Winter 2011 Fashion: Pretty and Shiny

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by Vie on October 31, 2011

This is another trend alert post for you fabulous ladies out there. This time revolves around burst of sweet colors and high-end glamor, which means there will be lots of feminine hues and shiny things. For this upcoming winter, you are encouraged to be more bold and playful in colors and sparkles. I have selected some of these items from your favorite designers that will absolutely make fine companions to your fashionable winter. From glitter peep-toes to flower-inspired dress, it is time for us to have an exquisite girly winter!

Winter Fashion Trend: Colorful and Glamorous

1. Guess Royal Charm Necklace. US$35.
2. Dolce & Gabbana Luxurious iPhone Case. US$875.
3. Erickson Beamon Confetti Crystal Cuff. US$500.
4. Etro Floral Print Jersey Dress. US$1,000.
5. Fossil Granny Drama Bracelet. US$85.
6. Juicy Couture Hard Core Couture Bracelet. US$68.
7. Sephora by OPI Glitter Nail Colors. US$28.
8. Jimmy Choo Vita Slingback Pump. US$795.

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One Blazer Three Personalities

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by Vie on September 25, 2011

Hey  Vie,

My name’s Emma and I’m 23 years old. I’m trying to find a jacket/blazer under $200 that I can wear for all occasions, formal or non-formal. Looking forward to your suggestions!


Hello Emma, thanks for your email! I think I have found a perfect blazer for you from Juicy Couture. What I like about this particular blazer is first, the design is so flexible and it goes with pretty much everything, from shorts to pants to skirts! Second, it’s made of cotton, so you can be sure of its comfort and third, the playful navy stripes and triple pockets that are so cute and fashionable. Good news is that you can get it for US$180, so it’s still within your budget : ) Here are 3 looks that I hope you like!

1. Little Miss Preppy
Bring Gossip Girl to life with this lovely new collaboration.

Juicy Couture Preppy Look

1. Juicy Couture Striped Cotton Blazer. US$180.
2. Jessica Simpson Moda Satchel. US$54.99.
3. Forever21 Rhinestone Pendant Necklace. US$3.80.
4. Old Navy Cuffed Shorts. US$29.94.
5. Fossil Sadie Bootie. US$98.
6. Nails Inc Special Effects Nail Polish. US$10.

2. Little Miss Intern
Look professional but still highly fashionable.

Juicy Couture Intern Look

1. Juicy Couture Striped Cotton Blazer. US$180.
2. Forever21 Mini Bow Necklace. US$2.80.
3. Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color. US$23
4. T By Alexander Wang Mini Skirt. US$48.
5. Nine West Desi Satchel. US$89
6. BCBG Black Patent Pumps. US$49.99

3. Little Miss Trendy
Perfect look for a fine night in the city with your BFFs!

Juicy Couture Trendy Look

1. Juicy Couture Striped Cotton Blazer. US$180.
2. Guess Black Beaded Necklace. US$35.
3. Dior 3 Couleurs Smoky Eyes Black. US$48.
4. Old Navy Retro Hi-Rise Jeans. US$36.94.
5. Charlotte Russe Gray Hobo Bag. US$28.50.
6. Naughty Monkey Purr Bootie. US$89.99.

I hope those 3 looks would inspire for your next dress up, Emma! : )

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Bags and Personalities: Which One are You?

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by Vie on September 23, 2011

People often ask whether I’m more of a bag or shoe person. I always find this hard to answer because as a girl, I like them both! However, if you make me choose, I’d say bags. Judging from the amount of handbags I have compare to shoes, I guess I’m more of a bag kinda girl. Lucky for me, most of my girlfriends here share the same interest. Out of curiosity, I recently started to observe and to connect between bag styles and personalities. After some careful considerations, I have come up with my own conclusions. Now since I am no psychologist, this article is made based on my personal assessment and for the sake of having fun. Hope you find this enjoyable : )

Tote Fun and Casual

1. Juicy Couture Gen Y Bow Tote. US$88. 2. Michael Kors Leather Tote. US$198. 3. Kate Spade Fox Chapel Tote. US$295.

I realized that most of my bags are totes and I think the reason why I love them is because not only are they spacious but also fun and casual. Whether they’re made out of leather, canvas or polyester, they tend to give me a laid-back feeling. Tote works best when you often find yourself in a hurry (I find myself shoving stuff inside my tote all the time because I don’t have time to carefully organize everything, especially when I’m shopping ; ) Oh, tote is also a perfect and stylish way to carry your laptop. I do this all the time, too : )

Satchels Trendy and Fashionable

1. Steve Madden Bdanity Satchel. US$88. 2. Elliott Lucca Roma Satchel. US$198. 3. Guess Groovy Box Satchel. US$118.

The secret lies on short handles that allow you to carry them firmly. Some prefer to circle it around their arm for extra presentation, making it a perfect arm-candy. Another thing about satchel is that most of them are completed with extra shoulder strap, in case your hand is tired from carrying all those essentials. This is my second favorite when it comes to handbag style. Plus, satchel is not just for women, men can get away with this, too!

