Different Faces of Charlotte Olympia

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by Vie on July 12, 2014

Who doesn’t like “chameleon” designers? I know I do. What I mean with chameleon is the fact that they don’t only stick to one particular style. When it comes to shoes, I must give my thumbs up to the one and only Charlotte Olympia. I have been following her collection for quite some time now and every time she comes up with something new, they never cease to amaze me. Some of the designs might come up a little bit too “weird” for my taste but I always find them interesting in their own ways.

Enough said, here are some of the looks that I love!

1. Young by heart and playful by nature ; )
Charlotte Olympia

2. Looks that make you go “whaaaaat?”
Charlotte Olympia

3. Ohh la la…
Charlotte Olympia

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3 Reasons Why You Should Wear Ankle Boots

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by Vie on October 28, 2013

There’s no doubt that ankle boots are always a choice when it comes to classy and style. Unfortunately for me, I hardly see any ankle boots that match to my liking. Either they’re too much or too less. I admit that when it comes to shoes, I’m very picky and critical. But then again, aren’t we all? After all, feet are our important assets and the last thing we want is to hurt them in the name of fashion. I know I hardly talk about ankle boots but today I just got the idea to browse more about this particular style and I found 3 good and reasonable reasons on why we should invest our fashion in ankle boots.

Ankle Boots

1. Versus Safety Pin Ankle Boots. US$507.10.
2. Charlotte Olympia Hazel Leather and Suede Ankle Boots. US$1,012.90.
3. Nicholas Kirkwood Leather Ankle Boots. US$1,196.13.
4. Tabitha Simmons Hunter Ankle Boots. US$1,180.65.
5. Saint Laurent Two Tone Ankle Boots. US$960.
6. Michael Michael Kors Brena Ankle Boots. US$307.10.

1. Perfect for all seasons.
Whether it’s winter, spring, summer or fall, when it comes to ankle boots, you don’t need to worry. Although this type of sole is mostly famous during Fall-Winter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them during other seasons. My advice is to choose a lighter material for hot season.

2. Boost your confidence.
Whenever I wear ankle boots, I feel a sudden rush of high-confidence. Perhaps it’s the style, perhaps it’s the heels, whatever it is, when I need a little poke on my fashion, I’ll go for the boots.

3. Fashion’s best friend.
Shorts, skirts, dresses or pants, they go so well with ankle boots. And this is one of the strongest reasons on why you should at least have a pair of ankle-boots ready at home.

With so many types of ankle-boots out there, and not to mention the fancy looking materials and colors, now you are free to choose which boots suit you the most. Whether they’re designer boots or not, owning a pair of sophisticated ankle boots is a necessity. If you ask me, I’ll definitely go for neutral colors (I know, I’m boring that way but that doesn’t mean I don’t like the animal-prints!) I would also go for leather instead of suede. This is because of the durability and season-friendly. But then again, your boots, your choice!

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6 Hot Heels for Your Girly Summer Nights

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by Vie on August 1, 2013

Marilyn Monroe once said “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” I see a lot of truths in it because once you put on the right soles, then you’ll be so confident you pretty much can do everything! And I also believe that you should invest more on shoes rather than other accessories, because there is no bigger agony than walking with crazy blisters on your feet. As girls, we are lucky to have so many fabulous designers creating gorgeous shoes for our feet pleasure. Christian Louboutin, Nicholas Kirkwood, Brian Atwood, Charlotte Olympia are to name a few. Every girl wouldn’t mind having them on everyday, right? So today, after being inspired by such a quote, I’ve decided to look for some new hot heels. Wear them right and you might just have the world at your fingertips, or should I say, toes? ; )

6 Gorgeous Designer Shoes

1. Charlotte Olympia She Wolf Embellished Pumps. US$1,195.
Who could resist those signature heels? I know I can’t! I’m loving this newbie from Charlotte for its smooth suede texture and the playful lil wolf on top. If Little Red Riding Hood is your favorite children story, then you should consider wrapping your feet in these lovelies.

2. Bruno Magli Gelmer Swarovski Suede Pumps. US$2,200.
What I love particularly about this glamorous Swarovski pump is the hand-sewn suede flowers on the heels. Don’t you think they’re simply fabulous? I’m not too crazy about the price though but what to do? if quality is what you’re after, you might as well get the best, right?

3. Nicholas Kirkwood Ruffle Trimmed Pumps. US$895.
For something less glamorous but still got the class, this new pair from Nicholas Kirkwood can definitely do the justice. I love the purple, love the suede and absolutely love the flirty ruffles at the back.

4. Brian Atwood Metallic Leather and Felt Pumps. US$895.
You can never go wrong with black pumps, especially when they’re made out of metallic leather. Check out this hot stuff from Brian Atwood, aren’t they a killer? Not only do they look so chic but also femininely edgy.

