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6 Gorgeous Soles for Your Perfect Spring

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by Vie on March 8, 2013

There’s no better way to come back than writing about shoes! They’re one of my weaknesses and I certainly can’t wait to share these lovelies with you all. After being absent for a while, I can’t believe that I have missed so many beautiful things out there, I’m so overwhelmed! So to start it off, I decided on these pretty soles for your Spring time. As you know, it is my favorite season of the year and I think these heels represent this blossom-time perfectly. Which one is your favorite? Let me know! : )

Pretty Shoes for Spring 2013

1. Giuseppe Zanotti Animal Print Sandals. US$895.
A gorgeous blend of red suede, gold metal and calf-hair, these heels take you to a higher ground, fashionably of course. Everything is perfectly crafted to follow the curves of your feet and the 6 inch heels will enhance your legs, giving them longer illusion.

2. Brian Atwood Maia Suede Sandals. US$1,995.
If colors and patterns are what you’re looking for, then this newbie from Brian Atwood might just fit your criteria. I know I love the colors and not to mention the unique back-shape. Made of Italian suede, there’s no doubt in these gorgeous set, is there?

3. Charlotte Olympia Botanica Orchid Sandals. US$1,795.
When talking about Spring sandals, you can’t eliminate the fact that flowers are necessary. At least that’s how Charlotte Olympia sees it. She has always been my favorite designer and this time her Spring collection is simply breathtaking. I’m absolutely in love with this Botanica. Imagine wearing them with your white lace dress or even simple little black dress, these orchid-embellished sandals will bring out the sweetness in you!

4. Nicholas Kirkwood Ruffle Trimmed Suede Pumps. US$1,095.
For those who put gallant and class as their number one fashion priority, rest assured that this new collection from Nicholas Kirkwood would change your whole appearance just like that! I simply adore those little ruffles, don’t you think they’re just super cute? Make sure your black dress has a proper date with these heels!

5. Sophia Webster Briar Multi Strap Sandals. US$490.
Sophia Webster always comes up with an easy going and fun style, and I always look for her whenever I’m feeling funky and trendy. Take a look at these Briar sandals for example, I like how she put the beads to cover the heels and the color combination is just superb. A fine compliment to your Spring daytime dresses!

6. Charlotte Olympia Flora Leather and Mesh Pumps. US$1,200.
Another gorgeous imagination coming from Charlotte Olympia. These pumps are so pretty they look so unreal! Whether you have a Spring wedding to attend or when you simply feel romantic, you definitely can count on this stunner.

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Spring 2012 Shoes: Colorfully Yours

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by Vie on February 19, 2012

Prepare yourself for a ride to a Springtime shoe heaven! This year, designers are doing all their might to lure and sweep you off your feet with their dazzling, bold and unique soles. From edgy style to eye-popping colors, there is no reason to hide your feet in those boring dark/neutral colors. It is time to stand proud on your toes and let them be the center attention. This time I picked 5 most glamorous and amazing shoes. Give yourself a break from daily stilettos and enjoy these fascinating heels for once!

1. Brian Atwood Raffia Heels. US$1,452.
Brian Atwood Raffia Heels

I will start my selection with this amazing pair from Brian Atwood. For the longest time, I’m a true admirer of this handsome designer. Not only does he know how to wrap our feet gracefully but he’s also good in creating stunning elaboration. This new collection is part of his Spring 2012 pride and would totally make every head turn in fascination.

2. Prada Jewel Toe Flame Sandals. US$1,450.
Prada Flame Heels

Who’s up to be hot in flame? If that’s your thing, feel free to drool over this new jewel toe sandal from Prada. Uniquely crafted with a fine combination of patent leather and rhinestone jewel, this one of the kind shoe is fierce, edgy and absolutely a lot of fun.

3. Giuseppe Zanotti Neon Colorblock d’Orsay. US$750.
Giuseppe Zanotti Colorblock Shoes

As you probably know, neon colors are super hot this Spring and what better way to show off your updated style than wearing them on your feet? This stunner from Zanotti is made of glossy patent leather and will electrify your style just like that.

4. Tabitha Simmons Embroidered Sandal. US$1,695.
Tabitha Simmons Embroidered Heels

If you’re looking for something more subtle and divine, you can have Tabitha Simmons next on your list. This gorgeous embroidered sandal is perfectly made to cover your toes in class. A definite collaboration between modern art and bohemian inspiration, who can possibly say no to this pretty one?

