedroom a celebrity bedroom look-alike!

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VieCouture on Facebook

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by Vie on December 7, 2017

Lovelies, I’ve decided to migrate and update you more on our Facebook page.

If you haven’t joined us, please click here and be part of the family! Looking forward to welcoming you there!

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I have never written anything about furniture before, yet I have found myself shopping for furniture quite a lot lately. I must say furniture takes great part of our life and it is amazing how furniture could affect your mood. Furniture is part of fashion and lifestyle, that is granted to say, and today let’s talk about something cozy and comfy, the sofas!

This post is specifically dedicated to all my lovelies in Melbourne. Here are some tips to find affordable sofas and couches!

No matter what type of home you live in or how much space you have, you are going to find that you need to have a couch that can be the center point of your main living space. Even the smallest of apartments needs to make use of the sofa so that you have a comfortable place to relax each day and a space that you can use for entertaining. Of course, while there are some people that may be able to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to get the finest imported furniture possible, most people are going to look at couches and lounge suites that are a bit more affordable. You may think that it is impossible for you to find a furniture store Melbourne has today that can provide you with the sofa that fits in your budget, but if you follow these simple tips you will have a much easier time getting just what you are looking for:

  • Look for Sales –While it may seem obvious to say something like this, you are going to want to look for furniture sales in the area so that you can get the best price possible. There are many stores that you can choose from to find the pieces you may be looking for, so it makes the best sense for you to look for advertising in your local newspaper or online so that you can see which stores are having sales at this time. You can then look at some of the different prices that are available and whether or not they are on sofas that you may be most interested in.
  • Check Clearance Items –You will find that if you look at different stores and check the various clearance items that they have for sale that you may be able to get just the couch that you are looking for at a significantly lower price than what it was previously sold for. Many of the clearance items are items that have been discontinued for one reason or another and while you may be limited in the color selection or in the fabric, you can get a couch for hundreds less so that you can save some money.
  • Shop online –You can take advantage of quick comparison-shopping when you do some shopping online first. Look over the furniture stores in your area and check their websites to see what is available. Very often you can find special deals when you shop online so that you may be able to save a bit more money if you make your purchase over the Internet.

If you follow these basic tips, you can help yourself save a great deal of money and still get the particular couch that you really want. For some of the best sofas and couches in Melbourne at fantastic prices, make sure you see what is available at The Furniture People. The Furniture People is a family business with over seventy years of experience and provides high quality, designer furniture at some of the best prices you can find anywhere.

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Lady Gaga is the new face of Tiffany & Co Spring collection; the HardWear. Inspired by New York city, this marvelous collection from Tiffany & Co embodies more than just jewelry on your skin but also timeless style and elegance. If you are looking for statement jewelry, then this modern and minimalist style can be your next option.

This beautiful showcase is made of 18K gold and sterling silver. Having Lady Gaga as their icon is probably the right decision because when you’re looking for a strong, talented and independent woman, she is the total package.

HardWear collection is designed for both your daily accessories or for important dates. I absolutely love the simplicity of this new release and if you want to take a closer look at the campaign, here’s the video for you.

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I’m Coming Back Real Soon, My Lovelies

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by Vie on May 31, 2017

Having a full time job and struggling with health issues can definitely be a turn off, especially when writing is involved. That’s why I haven’t been on this blog for a long time. A few days ago, me and my boyfriend were hanging out and he popped the question, “Vie, how come you never write on your blog anymore?” and that hit me, just like that.

I haven’t forgotten about you my lovelies and also this little blog of mine. That’s why I plan to make a come back and by come back I’m saying a whole new facelift. I have few ideas in mind, all I need to do is to find the right person to help me executing it. I hope soon, this new look and new concept of VieCouture will be up and ready to keep you company.

Thank you for your emails and messages that I got. Thank you also for the love and support.

I will be back real soon.

I love you all!

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