Swiss Aromatherapy Pens

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by Noelle on October 22, 2007

Swiss Aromatherapy Pens

Anybody work at an office or use to? I know I have once in my life. Here’s a little something for all those busy career women out there! As we all know, the office can be a very hectic and stressful place. So why not buy something that you can use at work and also make it less stressful? How is that possible you ask?

Three words: Swiss Aromatherapy Pens. These cute little pens come in 7 different scents:rose,mint,grapefruit,eucalyptus,ginger,lavender,and orange. All you have to do is twist and roll on the scents. Aromatherapy, in my opinion, is always a good way to relax even when you’re out and about. I’d definitely recommend these, especially the rose and mint! Each is tagged at US$49.99!

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