5. Sergio Rossi Embroidered Canvas Sandal. US$1,245.
Sergio Rossi Canvas Embroidered Sandal

Walk on flowers (literally) with this mesmerizing sandal from Sergio Rossi. The whimsical embroidery and beads would make your ordinary style extraordinary.

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Bali has been extremely hot these days, it’s so hot you don’t feel like doing anything. I wish I had a pool that I can jump into anytime! some of you might be experiencing the cold weather, which is so ironic because here I am wearing my tanks and tops and there you are cuddling up in sweaters and pants. That’s okay, that makes our world more interesting, don’t you think? So, if you’re not a big fan of the cold and would rather stay in most of the time, I have something that might be able to cheer you up. Let’s dress your feet up with these stylish boots. Put on your pantyhose and warm your feet & ankles with these fashionable babies and you’ll always find a reason to go out ; ) Here are some of my favorite finds.

5 Most Fashionable Boots

1.Bally Mame Sherling Ankle Boots. US$1,395.
2. Yves Saint Laurent Palais Suede Ankle Boots. US$950.
3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Suede Wedge Boots. US$390.
4. Giuseppe Zanotti Fuchsia Suede Boots. US$895.
5. Kate Spade Kirkland Boots. US$475.

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7 Most Wicked Wedges Ever

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by Vie on October 12, 2011

Terribly sorry for the lack of posts, I haven’t been feeling very well lately and the internet at home goes on and off. Today I’m feeling a tad better and internet seems to be working okay. I hope all of you had a great weekend and a good start of the week. I’ve been thinking what to write and the subject wedges came out of nowhere, maybe because I haven’t talked about shoes lately and wedges happen to be one of my favorites. And today I’m gonna try to find some of the most unique wedge styles. I hope you enjoy my picks of the day!

1. Jeffrey Campbell Zip Wedge.

Jeffrey Campbell Zip Wedge

Haven’t seen much of red wedges lately and this one from Jeffrey Campbell is a definite foot candy. I love the multi strap and buckle details. Made of premium leather, it’s simply irresistible. US$190.

2. Steve Madden Kennyya Wedges.

Steve Madden Kennyya Wedges

If you’re not afraid to show your eccentric colors, you might want to give this Kennyya pair from Steve Madden a try. Very exotic and would definitely attract attention to your feet. Made out of fabric, have fun with these bright ones. US$129.95.

3. Giuseppe Zanotti Metallic Wedge.

Giuseppe Zanotti Metallic Wedge

It can’t get any more wowza than this metallic one from Giuseppe Zanotti. I call this the invisible wedge! What a great imagination, I wonder if it’s gonna be comfortable walking with this golden heel. US$895.

4. Dolce & Gabbana Raffia Wedges.

Dolce Gabbana Raffia Wedges

It’s time to have a little bit of fun with your feet. How about dressing them up in these playful little wedges from Dolce & Gabbana? I totally love those little raffia, aren’t they just the cutest? US$573.75.

5. Alexander McQueen Strass Wedges.

Alexander McQueen Jeweled Wedges

Hello glamor! One of the most extravagant wedges I’ve seen so far, coming from the legendary Alexander McQueen. Made of exquisite suede with stunning jewels, they surely would make fine companion to your little black dress. US$1,645.

6. Charlotte Olympia Cat-Face Wedge.

Charlotte Olympia Cat Face Wedge

Meow! What a cute little red wedge it is! Can’t get enough of your furry friend? Don’t worry, now you can keep him close to you by wearing this lovely new wedge from Charlotte Olympia. Absolutely one of the cutest and adorable shoes of the season. US$895.

7. Irregular Choice Sugar Plums Wedge.

Irregular Choice Sugar Plums Wedge

We got the cat covered, now it’s bunny time! Introducing another cute pair, this time comes from Irregular Choice. Made of suede with rabbit applique at the back, it’s time to let our inner child out! US$145.

So which one is your favorite? : )

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Welcome Back to Giuseppe Zanotti’s Multicolor Sensation

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by Vie on August 16, 2011

Giuseppe Zanotti Multicolor Platform

We still haven’t forgotten his beautiful multicolor platform that we posted a while back and since we love colors and don’t mind wearing them this Fall, we decided to update our Zanotti‘s obsession with his latest and not to mention colorful pumps. Made of gorgeous textile with leather upper, this time yellow is the dominant. Pair them with your jeans or dresses and enjoy the refreshing impact! US$695.

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