Clutch Practical and Efficient

1. Fossil Emory Clutch. US$65. 2. Rebecca Minkoff Rocker Clutch. US$330. 3. Topshop Padded Heart Clutch. US$45.

The reason why I think clutch = practical and efficient is because people who carry clutch as their daily bag would pack only the essentials such as purse, phone and lipgloss. Very practical and totally efficient. I like going out with clutch from time to time because tit’s less hassle and I feel more free.

Hobo Stylish and Relaxed

1. Guess Fallon Hobo. US$125. 2. The Sak Olema Hobo. US$89.99. 3. Betsey Johnson Acid Rose Hobo. US$148.

Hobos have become one of the most popular handbag styles. 2 handles for 2 styles, carry them in your hand or just hang them on your shoulder. Either way, you would still look stylish and relaxed because they go with almost all types of clothes. Most of my girlfriends prefer hobos for these 2 particular reasons; easy-styling and relaxing.

Crossbody Bags Sporty and Sassy

1. Calvin Klein Exclusive Bag. US$57.99. 2. Brighton Jet Set Bag. US$210. 3. Marc Jacobs Lizzie Bag. US$258.

There’s nothing more sporty and sassy than having a cross body bag. This is my choice whenever I’m traveling, I don’t have to worry about having too much stuff in my hands or having pain on my shoulder because this type of bag distributes the weight evenly to your body. I suggest you to choose this when you plan on having a trip or adventurous travel! You’ll find it much more easier to move.

So what do you think? Am I close? Let me know your thoughts! I hope you have fun reading it as much as I did writing it : )

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3 Different Ways to Wear Your Tartan Right

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by Vie on September 19, 2011

Hi Vie,

I recently discovered your blog and my favorite category is the style focus! I wonder if you can create a style focus for tartan in different styles? I’m a big fan of tartan and would love to see as many diversions as possible. Thanks!


Thank you Cheryl for your email! Tartan is a perfect choice for Fall fashion because they’re usually are made out of warm materials such as wool. Just like you, I’m also a tartan lover. I think they’re great because you can wear them to work or to parties! Here are some styles that I can think of and I hope you like all of them. Cheers!

1. Dressy Tartan

This is a nice option when you have concerts or parties to attend. Not so funky but definitely not boring at all. I love how it flatters your body instantly and gives you the sassy punk-chic look. Made of wool with cotton lining, you can absolutely rock any event when you put on this amazing dress!

VieCouture Style Focus Dressy Tartan

1. McQ Tartan Wool Dress. US$795.
2. House of Harlow 1960 Red Cabochon Bangle. US$119.99.
3. Clarins Instant Eyeliner. US$26.
4. Rebecca Minkoff Vanity Cross body Bag. US$495.
5. DKNY Bangor Boots. US$160.

2.  Gothic Tartan.

When I was a teen, I love dressing up gothic style and for the longest time I associated tartan with this particular fashion. I remember I have at least 3 tartan mini skirts in my closet and I love matching them with my Emily Strange shirts or plain white/black tees. This compilation reminds me of how I used to dress up when I’m out with friends for nice punk parties, sans the boots of course, it’s way too hot to wear boots here, I usually finished the look with my trusted Converse ; )

VieCouture Style Focus Gothic Tartan

1. Old Navy Black Jack Women’s Turtleneck Top. US$17.94.
2. Betsey Johnson Royal Engagement Cross Pendant Necklace. US$45.
3. Fossil Maddox Black Cross body Bag. US$178.
4. McQ Wool Tartan Mini Kilt. US$540.
5. NARS Lipstick. US$24.
6. Nine West Verydisco Black Suede Boots. US$199.

3. Office Tartan.

Tartan is often associated with black and red, but lucky for us, designers are spreading their creative wings to be more playful in colors. One of them is this fancy combination of purple/black/teal/white from Vivienne Westwood. Simply pair it with pencil skirt, or in this case a wide-leg trousers and finish it with sexy pumps.

VieCouture Style Focus Office Tartan

1. Vivienne Westwood Poppy Tartan Blouse. US$500.
2. Shiseido Purple Shimmering Cream Shadow. US$25.
3. Old Navy Black Jack Wide Leg Trousers. US$32.50.
4. Zac Posen Suede and Leather Tote. US$198.
5. Guess Purple Watch. US$95.
6. Aldo Kovac Dark Purple Pump. US$110.

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Fossil Love Story Charm Bracelet

Hearts and keys, those 2 elements are enough to create romantic mood. At least that’s what I feel when I saw this lovely new charm bracelet from Fossil. Made of base metal with vintage inspired silver-tone, this classy and timeless jewelry would make a beautiful addition to your sexy wrist. Create your own love story based on this romantic jewelry! US$65.

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