5. Charlotte Olympia Happily Ever After Pumps. US$845.
For those who are big in fairytales, you’re gonna love these pumps from Charlotte Olympia because you can now wear your princess stories with pride (and style).

6. Nicholas Kirkwood Leather Ankle Boots. US$1,280.
I’m totally in lust with these boots from Nicholas Kirkwood. They go with pretty much anything– from mini skirts to shorts, dresses to pants! Plus you will make Summer hotter with these hot whites on your feet.

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6 Adorable Flats for Summer

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by Vie on June 11, 2013

I don’t normally go crazy over flats but I figured Summer is the best time to wear them, that’s why I’ve been looking for some cute and comfortable flats and I found these 6 most adorable ones. I figured if you can’t stand tall (literally) then you might as well look as irresistible as possible, right? And these cuties will definitely shower your feet with sweet attention! From candy-colors to neons, you can adjust them accordingly to your occasion!

Cute Summer Flats

1. Modcloth Bring Knit on Flat. US$124.99.
Old-fashioned but still very much stylish, you’re gonna find this knitted flat too cute to resist. I love the classic and down-to-earth style on this pretty blue. Imagine wearing your sexy denim shorts with these!

2. Modcloth Neon the Road Flat. US$44.99.
If you’re a happy-go-lucky and cheerful kind, then you should give this neon sweetheart a try. I totally love the color contrast and the crazy prints. A perfect pair for your hot Summer days!

3. Chinese Laundry Ice Cream Sundae Drive Flat. US$49.99.
Every girly girl is gonna love this newbie from Chinese Laundry. Not only is the color pretty but the ruches and style are, too! I love the fact that they’re transparent on each side, they would definitely make your walk one step more comfortable!

4. CL by Laundry Prime Floridian Flat. US$49.99.
Subtle yet still feminine, this chic pair might be simple in design but once you slip them on, there’s nothing simple about it! You’ll find instant style, thanks to the burst of pink embroidery and solid material of gorgeous woven!

5. Shellys of London Everlasting Mod Shopper Flat. US$124.99.
Now, for the flirty ones, you can’t skip this dotty darling! Dress up like a cute pin-up girl you are and pair your wardrobe with this one of the kind foot candy!

6. Soludos Poise of Summer Flat. US$35.99.
Going for a nice stroll at the beach or park? Then let this poise flat be your loyal companion. You can never go wrong with colorful stripes, especially when they’re looking as good as this!

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6 Gorgeous Soles for Your Perfect Spring

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by Vie on March 8, 2013

There’s no better way to come back than writing about shoes! They’re one of my weaknesses and I certainly can’t wait to share these lovelies with you all. After being absent for a while, I can’t believe that I have missed so many beautiful things out there, I’m so overwhelmed! So to start it off, I decided on these pretty soles for your Spring time. As you know, it is my favorite season of the year and I think these heels represent this blossom-time perfectly. Which one is your favorite? Let me know! : )

Pretty Shoes for Spring 2013

1. Giuseppe Zanotti Animal Print Sandals. US$895.
A gorgeous blend of red suede, gold metal and calf-hair, these heels take you to a higher ground, fashionably of course. Everything is perfectly crafted to follow the curves of your feet and the 6 inch heels will enhance your legs, giving them longer illusion.

2. Brian Atwood Maia Suede Sandals. US$1,995.
If colors and patterns are what you’re looking for, then this newbie from Brian Atwood might just fit your criteria. I know I love the colors and not to mention the unique back-shape. Made of Italian suede, there’s no doubt in these gorgeous set, is there?

3. Charlotte Olympia Botanica Orchid Sandals. US$1,795.
When talking about Spring sandals, you can’t eliminate the fact that flowers are necessary. At least that’s how Charlotte Olympia sees it. She has always been my favorite designer and this time her Spring collection is simply breathtaking. I’m absolutely in love with this Botanica. Imagine wearing them with your white lace dress or even simple little black dress, these orchid-embellished sandals will bring out the sweetness in you!

4. Nicholas Kirkwood Ruffle Trimmed Suede Pumps. US$1,095.
For those who put gallant and class as their number one fashion priority, rest assured that this new collection from Nicholas Kirkwood would change your whole appearance just like that! I simply adore those little ruffles, don’t you think they’re just super cute? Make sure your black dress has a proper date with these heels!

5. Sophia Webster Briar Multi Strap Sandals. US$490.
Sophia Webster always comes up with an easy going and fun style, and I always look for her whenever I’m feeling funky and trendy. Take a look at these Briar sandals for example, I like how she put the beads to cover the heels and the color combination is just superb. A fine compliment to your Spring daytime dresses!

6. Charlotte Olympia Flora Leather and Mesh Pumps. US$1,200.
Another gorgeous imagination coming from Charlotte Olympia. These pumps are so pretty they look so unreal! Whether you have a Spring wedding to attend or when you simply feel romantic, you definitely can count on this stunner.

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